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Dang, didn't realize how big the Blisterback is...

OP Collater333

Basically, that's Atriox who is standing beside a Blisterback. To put that into perspective, Atriox is 8'6.5" or 260.3 m in height. The Blisterback is about 3.5x taller than Atriox, so that would make the Blisterback about 911 cm tall or just over 9 m. That puts it in the ball park and even taller than a Star Wars AT-ST. And that's only height.

It makes me wonder how big the other Banished vehicles like the Reaver (considering a Brute sits in it comfortably, probably pretty tall).
Covenant (and by extension, "Storm" Covenant, Banished, etc.) technology being imitative and adaptive of Forerunner technology, it's not surprising. Forerunner creations tend towards the grand scale.
Dudes kinda fat ngl.
I mean a lot of things are actually much larger than they appear (good examples are that according to waypoint Infection forms are 1 metre or so tall and Hunters are the size of Elephants.
Halo, as a whole, goes big.
A UNSC Frigate is bigger than some other universes destroyers. And on the super high end of things, the biggest ships in Halo out-strip most every universe other than MAYBE 40k.
Mantles Approach is bigger than both Death Stars combined. The Long Night of Solace is longer than a Super Star Destroyer
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