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Do you think Outer Colonies deserve independence?


The Insurrection is one of the most important conflicts in the Halo Universe. The UEG doesn't treat them the best. The UEG gives the Inner Colonies sweet voting rights and are treated better, with the Outer Colonies being more backwater planets. Many citizens feeling as though the government is merely using them for resources, such as food being a resource for Harvest before it got glassed. The Insurrection is being fought so that the Outer Colonies can become independent of the UEG, and forming their own government. And here comes the question, do you think the Outer Colonies deserve independence? Do you feel that yes, they should be allowed to government themselves and be free, or do you feel that all Humanity in the galaxy should be united under one government?
I think in the long run a sort of Star-wars style senate would work pretty well.
  • Every colony gets 3-5 people to represent them at this senate and vote on major laws on behalf of the colony / planet.
  • Earth could be special and get the voting worth of 2 colonies just because it it the home planet and well, its earth....
  • Colonies like Arcadia, Harvest and Meridian (if those french / Quebec settlers ever actually remove all the glassed soil) could have planetary governments and so do business / trade resources with their best interests in mind (instead of being "used" by the UEG). It may become a mess making provincial / country governments on these planets though since they don't have the history that Earth does and so this may be a hard stepping stone when making each planetary government as they would need to fairly / properly set up voting areas like each of the Unites States's states or Canada's system of ridings representing a certain area.
  • Each colony can have its own laws but all human planets would be adherent to laws passed by this "United Human Senate" (U.H.S)
  • The UNSC could be switched to be adherent to the U.H.S and so every planet would be required to contribute a percentage of their overall GDP to the UNSC's budget or the more independent route of requiring each planet to spend it on their own planetary defenses / ships / troops (like how all of us NATO countries are supposed to spend 2% GDP on defense). So the UNSC could continue to exist and be a large military or each planet could have a personal military + fleet and when humanity is threatened, all of them would come under joint command (like how Prussia did with the southern German states in the 1870 war against France).
  • This solution would answer the insurrection's main demand, maintain a defense force for Human space and allow all humans to have some sort of participation in the galaxy spanning government.
  • So yes, I am in favour of the colonies becoming independent but all human planets having some sort of government that unites them all.
I think after awhile Colonies deserve independence. Even Jorge to an extent sympathize with the colonies. I feel if they can sustain themselves they should be allowed independence.
I think the biggest issue would be the fact that many who desire independency in the outer colonies simplify with the ini's. The problem with that lies with the outer colony governments rebeling against whatever localized government they may set up. This could lead to chaos in whatever that colony is and also hamper trade with the UEG.
Doesn't everyone?
Doesn't everyone?
No. I think it would leave the UEG without resources and could hamper these colony's ability to protect themselves from outside threats.
No they just need more love from the ueg but the can't have independence because whenever a war is on they won't fight. Ueg represents all humanity and fights for all humanity including the outer colonies.