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Terg500 wrote:
I just started to get into the novels and just finished reading Fall of Reach yesterday and it definitely is a great book in my opinion. It really kept me on the edge especially during the second half. Eric Nylund knows how to write a nice compelling sci-fi story.
I'm currently a quarter through The Flood but Jesus, I know it's supposed to be the "game as a novel" but Dietz could've done without the Master Chief story (there's no imagination when I read MC's story, I just see me playing the game in my head) and concentrated more on all the unseen side stories. Those are really interesting so I usually skip the cringy MC stuff.
I don't really like Dietz' writing style as well compared to Nylund's. Can't wait to get it over with and continue with First Strike.
Well the good news is The Flood is the weakest book. It's worth it for the Alpha Base storyline, but just do your best and grit your teeth and push forward!
I can’t simply give a single answer, so I’ll give you my top three in no particular order:

1. Halo: The Fall of Reach
2. Halo: New Blood
3. Halo: Silent Storm
Controversial choice:
Thursday War

I love ONI, I love ODSTs and Philips may be my favourite civilian in all of Halo. Combine that with some pretty good action scenes, and some interesting moral and philisophical dilemas, especially surrounding the Spartans and AI.
I had a lot of problems with the Karen Travis books, but say what you will, they were well written. I don't blame you for your choice. Thursday War was probably the best of the three.
Her books felt a tad too.... Feminist? Hard to say really but they definitely felt like it.

My two favourite books are:

Halo: The Fall of Reach
Halo: Silent Storm

Least favourites:

Anything written by Karen Traviss
Halo: Oblivion. Felt like I was reading a kiddy Star Wars book with the child castaways and cringy characters. Plus no one seemed to ever take John seriously and constantly paid him off or argued against his advice and orders. had me facepalming a lot. Mainly the numerous female officers and other characters that were everywhere with the same stereotypical Mary Sue dispositions. Kids not being scared of a over two meter tall supersoldier in powerarmour and throwing rocks at him. Killed immersion.

Eric Nylund nailed the Halo atmosphere the best. With the series dark gritty adult tone. And better portrayals of the characters and mainly soldiers. The horror and fear in combat.

I'm scared for Halo: Infinite's story writing. Are they going to go the Halo: Oblivion route?
MrDeath130 wrote:
I am reading everything in chronological order, I am just finishing "The Thursday War".

As far as favorites, so far I am really enjoying Kilo-Five trilogy (I know it's a polarizing one).

But of the entire book series, I'd put Forerunner trilogy first, then Ghosts of Onyx, then Contact Harvest probably.
I absolutely loved the Kilo Five trilogy.
Last Light and Retribution were soooo good. Can't wait for another ferret book.
I'd say Contact Harvest and Hunters in The Dark.
I love The Ghosts of Onyx book and series has to be the Kilo Five books.
For me personally it isn't so much which book as it is which writer. Eric Nylund has this incredible ability to capture what it feels like to be in combat without having actually been in such situations himself. The Warhammer 40k writer Dan Abnett shares this trait. Other than that I would have to say Staten's HALO Shadow of Intent. I really liked Rtas 'Vadum from the first moment we meet him in HALO 2 and wish his character would have been seen more in later games.
I loved Fall of reach and Evolutions the most.
Ghosts of Onyx
Fall of reach
bad blood
I enjoy most halo reads they are very interesting and engaging
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