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Query: How many SPARTAN-III units remain active as SPARTAN III's (Rather than being inducted into the IV's)

Query: How many SPARTAN IV units are currently active in the UNSC military? How many were on Infinity at the time of Halo 4 and Halo 4: Spartan Ops?

Query: What was the significance of gold-armoured Mgalekgolo in Halo 3: ODST? Why have they not been seen in other engagements?

High Priority Query: Where was the UNSC Infinity's fleet (Seen in Forward Unto Dawn) in the events of Halo 4? If it was not present, what happened to it? Why was Infinity sent alone?

Query: In Halo: Escalation #8, Blue team is seen wearing MJOLNIR armour resembling the custom upgrades used by John-117. What is the reason for this change?

High Priority Query: How did SPARTAN Team Black return to UNSC space from the Line Installation they were trapped on. What happened to their AI?

Query: What is the current status of the ODST squad commanded by Sgt. Edward Buck and Capt. Veronica Dare in Halo 3: ODST- were they put in the Spartan IV program?
Not sure if this was asked:
Query: which SPARTAN II commandos are truly still missing in action?
Query: was the body of SPARTAN James-005 ever recovered after the Battle of Reach?
Query: What is the exact number of Spartan IVs that died during the Requiem campaign?
Query: Was High Charity shielded? Or was the station too large for such a defensive measure?

Query: Did the Didact and the Librarian have contact with Humanity prior to the wars? Records state that they met on Charum Hakkor, but they were married at the start of the Human conflicts.

Query: How old was the oldest Forerunner at the time of the Array activation?

Query: Is Shield 006 the only installation of its kind? Or simply the 6th in a series of large Dyson shells? How long did it take to complete? (Shield 0001 and Shield 0459 have four digit designations, and operate within realspace/are much smaller in scale, with Shield 0001 being notable and reasonably more robust.)

Sub Query: How many shield worlds were constructed prior to the first termination of the Didact's strategy. Bornstellar then resumed the project, how many were completed in total?
Query: Parg Vol was born on July 28th, 2481, making him 77 years old, in Earth years, at the time of his death. Was Parg Vol considered to be in his "prime" state of physical health and ability?

Query: What details are there on the Sangheili rank of Imperial Admiral? How does a Sangheili get promoted to this rank? What are the duties of this rank?

Query: Was Xytan 'Jar Wattinree the only Imperial Admiral in service of the Covenant? If not, how many other Imperial Admirals were in active service?
Query: What were the weapons, beside the Halo's Pulse weapon, were there on board the Installation?

Query: Is Installation 00 under any repairs or is there backups in case an Ark installation is destroyed?

Query: What are the exact systems on board a Halo Installation besides Life Support, The Array and Weather Systems?

Query: Is a Councilor a military rank or Political rank within The Covenant?

Query: What is the status of April Orenski and Michael Sullivan after the events of Corbulo Academy getting attacked?

Query: What is the status of Forerunner designated Nephilim Under Oath?

Query: What is the status of Janissary James, Jersey Mirelli, Smart A.I. Melissa and Kamal Zaman from the I Love Bees series?

Query: Which locations on Earth were targeted by The Covenant besides New Mombasa and Colorado, and why were those locations picked to attack?

Query: What is the status of Edward Buck and Veronica Dare post Human-Covenant war and are they still in active duty?

I do apologize for all these questions Catalog, but your assistance is very helpful and I thank you for your patience.
Query: What is the current status of Rtas 'Vadum as of 2558?
Does the distribution of the mjolnir gen 1 mark VI recon variant in halo 3 continue, or must it be earned by achievement as it was before? I ask because I was late to join the community, and thus, never received it.

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Query: Is there any information to the Symbols found in the Engineer Glyphs and Sadies Story Logs. Any known information into this matter would be greatly appreciated. As 5 years of research has not moved this any further.
Reference Pictures:
Glyph Symbols
Sadie's Story Symbols
Query: What is the current status of Splendid Dust of Ancient Suns

Query: What is the current status of Glory of a Far Dawn

Query: What is the current status of SPARTAN Fireteam Crimson

Linked Query: Could Catalog provide Crimson's service record prior to the second battle of Requiem

Query: How does an M-Spec Reentry Pack work?

Query: Is there a variant of the UNSC "Drop Pod" capable of carrying multiple combat personel?
Query: Is UNSC Point of No Return still in active Services as of March 2558?
Query: What is the status of the Falchion?
Query: As of 2558AD Earth calendar, are Halo CE, Halo 2 and Halo Spartan Assault still the only titles from that franchise available on Microsoft Windows?

Query: What technological tiers had the respective Covenant species achieved prior to their induction into the Covenant? The Sangheili and San'Shyuum had achieved Tier 3, I think, but I'm not sure about the others (aside from the Tier 50-ish Lekgolo).

Query: What is the total number of UNSC warships as of 2558?
Query: What are the Spartan tags of Alpha Company Spartans Shane, Robert, and Jane?
Query: What is the status of the UNSC Spirit of Fire crew as of 2558?

Query: Is there any rogue Spartans? Did some work with the human rebellion forces?
Here are more Questions for Catalog

Query: where was Spartan Naomi 010 during the war and, why wasn't she on Reach or Earth, Why didn't she fight with the other Spartan IIs?

Query: What is the name of the Huragok who later became the Superintendent subroutine Vergil, and what is Vergil's current status

Query: what is the status of Gunnery Sergeant Edward Buck, Captain Veronica Dare and their ODST squad
Query: What is the status of Janjur Qom?
Query: What is the lifting capacity, reaction time, and running speed for the average Spartan II equipped with MJOLNIR MK VII? feats include tearing three inches of steel with ease, and breaking Jiralhanae spines.

Query: Simmilar request to previous query, but for the average (139-178kg) Sangheili.
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