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Query: Based on what we've seen, Didact and Librarian are not direct translations of the titles of the Forerunners known as Shadow-of-Sundered-Star and First-Light-Weaves-Living-Song, respectively. If this is the case, why do the Covenant forces refer to them by these titles (as opposed to a similar word in their native languages)?

Query: Was the Mjolnir armor worn by Red Team and Omega Team (ref: Halo Wars) equipped with energy shields or not?
Priority query: What is the [homo sapiens] designation for the system that contains the Forerunner homeworld Ghibalb?

Priority query: What is the present-day designation for the ancient human locations of Marontik and Djamonkin Crater?

Query: What is the current status of the six members of the joint ODST-[frumentarii] squad colloquially known as "Buck's squad" [ref. Halo 3: ODST]?

Query: Was the primary Forerunner dialect the language [homo sapiens] refers to as Latin?

Query: What is the human designation for the weapon known as the Covenant mega-turret?
Query: What are ONI's best estimates on the percentage of Sangheili who are considered sympathetic to Thel 'Vadam's political movement, among known populations? (For time period around 2558)

Sub-query: Similar statistics for those who have declared Thel an enemy and for those who have chosen to display no opinion at all? (For time period around 2558)

Query: How complete is ONI's intelligence on the totality of the former Covenant's territorial holdings in 2558 strictly in terms of knowing how many worlds they have and their approximate populations?
Priority Query: How many SPARTAN-III Headhunters were still alive by the end of the Human-Covenant War (2553)?

Priority Query: What are the specs of the UNSC Heavy Destroyer class? Ex: Length, engine, hull plating?

Priority Query: What was the mission goal of Operation: TANGLEWOOD?

Priority Query: Where did Operation: TANGLEWOOD occur?

Priority Query: What UNSC branches were involved in Operation: TANGLEWOOD, and how many SPARTAN-I's were involved?

Query: Was Operation: KALEIDOSCOPE restricted to Johnson's mission, or were there other missions by other ORION operatives?

Query: What branches were ORION operatives conscripted from?

Query: What is the name and rank of ORION Candidate 047 and what is his/her status? (

Query: Was Nolan Byrne a member of the ORION Program?

Query: What is the name of Edward Buck's ODST squad during the events of Halo 3: ODST?

Query: When were the first SPARTAN-III Headhunters operational/deployed?
Query: What happened to metarch-level AI known as Offensive Bias after delivering Mendicant Bias's Data core to the Lesser Ark?

Query: What is the true name of the ancient human known as Vinnevra? As Vinnevra was a borrowing name and not her true name.

Query: Why is John-117 designated a Promethean by you Catalog?

This post has been hidden.

Priority Query: What are the ranks of the following [exploratores] team leaders?:
- Jai-006, (Gray Team)
- William-043, (Delta-Red)
- Anton-044, (Gamma-Red)
- Margaret-053, (Black Team)
- Linda-058, (Green Team)
- Jerome-092, (Red Team)
- Beta-Red Actual, (Beta-Red)
Query: Is the ship named "UNSC Stalwart Dawn" the lead ship of the Stalwart-class light frigates? If not, which ship is the lead ship of the Stalwart-class light frigates?

Query: What month and if possible, day, did the Battle of Draetheus V start as well as end [ref. Halo: Spartan Assault]?

Query: What is the current status of Avu Med 'Telcam?

Query: What is the current status of Dural 'Mdama?

Query: What is the current status of Thel 'Lodamee [ref. Halo Legends: The Package]?

Query: What is the current status of Luro 'Taralumee [ref. Halo Legends: The Package]?

Query: Assuming they exist, what is the current status of the species designated "Sharquoi?"
Query : We all know at the beginning that are 33 Spartans-II class 1, which entered service March 9, 2525 (on selected 75 subjects Spartan-II project).

Then all the spartans available, numbering 25 members, integrated for the operation Red Flag August 27, 2552.
Among them, known 14 names (Anton-044, James-005, Li-008 Joshua-029, Vinh-030, Isaac-039, Will-043, Linda-058, Macolm-059, Anton-044, Kelly-we know 087, Grace-09, John-117, Fred-104) and the other 11 are shown in radio conversations on the planet Reach.

But, curiously enough, the names of 22 other Spartans in service are known, see for yourself :

Spartans death
Daisy-023 (in 2531)
Otto-031 (July 25, 2557)
Samuel-034 (November 27, 2525)
Kurt-051 (November 3, 2552)
Jorge-052 (August 14, 2552)
Margaret-053 (July 25, 2557)
Sheila-065 (in 2544)
Solomon-069 (in 2544)
Arthur-079 (in 2544)
Victor-101 (July 25, 2557)
Cal-141 (date unknown)
Roma-143 (July 25, 2557)

MIA or status unknown

Jai-006 (MIA with Gray Team)
Randall-037 (status unknown)
Douglas-042 (MIA with the Spirit of Fire)
Keiichi-047 (status unknown)
Jerome-092 (MIA with the Spirit of Fire)
Adriana-111 (MIA with Gray Team)
Mike-120 (MIA with Gray Team)
Alice-130 (MIA with the Spirit of Fire)

Still alive

Bizarre, we count a total of 57 Spartans-II Class 1 in service.
Hence my question : Can we explain this excess Spartans ?

Thit is a reflection from the French community in which I part.
Query: Why do the Covenant as seen in Halo 4 not have their speech translated to English as we've seen to extents every other time the Master Chief has encountered them?
At what point in time did Sydney effectively become the base of operations for the UNSC?

What is the status of Canberra as of 2557?

How many extinct species of animals (including ones that went extinct post-2014) have been cloned and settled (like the Moa) as of 2557?

Has the English language diverged or changed significantly between 2014 and 2557? Can we assume that everything said and written in media under the franchise designated [Halo] has been translated into a form we can understand for our convenience?

Request for complete Eucamene control to be transferred to GristlyStew721.

What secondary and tertiary functions does a Halo's activation index have?

Does the portal at Voi have any secondary functions?
Query: Is there a class, rate, guild, or organization within the forerunner ecumene designated as [Human translation: Guardian]?
Have there been any Spartans known to be infected by The Flood (lat. Inferi Redivivus),( also known by the Forerunners as LF.Xx.3273) between years 2531-2557 ?
Query: What was the full name and service number of the marine [ingenium] known as "Ghost" [ref. Halo Legends-"Prototype"]?

Linked Query: What was the name and service number of the female marine who died in Ghost's arms?

Query: What was the name of [exploratore] designated 073, who died during the augmentations in 2525?

Query: Which [exploratore] was designated as 001?
Query : Had the Ark an indicated operator? Was it Adjutant Reflex?
Query: Harvest is in a solar system with a single star (ref: Contact Harvest), yet IRL Epsilon Indi is a Binary Star System. Are you sure that Harvest is located in the 21st century Epsilon Indi?

Query: The historical document called "Contact Harvest" states that there are only 17 human colonies. There are obviously more than that. Can you clear up this discrepancy?
Query: It is stated that Harvest has a population of 3 million, yet Contact Harvest claims it has only 300,000. Which is correct?
Query: What positions of authority do Generals Nicolas Strauss, Dellert, and Hogan occupy similar to the ones held by Fleet Admiral Terrence Hood (Chief of Naval Operations, CINCFLEET), and Admiral Serin Osman (CINCONI)?
Query: Do your records hold any information on Xytan 'Jar Wattinree or the Covenant rank of Imperial Admiral?
[Query]: During Blue teams rescue mission at Corbulo Acadamy. Master Chief Petty officer John 117 appeared to wear mark VI Mjolnir armor and Kelly 087 and Fredrick 104 appeared to be wearing Mark V Mjolnir armor. At the time of this event, neither of these models were in use of the Spartan II operatives. What is the explanation for this discrepancy? Please respond.
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