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[Locked] Don't hire the guy who made the script for halo 5


Hire me instead. The campaign story line was one of the worse. I enjoyed even halo 4 more then the 5th installment no hard feelings just want more depth in characters again like odst and all the Spartans in 4 the ops were great. The thing lacking in 5 was it just felt watered down from all the halo excitement. Nothing really interesting happened in the storyline that I can remember... For example, One mission that stuck in my heart was a halo 2 mission called Metropolis that mission we got to fight scarabs use tanks go thru cities and fight the covenant there was nothing super awesome objective wise in halo 5. I kinda want to see a lot more space combat with fighters and frigates and battle ships overhead cuz when I think of halo I think of space combat not just futuristic soldiers. The theme is space halo 5 just lacked any of that. And no more cliffhangers please its halo 2 gets to get away with it because it made such a rich campaign. Halo 5 just made the enemy's really hard to kill and made you do it over and over again to beat it. Which is not fair to the consumer. It wasn't fun and It makes me cry to see such a pile of rooting broken dreams like halo 5 campaign had become. It had no flavor no spirit it was not up to par in my standards, no feelings to be had. It felt stale. The beginning cutscene hyped me up to beat the campaign and when I beat it I was like where was the action I was waiting for. Please for the next game consider using Scarabs, Pelicans, Battle ships Covenant cruisers as playable vehicles. If you guys have no idea of making it possible to go along with the campaign. Not to worry because I have already made detail ideas for every single use for each and every vehicle and missions to complement them.
Ideas and concepts aren't grounds for 343 to hire you. Brian Reed's old position has already been filled. And considering that you don't seem to have any credentials or qualifications to your name... it's not happening.
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