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OP Eclipse6A

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Her name would be Emilia. nickname would be E. and his service number would be: EMA 482-9
Name: Lambda
Service Tag: LMBD 457-0
Type: Smart AI
Appearance: A male Sangheili clad in a Field Marshall armor, usually sporting a Carbine (Blood of Suban). Can float around at will, with a limited radius around the chip and has a blue aura, much like the AIs in RvB. His voice produces echoes as he speaks. Has green eyes, but the blue aura makes it hard to notice. Has small minor Lambda symbols in the left shoulder and chest armor.
Personality: Serious (due to his Sangheili appearance) with a mixture of sarcasm, but also has a human attitude and humor. Has a strange obsession with the "λ" symbol.
Lambda is a prototype smart AI which aims into incorporating Forerunner technology to further increase it's capabilities and lifespan. Has been in development since 2486, but was only deployed in 2551, precisely in March 15th due to difficulties with the technology, which were eventually understood and mastered in the underground lab located beneath the ice platform near ONI Sword Base in Reach. The engineers responsible did not survive the Fall of Reach.
Many prototypes came, but failed. The eleventh prototype was the first to succeed, which gave it the temporary name of "Lambda". However, since the AI had an odd obsession with the symbol, it became it's official name.
First assigned to Wolf Team, a group of S-IIIs, for testing, results have shown incredible abilities, such as near to no effort in hacking into Covenant devices and networks and Forerunner terminals, far superior than earlier smart AIs. His capabilities would still be upgraded as testing proceeded to ensure it is the best AI it could possibly be. It's first real assignment, however, was held during the Fall of Reach.
Assigned to Epsilon Team, another group of S-IIIs and MCPO John-387, a Spartan-II, as well as dozens of Marines and ODSTs, the mission was to capture a CCS-class Battlecruiser in order to give a possible beginning to Operation: RED FLAG.
Unfortunately, it seems that the cruiser was actually expecting a boarding party and had set up effective defenses across all hangars, and the following battle would quickly turn into a blood-bath as more of our forces fell than theirs.
Since capturing the ship was then deemed impossible, there was immediate orders to retreat. However, the Spartan-II was convinced that it would still be possible to arm a SHIVA nuke to destroy the ship. With the phenomenal assistance of Lambda, he was successful with arming it and retreating. The AI remotely detonated the nuke when in safe range and the CCS was successfully destroyed. With Reach inevitably falling and nowhere to run, John and Lambda rushed to CASTLE Base.
Since then, Lambda had been with John, assisting him in every mission and operation. But as the Created rose to power, the Spartan got dubious of his companion, fearing for betrayal, but that request was quickly refused, even when given complete opportunity. Part of this refusal was due to Lambda's relationship with the Spartan, as they've been inseparable since '52.

- A twin AI started development shortly after it's success in the same laboratory, named "Mi" as to follow suit with the greek alphabet, but it was put on halt when Reach was invaded and subsequently destroyed when the ice platform above the lab shattered.
Name 6969
Would have the appearance of a robotic humanoid
Black in color
He would Hate everything and thinks we should Thanos Snap everything
So Governer Sloane gone even further into rampancy and based on the mind of a 4chan memelord?
To know the Lore is to know Halo
"Dont be spoiled, dont start a fight. Always be careful, here at night. Because the Spartans might come, in suits that weigh half a ton. And they'll steal from you all you gots, just like they did from Colonel Watts."
the creation of AIs is heresy
elGocsila wrote:
I would love to see that "other Cortana" that the real one mentions in Halo 4 (she has my favorite look in there). Look, we can't have Halo without her. And we can't go on with her as a villian, let alone a magical skynet instead of a military AI. The fact that this new AI exists gives a lot more depth to that plot point at the end of the composer mission. Also, can she change her color like in CE?
Cortana was just lost in herself and said that specifically due to her rampant state. A Cortana 2.0 is not official and may never be. For one to exist, Halsey would need to clone herself again because, as Halo 5 told us, Cortana is built upon a matrix of her mind. In other words, she's basically a digitized brain of Halsey.

Still, that is not the point of this thread. What sort of AI would you have? Smart, Dumb? Does it have an appearance?
Most are imagining artificial intelligence that resembles humans.

While I am over here imagining a artificial intelligence that takes the form of a Moa.
I would find it interesting if there was a human AI that chose to take the form of a Covenant species.
Filthy Frank.
Siri, would be much smarter than the apple one, just Cortana only a bit different
Tag: S0AI
After going threw months of training you can go threw and get your own tags
My tags specifically go to spartans IIs with extensive training. You can get such tags by. Speaking with certain ONI directors. BUT a fair warning the instructors usually do not do S0 tags
Im picturing a young orange beagle with an English accent. Gets slightly older as the ai does. Calling him Watson since it’s a cute name. He would aid my Spartan by giving him enemy callouts and overall giving him advice as due to his backstory, my Spartan is geeener than most
I would like a Pirate like AI, maybe something like Jack Sparrow.
Mine would be a blood red color Humanoid male, no real clothes or bodily features, named Polaris
I'm cliche, so here's mine.

Name: Cleopatra or "Cleo"
Color: Sea blue
Avatar: An Egyptian Queen
Personality: Not a conversationalist. Just give her the data you need to give her and leave her alone. In the rare occasion you do talk with her, she's gruff but still sincere about things. Probably would be happiest in a data archive with nobody around to bother her.
I made a forum like this once...

I have many, but these two stand out:


Janet is a Smart AI given to Nigel Thompson. She was kinda glitchy and didn’t cooperate well with brass. So they gave her to the man who also wasn’t a team player. She is Looks like a female green Spartan Warrior.


Tucker is a dumb AI left in the charge of Solomon Price. He looks like a sound bite and sounds like David Tennant’s Scottish accent.
Name: Mac

Appearance: Red 21st Century S.A.S private

Voice: Deep British accent

Specialisation: Smart shipboard A.I, but can be compatible interfacing with a Spartan’s Mjolnir suit, providing logistical data aiding the Spartan in completing their objective. Mac’s chip can also
be removed from the ship’s terminal and be made portable with the Pillar of Autumn II’s onboard ODST contingent, assisting them in their objectives.

Status: Fully operational

Years of service: 20/12/2557 - Current

Current Ship: Mac currently resides in the Pillar of Autumn II. This ship is the predecessor to the original Pillar of Autumn, with the crew responsible for the victory at Installation-04. The Pillar of Autumn II is an Autumn-Class Heavy Cruiser, the lead ship of this class.

Personality and Traits: Mac has a clean service record with no signs of his effectiveness appearing to drop. He is very sociable when the opportunity presents itself, however, when the ship is under attack or experiencing difficulty, he is quick to call out issues to the Captain as well as give frequent reports and assessments on the fly, providing accurate information.
AI: "Greer"" GRR 0261-2 - UNSC Military A.I. (Second Generation "Dumb" A.I.)
AI Avatar: USN Naval Attache Uniform, Circa Late 20th Century
My AI would be an Smart female AI designed for calculations for battle tactics, with a somewhat sarcastic smug attitude yet still highly reliable. Taking the appearance of a young woman in a business suit with a green hologram color.

Name: Adela
CN: 384396
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