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CF: ChatterNet - That's Armor, 'Eh?

OP GrimBrother One

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Welcome to Canon Fodder: ChatterNet. Normally, we're the ones culling through all your questions (and boy do you folks like asking questions ;-) ), and trying to give you answers where we can. Well this time, YOU are on the hot seat! Occasionally, you'll see a thread like this pop up where we'll ask a question of you, and then pull a few different answers for inclusion in an upcoming Canon Fodder. Remember, we'll likely be pulling far fewer entries than participants, so hopefully you are here primarily for the glory of discourse!

Your question for next week's Canon Fodder:
What are your favorite Spartan armor designs, and why?

- ONE post per user
- Be sure to specify what game your favorite design comes from, for example it might be SCOUT, but which version?
- You may post TWO favorites, but we will likely only pick ONE of them for inclusion (if we select your post). This will allow us to include more people, rather than more selections from fewer users.

Have fun!
I love the Mark V and Mark V(B) from Reach. Both have simple, classic, practical designs.
I really liked the Helioskrill armor because it was designed by an ALIEN. It's an interesting concept that a Sangheili was able to craft a mjolnir armor set. A bit more back story on it would be nice.
By far my favorite Mjolnir armor is Venator from Halo 4, and not just because it shares its name with me. I really like the helmet's dual V-shaped pseudo-visor. Second favorite would be Red Team's Mark IV from Halo Wars. Looks very classic Spartan.
Halo 5's Helioskrill armor, definitely. I definitely like the aesthetic, but even more so I like what that armor represents in terms of lore. That a Sangheili was allowed to work on MJOLNIR armor speaks volumes of the trust that has been built and is still being built between the UNSC/UEG and Swords of Sangheilios. I find the Arbiter design to be very fitting in this sense since 'Vadam has turned the mantle into a more diplomatic role. The armor also indicates a lot in regards to the Sangheili reclaiming their culture (again, the Arbiter design ties in). In Glasslands Raia notes that the Sangheili have to relearn a lot of the things that they had unlearned in the Covenant, including engineering. And here we have a Sangheili prodigy creating armor that was prototyped by Dr. Halsey herself.

And I agree with Ace74205, I'd love to hear more about this armor's backstory and the lady Sangheili who built it!
I really liked the Deadeye Helmet design from Halo 4. I always loved how it looked so slick with a target like visor with rings that look like they are pulsing off it.
Really suits the lore description of it being used for "long-range target purging"(if you dont mind me quoting the Halo 4 Essential Visual Guide)
I always imagined this helmet being used in co-operation with robotic-drones. Due to how the limited view the visor has reminds me of them also.
ODST from Halo 3 and 4. :) Halo 4 is a little better imo. :)
I'd probably have to go with the Warrior armor from Halo 4, since we're talking about SPARTAN armor, and not armor is general. The only reason why I say Halo 4, instead of 5, is because that the secondary lines are different in 5, and I much prefer 4.

The Warrior armor has a nice slim, practical aesthetic. It's different, but still looks like something that would be in the Halo Universe, even if there is a bit of a Mass Effect vibe from it. But its a good Mass Effect vibe. Though, it probably could stand to be a BIT more armored in places, like the chest, bicep, and crouch areas.
I fell in love with the LOCUS helmet in Halo 4 the second I saw it. It menacing, lethal, and sleek.

The idea of no visor (or I would assume a camera type internal HUD) was always intriguing, less weak points and what not.

However if I had to choose a full set? Oh man too many that I love from Reach! But Venator from Halo 4 has a special place in my heart. The shoutout to Dead Space was an instant thumbs up for me with the slitted visor and angular armor.
MJOLNIR MK. IV Advanced Hardware Program from Halo Wars.

I really like that it looks maneuverable and especially small details like segmented plating on the fingers which appears to be removable, so that the off hand retains complete protection on all fingers, whilst the strong hand can have a segment removed from the tip of the trigger finger and thumb. It also at the same time appears like a proper body armor where every part of the body is sufficiently protected. Even if it's just a cosmetic difference I greatly prefer the thicker look that the bodysuit has around the abdomen and thighs, but still remain slim around the hands as opposed to other variants and newer MJOLNIR's that has an all around thin bodysuit.

I still remember when Cutter was looking at the video feed from Arcadia and then six Spartans appear. I've always thought that their armor looked awesome after that moment and it was nice to finally see a team of Spartans as opposed to just John

MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/Prefect

I really like the PREFECT armour mostly due to the story reasons behind it. It's not a bad looking armour either and that "eye" is pretty cool looking. What makes it my favourite, I think, is that I really like forerunner armour and weaponry in general, which went well with my LightRifle, Boltshot, Autosentry and Pulse grenade loadout. This armour is forerunner in origin. It was reversed engineered by the Watershed Division, makers of interesting armour seen in halo 5, from a forerunner armour thanks to the Trevelyan Huragok, it should be noted I like those floating geniuses.

I am really into the hybridization of forerunner and contemporary human technology so this armour really encapsulates what I like, forerunner tech, hybridization and huragoks. It makes me wonder of the possibilities of hybridizing forerunner technology and when it is applied to gear soldiers use. It also really makes me wonder what kind of advantages and features this suit of armour offers since it uses forerunner technology.

I hope it makes a return!
I attached an old fan art I did of the armour. It would be cool to one day have an in-universe character with that armour if it was a Spartan!
Halo 4's Venator armor by a long shot. I love its angular design and how futuristic it looks.

GEN2 -
Note: Some Halo Online armor variants, are starting to be reminiscent of the Prehistoric Human Empire Combat Suits, a nice touch to remind that Humanity is regaining its old heritage.
Hunter. The helmet looks amazing and the forerunner blue lines. Besides its my armor.
I like EVA because I enjoy the reaction people have when they miss the headshot.
The Venator helmet from Halo 4. It's very sleek and stylish.
I can haz R3con armorz?

Kidding, but my favorite armor would have to be either that Commando-class variant from Reach, or baseline Mark VI. Both are very well-designed, with the latter's being so iconic.
I like the marathon helmet from halo reach with the visor attachment.
Probably the Enforcer Set from Halo 4 (motions towards avatar). So, why? The helmet design is close to Mark VI without being Mark VI. You get a lot of Chief clones running about, and while it is a cool set, I still liked to be original. Also, the little camera (?) thing on the helm just looks cool to me.

Other than that, it's always held a special place in my heart, being the armor set I've played most in. Whenever I see that set, I immediately think 'my Spartan'.
GUNGNIR from Halo: Reach and Halo 4. For me, it gives a menacing and gargantuan presence. The lore and canon behind it is interesting too as it is considered to be a highly accurate MJOLNIR variant similar to Linda's ARGUS. I like to think there is so much tech in that helmet to achieve this accuracy, which is why it has a bulky design. It is also paired with the giant Spartan Laser, due to that weapon's accuracy as well. Plus it's just cool looking.
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