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CF: ChatterNet - That's Armor, 'Eh?

OP GrimBrother One

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For me my favourite armour is the Gen 2 Warrior from Halo 4, the helmet has one of the best designs for sure and the chest pieces shield reactors (I think that's what its called) at the back stick out which makes it look more bulky and menacing than it really is. Lore wise the armour I believe is meant for manoeuvrability and speed which as a Spartan IV is my main play style.

All in all you cant go wrong with Warrior and I cant wait to see its new finished look in Halo 5 Guardians.
Helioskrill, I simply cannot wait to don that gorgeous piece of lore-rich armour in Halo 5.

Given that it was created by a female Sangheili prodigy, my mind immediately jumped to Weapons Master 'Sanjik from the Halo Wars ad site back in 2009 who earned the respect of Ripa 'Moramee, of all Sangheili. Considering the amazing propensity 343 has for bringing back some of the most obscure characters, I wonder if we might ever get confirmation of this? Regardless, this speaks volumes about the capabilities of the Sangheili post-war, even with all the other challenges they face.

Additionally, it just looks cool! Its angular features and distinctly Sangheili-inspired design (dem 'mandibles' on the helmet) just made me want it the moment I saw it, and, of course, we had to go through hell and back four times over to get it.
Always loved the Mark IV from Halo Wars, it does a great job looking like the first armor the Spartans would have worn and it has that functional-bulky look which really shows a proper compensation for a lack of shields.

And Mark V from Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary, because it looks like a natural evolution of its in-universe predecessor. Sleek and a little slimmer and a redesigned helmet to give it a proper futuristic look. Always adored Mark V in every game its in, actually.
GEN1: This is a hard choice but I'm going with Mark V/K. Whether in Carter's cobalt color scheme or in gunmetal gray, COMMANDO is one of the coolest and most functional-looking armor sets in Mjolnir history.

GEN2: I know it sounds like a cop out but I'll say RECRUIT. Sure, other variants have more interesting backgrounds and in-universe functions, but RECRUIT just looks awesome. Besides, it's the most classic-looking model in the GEN2 line (barring various GEN1 upgrades, obviously).
Despite my Avatar, Enforcer from Halo 4. It just has this rugged simple design.
Mark VI.

Not because it's iconic, or because Chief wears it, but because it's appeared in every Halo game so far (except CE and ODST) and, frankly, I like the simplicity, and I'm all for consistency. Though my colors in each of the games seem to contradict that.


I really like its bulkiness in Halo 4, as well as its cyborg look in Reach. Not to mention that fact it was designed in parallel with the Spartan Laser, one of my favorite weapons in all of Halo.
For me its halo reach's EOD helmet. This is by far my favorite variant of the EOD helmet. Its probably thr most simple in design of all ofthem, but that long thin visor really works with the design. Hooefully halo 5 adds this variant back, even as a new set if they have to.
Call me old fashioned, but I love Reach's Mk. V.
The top notch armour would be the EOD from Reach; it's design was just purely awesome, looked like a Stormtrooper while being elegant and sleek. However, I loved every iteration of the EOD variant.
I have four. First, Halo 4 Masterchief's armour. I like the bulkiness, but sleek look of it and the Helmet looks Bas -Yoink-. It looks like a walking tank.
Second is the Mark V (halo CEA + 4). I like the original look of it and brings back awesome memories from CE.
Third is recruit. I like the look of it.
Forth is Mk VI (h2A+h3+H4)
I love War Master from Halo 4! Not only does it have a menacing, terrifying look (a tactic used for millennia throughout human history in order to intimidate enemies on the battlefield), but I also dig the shoulder pads and the big FOV the visor gives. Helmets with transparent visors, as opposed to helmets that use cameras to allow the Spartan to see instead of a visor, are more trustworthy because (paraphrasing a quote from Halo: The Fall of Reach) "technology breaks, but eyes don't."
CQB from Halo 3 and Reach.(It looks identical in both games pretty much)

Utilitarian and rather stylish to boot the CQB is a classic armor that I have worn and loved since 2008. I was saddened when it didn't return for Halo 4.
The Assassin armor from Halo 4 for me. The unique design and the few helmets ever in history that has that satisfying natural glow. Not only that but it was a fun armor to unlock.
I like the gravitas behind the Recon and Helioskrill armors, but as far as armor looking good I would have to give it to Gungnir. Gungnir looks amazing, and seems to be the most practical.
The Mk IV from Halo Wars was an amazing looking piece of armor IMO. The helmet shares similarities with its successor (MK V), the shoulders are big but not TOO big, and the chest has this sick looking exo-armor deal going on, the way it looks so slim against the main body. I would love to see a GEN II version of it in future Halo games.
No one mentioned the Hayabusa from Halo 3?! I know there were kill box issues with it, but it was by far my favorite armor. I love the samurai aesthetic. Maybe it's time for an update to that cool bit of Halo history?
I love the ODST helmet, and I actually don't know why, I just saw it first in Reach (my first Halo) and thought, "This looks cool" and ever since then I have worn it in every Halo that allows me to, Reach, 3, 4, and hopefully Nightfall or Helljumper will be it in 5!!
Probably the Enforcer Set from Halo 4 (motions towards avatar). So, why? The helmet design is close to Mark VI without being Mark VI. You get a lot of Chief clones running about, and while it is a cool set, I still liked to be original. Also, the little camera (?) thing on the helm just looks cool to me.

Other than that, it's always held a special place in my heart, being the armor set I've played most in. Whenever I see that set, I immediately think 'my Spartan'.
I really liked the Enforcer set too, for pretty much the same reasons.

I think the new Hermes and Copperhead armors are going to grow to be favorites of mine. I really like the sleek lines and twist on EVA that Hermes has, and the angular visor and curved armor on Copperhead look really menacing. I can't wait to get these sets once Guardians comes out!
Hayabusa Halo 3 - LOVED The Katana really added a special goal to the game, achievement unlockable armour was the best.

Recon Halo Reach - Got it with my pre-order, absolutely loved it, loved how you could customise not just the helmet but everything on it like individual modules in the hemet section.
Currently I am in love with Linda's Argus armour. Its so sleek and beautiful. Really shows how her armour suits her strong scout-type combat style. I always play with chief's original Mark VI set because the image of chief always has been correlated with "the spartan" for me.
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