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OP GrimBrother One

Okay folks, here is your latest SNAPSHOTS assignment!


GAMES: Halo: The Master Chief Collection (Halo 3, Halo 2: Anniversary MP)

DETAILS: Grab epic screenshots of the UNSC's formidable aerial insect. Don't forget the snow-themed arctic-liveried Hornet from Avalanche in Halo 3!


- Use the Xbox One's screenshot function to take pictures and link to them in this thread (or in-game file share for titles that utilize them).

- ONE post per user (just edit your post with new links).

- Identify what the specific subject is next to the corresponding link.


- NO PHOTOSHOPPING, only straight screenshots.


- We’re looking for shots with no UI elements, so the Blind Skull can often be your friend.

- Bring a buddy! Co-op play can be a big help when trying to get that perfect action shot.

- Think about what aspects about a particular subject make it truly unique, and try to show off its best angles and attributes.

Have fun, and good hunting!

I hope this is a prelude to honets in H5:G
haha, I already have a huge folder of Hornet Reference Photos that i took for the Guys working on Operation Trebuchet mod for a game called ARMA 3.

Well anyways my collections

Hornet collection

Winter Hornet

Some good pictures, but feel free to look through it all

LZ Secured

Time to Rock'n'roll

We're in trouble!

Take evasive action

Don't worry, it got'em

Come get some

Close Air Support

For Earth

Ease of use

Night patrol

Take off

Missiles away

This is to easy




Winter Hornet

To Glory

I have thousands of more photos of Halo goodness that can be found here

Will take more if asked to
The arctic Hornet looks really similar to the NMPD Hornet that Mega Bloks made.
Looking forward to posting some nice photos!!
Halo 3:
- UNSC Sandbase:
- Snowrnet:
Angle 2 right side:
Angle 3 left side:

Halo 2 Anniversary:
- Hornet crash on the beach:
Angle 2:
- Sky/net:
- Hornets down:
- Under the firing hornet:

Halo 4:
- Hornet over the city:
Wide Angle:
- GIF:

Apology for the separate links as I do not have the link option yet.
Is this a hint that you're adding the Hornet to Multiplayer?
Well I'm going to give this a shot (no pun intended lol). Enjoy!

Halo 4: Patrol AV-14 Hornet:
Hornet Night 1 - Hornet Closeup
Hornet Night 2 - Scanning the skyline
Hornet Night 3 - Heading towards the city
Hornet Night 4 - Scanning the darkness
Hornet Night 5 - Urban landscape
Hornet Night 6 - Hornet Closeup 2

Halo 3:
Hornet Covy 1 - Combat Imminent
Hornet Covy 2 - Hornets inbound!
Hornet Covy 3 - Hornet ready for takeoff
Hornet Covy 4 - Hornet in the sky
Hornet Covy 5 - A hasty retreat
Hornet Covy 6 - Pull up!
Hornet Covy 7 - Hornet V. Banshee
Hornet Covy 8 - Banshees give chase
Hornet Covy 9 - Observing the battlefield

Halo 2 Anniversary:
Hornet H2A 1 - Hornet sailing away
Hornet H2A 2 - Sun shining through_CloseUp
Hornet H2A 3 - Sun shining through
Hornet H2A 4 - Sun in your face
Hornet H2A 5 - Hornet in your face
Hornet H2A 6 - Firing on all cylinders
Hornet H2A 7 - Hornet across landscape
Hornet H2A 8 - Hornet buzzing
Hornet H2A 9 - Hornet across landscape_2
Hornet H2A 10 - Inside the cockpit
Hornet H2A 11 - Inside the cockpit_2
Hornet H2A 12 - Inside the cockpit_3
Ready for some really lame titles?

Entering Hornet (H2A)

Star, Halo, and Hornet (H2A)

Engaging a Banshee (Silly Brute feet poking out the back ... see 'em? lol) (H3)

Two Hornets in Combat (H3)

The Hornet's Sting (H3)

Takes a Lickin' and Keeps on ... Stingin'? Okay, no more puns. (H3)

Aerial Combat (H3)
About time I showed up...

More coming soon, including that infamous one from Skyline.
Hornet 01
Hornet 02
Hornet 03
Hornet firing
Hornet shooting
Cave Hornet
Death From Above
Hornet by ocean

More to come possibly. I already have three more, but I can't get them off of my old Halo 3 File Share. My version of this Hornet Swarm for example.
is this still active?