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Query: How did Ash, Olivia, and Mark die?
Linked Query: What sort of mission were they on?
Clarification: Status was changed from [MIA] to [KIA] [September, 2553] due to lack of any [sign of life].
Repeat query: Is Catalog possibly confusing Team Saber with Team Katana who were locked in Forerunner slipspace field pods and declared by Huragok to be beyond their means of repair?
Query: What is the name of the Sangheili Field Marshal sighted in Reach

Query: What is the name of the Jiralhanae Army Commander served alongside Arbiter Ripa 'Moramee under the Prophet of Regret during the Harvest Campaign
Same Field Marshal [Ref Bungie Legendary Video]
ok, so catalog won't spoil. that's good I guess

Query: where is spartan gray team?
Query: How come the following vehicles have not seen any combat service, since February 2531? (Except the M850 which has been used in the battle of Draetheus V / 2554]
See Vehicle list attached below:
Vehicle list: [AC-220 Gunship], [XRP12 Combat Support Vehicle], [M9 Main Anti-Aircraft Tank], [SP42 Main Battle Tank], [AV-22 Sparrowhawk]

Query: How come the [Type-52 Guided Munitions Launcher/Explosive] has seemingly vanished from the covenants arsenal?
Is Half-Life 3 confirmed?

More importantly, when the Infinity fires on Mantle's Approach, is it firing lasers or MACs with REALLY bad animation?
Query: Is the Video Game, Half-Life 3 released by the year 2558?
Query: Does the UNSC use any bolt action Sniper rifles?

Query: How many spartan 3 headhunter units are active as of 2558?

Query: what is the Name of Spartan-B170?

Query: what is Spartan-B170 current statues?
The Covenant, now fragmented into different factions, were all mostly under the description of a theocratic organization devoted to the worship of the Forerunners as divine beings.

Evidence suggests to me that many post-Covenant factions were abandoning this belief between 2552 and 2557.

Based on this premise I have 2 queries:

1) What were ONI's best estimates for the rate and extent of the abandonment of pre-Schism religious beliefs among the post-Schism Covenant factions, up until 2557?

2) What impact did the Ur-Didact's presence and predisposition towards homo sapiens have upon the post-Schism factions (Excluding the one lead by Jul 'Mdama) and any social transformations that they may have been undergoing at the time (For example, extent of belief in divine Forerunners, and/or changes in rates of growth/decline of such beliefs, and/or hatred of homo sapiens)?

A third query unrelated to the above:

3) How many planets did the Sangheili control in 2553, and what percentage were inhabited colonies?
Query: What is the status of Rosenda-A344 as of 2558?
Query: Did Rosenda-A344 participate in the Battle/Fall of Reach?

Query: What is Rosenda-A344's current status (ie. part of the Spartan-IV branch or not)?

Query: What company was Spartan-III commando Thom-293 [ref. Deliver Hope] a part of (Alpha, Beta, or Gamma)?

Query: What month and if possible, days, did the Battle of Draetheus V take place over?

Query: What is the current status of Ilsa Zane (ref. Halo: Initiation)?
Everyone I made a new thread that should help with queries and so on. And assist the Catalog answer queries.

Hope this thread helps :)
Query: what ist the Name of the new Fusion reactor of the UNSC Pillar of Autumn?
Query: Does the machine gun operator of the human tank nicknamed the scorpion require superb ear protection and strong bones due to essentially sitting under the cannon if it fires at something directly in front of it?
Catalog Interaction link temporarily disabled due to routine server maintenance. Service will resume upon conclusion of maintenance.
Catalog Interaction link has been re-established upon completion of maintenance. Please keep interactions to queries only to avoid Catalog overload.
Query: What is the status, population, orbital position, and natural satellites of the human Inner Colony of Tribute?

Query: Is Ruuht the largest continent of Eayn?
Catalog, what is the music scene on Earth[Erde Tyrene] like as of 2558?
Query: Does the architecture in the reference [Halo 5 teaser poster] match that of any catalogued civilisations or species?

Additional Query: Architecture on the world designated [Heian] was noted by Dr. Iqbal to have strong similarities with both Indian and Greek architectures. What is the probability of there being a relation between the architecture on Heian, that on Earth and that seen in [Halo 5 teaser poster]?
Query: Were there any other Graveminds on the original installation 04 other than the proto-gravemind encountered by Sierra-117, either active, being built, or in storage, before its destruction?
Query: Is there any Flood left on Installation 07 as of 2558 or has its significance been erased forever?
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