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//HIGH PRIORITY//Query: What is the official identifying glyph/icon/symbol to represent the metrarch level ancilla Mendicant Bias?

Query: Are the ODSTs still an active military asset utilized by the UNSC, or have they all been conscripted into the Spartan IV program?
Query: Are office of naval intelligence planning to construct a CCS-class Covenant battlecruiser? Since they now have a blueprint of Pious Inquisitor.
Query: Had the Ur-Didact fired the main gun of Mantle's Approach. What would have happened to the Earth? The weapon-port is larger than a CSO-Class Supercarrier, so I am forced to be curious.
Query: When did Spartan Cal-141 Die?

Query: When was the Battle of Algolis?

Query: Can the MA5 series of Assault rifles Fire semi-auto?

Query: Can you mount optics on a MA5,B,C,D and K series of assault rifles?
[high priority] Query: What is the status of UNSC "dumb" A.I. Auntie Dot as of 2558? (Ref. Halo Reach)

Query: What is the status of the CAS - Class Assault Carrier Solemn Penance used by the High Prophet of Regret during the battle of New Mombasa and Installation 05?

[low priority] Query:Is the New Mombasa space tether planned to be reconstructed by the UEG?

Query: When did Humanity first document the Covenant client race San'Shyuum?

[high priority] Query: Why did the ONI personnel on the Planet Erebus VII flee the planet? (Ref. Halo 4 war games simulation map "Abandon")

Linked Query: What is the current status of the planet Erebus VII?
Query: Can you please provide any background information you have on file regarding the original human that is now the geas within Master Chief, Spartan 117 [priority]?
if dr. Catherine Halsey found out about spartan III program after finding the archives on castle base in reach, and later confirming it in onyx, how is it explained her interaction with noble team prior to getting to castle base and yet not knowing of the program?

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Query:What is the name of the moon in which a Spartan III sabotaged the covenant forces there [ref: Halo Evolutions Headhunters]
Query: How do the oceans on Sanghelios not evaporate if atmospheric pressure is 0.9 atm and temperatures rise up to 96° C?
Query: When was Lak 'Vadam born?[priority]
Query: When do the events of [Halo: The Cole Protocol] take place?[[priority]
Query:Were the Legkolo and Yanme'e re-seeded? [[priority]
Query: How many serfs reside on Sanghelios as of 2558?[priority]
Query: How many worlds are controlled by Thel?
Query: What is the name of Thel 'Vadam's Sangheili faction?
Query: Do Lekgolo have any colonies?
Query: What is the length of the Sangheili visible spectrum (from xxx nm to yyy nm)?[priority]
Linked Query: How many colour receptors (cone cells) reside in that region (like how humans have 3)?
Linked Query: What parts of the electromagnetic spectrum does each colour receptor detect?
Linked Query: Where is each receptor's peak?
Linked Query: What colour does each receptor correspond to?
Query: Where is Urs located (constellation and distance from Sol)?
Linked Query: What are the Sangheili names of the planets in that system (ordered in distance from Urs)?
Linked Query: What planet or star class does each body in the system belong to?
Linked Query: What are the colours of the gas giants in this system?
Query: What system is Malurok located in and what are the other planets located in the said system (Sangheili name and planet/star type)?
Linked Query: What are the colours of the gas giants in the system?
Query: What is a Sangheili core world?
Linked Query: What is the diameter of the Sangheili core world sphere?
Linked Query: How many core worlds does the sphere contain?
Linked Query: How many of these core worlds are controlled by Thel 'Vadam.
Query: How many worlds are controlled by Thel 'Vadam?
Query: What are the Sangheili names of Te's moons?
Linked Query: What type of Gas giant is Te?
Bonus Linked Query: What is Te's surface composed of?
Query: What is the total Sangheili population?
Linked Query: What's the serf/feudal lord ratio?
Query: What are the most important weapon, vehicle and ship manufacturers/shipyards (list which manufacturer constructs what)?[priority]
Linked Query: Do said manufacturers have bases/subordinate industrial facilities on other worlds apart from Sanghelios and Qikost?
What is the name of the radioactive moon in the Urs system from which the compound for the Covenant Carbine is mined?
Linked Query: What planet or gas giant does it orbit?
Query: What are the names and colours of all gas giants in the Y'Deio system?
Query: Does each letter in the Sangheili language correspond to one and only sound?
Linked Query: How many letters does the language use?
Query: Humans use ten numerical symbols. How many numerical symbols are used by Sangheili?
Query: What is the Status of Master Builder Faber?
Query: What is the Status of Admiral Preston Cole?
Query: Were any builders and Miners on the lesser Ark after Offensive Bias's fleet departed for the Orion Complex? [priority]
Query: What is the Status of Master Juridical?
Query: What is the Status of Strategos?
Query: What is [Kolaar Manufactorum]?[priority]
Linked Query: Why were Sangheili researchers studying the needler when Lodam armoury produces it?[priority]
Query: Are there different eye colours in Sangheili?
Query: Do Unggoy posses hypodermic infrared sensors on their forehead?
Query: What is the current Status of the Lekgolo?
Query: What is the current status of the Yanme'e?
Query: Is it true that fertilised eggs produce male Kig-Yar and that unfertilised ones produce female Kig-Yar [ref: Bestiarum] or is it the opposite way?
Query: Who invented the repulsor engines?
Linked Query: When and where did the discovery take place?
Query: How do repulsor engines work?
Query: What can you tell us about the duration and factions of human global conflicts that ended on 2090 and 2103 CE?
Query: What is the Status of Avu Med 'Telcam?
Query: What is the name of the fleet master who glassed Kholo?
Query: What is the full name and Status of Veer (<ref> Halo: The Cole Protocol)?
Query: Can Sangheili who lack molars feel the sweet taste?
Query: Does Sangheili blood have a bimetallic iron-cobalt haemoglobin?
Query: What is the post war allegiances of the Lekgolo?
Query: Are Compound intelligences based on Lekgolo biology/physiology?
Query: How do Lekgolo reproduce?
Linked Query: Do Lekgolo worms in a colony have different DNA or gender?
Query: How is gender determined in Sangheili (please list number of chromosomes)?
Query: Was the leash that Gek used to pet Glassman meant for Sangheili pets?
Query: Does Palamok indeed have a 0.09 atm atmospheric pressure?
Query: What is the human and Sangheili name of the Globular cluster near the Urs system?
Linked Query: How far is it from Urs?
Query: What is the post war Capital of Sanghelios?
Query: Did the Lekgolo that MC killed via planting a grenade (ref Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn) shout human in Sangheili (Domo'Inganon[?]) upon after Laskey shouted Axios?
Query: Is Tala in danger of going supernova?
Query: What is the status of Bako 'Ikaporamee?
Query: What is the origin (manufacturer/planet) of Sangheili armours permutations used by Jul's covenant, excluding the zealot variant?
Query: What does colour of Sangheili armours symbolise?
Query: Can Catalog explain the covenant ship classification system for covenant ships?
Query: How many CSO light cruisers are active post war?
Query:How many types of Ancient Humans were there?
Query:Are there more rates/roles in Forerunner society and what are they?
Query: Was the "Master" Slipspace Crystal damaged or destroyed during the wars of yore?
Query:Why weren't there any records of Humans in the Domain?
Query:Who where the two other Lifeshapers?
Query:How long is a "Generation" for Forerunners?
Query:Were Ancient Humans augmented in anyway like the Forerunners?
Query: Have any Forerunner AI constructs or Forerunner personnel initiated a threat assessment of Spartan Jameson Locke?

Query: Is there any evidence that may indicate the survival of Precursor species members? [Flood specimens are not to be included in this query]

Query: Based upon previous assessment and observation, is it your opinion that Spartan-117 [John] has been replaced or superseded by a superior product within the Spartan program? [Is he obsolete in terms of technology, experience, skill, ability?]

Query: Has any interest, by Forerunner parties, (hostile and benign) been demonstrated/expressed in the human known as Catherine Elizabeth Halsey? If so, please elaborate.
Query: What Rank(s) did Gek 'Lhar possess throughout his career with the Covenant Empire and at what dates did he receive them? As he served as a ruthless warrior for decades. (Ref-Halo 4: The Essential Visual Guide)

Query: What major battles did Gek 'Lhar take part in throughout the Human-Covenant War?

Linked Query: Did Gek 'Lhar participate in the Fall/Battle of Reach?

Query: What are the names and service tags/numbers of the Spartans Gek 'Lhar has killed?

Query: What Fleet(s) did Gek 'Lhar belong to from the start of his career up until the Great Schism?
| Greetings Catalog!

According to [Halo: Glasslands, page 414] all known remaining Spartan-IIs were present at the memorial on March 3, 2553. So this is what I'd like to know, if possible.

[High Priority] Query: How many Spartan-IIs attended the Voi Memorial?
Linked Query: What are the designations of said Spartan-IIs?
Linked Query: Did any Spartan-IIIs attend the service, and if so who were they?

In a previous query one asked what the known lifespan of [Sangheili] was.
Query: Can you clarify if 27 years in your response to Sangheili life span were Earth/Sanghelios years?
This was your response:
Query Answer: Life expectancy from [hatching] recorded as 27 [years] at time of index. Query answers are in [collections] of Erde-Tyrene solar days.
However, according to the [Halo: The Essential Visual Guide, page 11] Thel 'Vadam was born on December 10th, 2485. That would make him around 73 [Human] years old, which is obviously much longer than 27 years. So unless I've misread your response, here is my query...

[High Priority] Query: Can you extrapolate upon your previous answer as it does not fit the currently known lifespan of those known as [Sangheili].

[Low Priority] Query: Are there any known [Huragok] that go by the following designations:
  • Doesn't Even Lift
  • Requires More Thrust
  • Drags When Rushed
  • Probably Gonna Burst
Thank you for your time and effort. |
Query: Do you have access to the documents within the "Halo Story Bible"?
Catalog, what is your physical location?
Query: Is the ship named "UNSC Stalwart Dawn" the lead ship of the Stalwart-class light frigates? If not, which ship is the lead ship of the Stalwart-class light frigates?

Query: What month and if possible, day, did the Battle of Draetheus V start as well as end [ref. Halo: Spartan Assault]?

Query: What is the current status of Avu Med 'Telcam?

Query: What is the current status of Dural 'Mdama?

Query: What company was Spartan-III commando Thom-293 [ref. Deliver Hope] a part of (Alpha, Beta, or Gamma)?

Query: What is the current status of Thel 'Lodamee [ref. Halo Legends: The Package]?

Query: What is the current status of Luro 'Taralumee [ref. Halo Legends: The Package]?

Query: Assuming they exist, what is the current status of the species designated "Sharquoi?"
Query: Is the BDU with M52B body armor (Halo 2/3 marine BDU) still in service?
Query: What armors, emblems, and colors do Fireteam Crimson use? I realize players can make it whatever they want. If we were to see them in a form of media (not as the players), what would they canonically look like?

Query: If John would have failed to stop the Didact, Earth would have been completely Composed. But how would the Didact do that? Would he just maneuver his ship so the single beam touched every inch of the planet? That would seem impractical as many ships could make it off Earth and exit to slipspace. Or, would he have stayed over New Phoenix and the Composer would emit pulses that wipe out the rest of Humanity? Is there another way he would have done it?

Query: At the end of Halo 3, we see the Arbiter in what appears to be the bridge of the Forward Unto Dawn. How long was he up there and why? It is obvious he left because he was in the front of the ship while the bridge was on Chief's end.
Greetings Catalog, I have several questions concerning armament of the Didact's flagship, the Mantle's Approach.

Query: What is the purpose of the secondary armament labeled as the Stasis Tension Driver?

Query: Following the successful Composing of the residents of the Earth city known as New Phoenix, what is the estimated time frame in which the Didact could have Composed the entire Earth's surface?

Query: Had the Didact employed the heavy Ion weapon that served as the primary weapon instead of the Composer, what kind of damage would he have caused in terms of lives, cost or even damage to the planet itself?

Query: The vessel appears to have no form of visible reaction drive, by what means does the vessel propel itself in lieu of a thruster system?

Query: What is the maximum internal volume of the vessel at her previous configuation in terms of troops, fighters, drones and internal craft and/or escorts?

Thank you for your dedicated service to the former Ecumene council.
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