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Favorite Halo Vehicle?

OP kiwininja332

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Scorpion! Because “Tank beats everything!”. Specifically the Halo 2 tank.
If i had to pick just one: the Ghost.
The banshee, so much fun killing people from the air while they are mostly helpless.
Scorpion, no question
Wasp i love how fly
my favorite vehicle in halo has got to be the ghost. the reasons i say this are because they are really easy to obtain in campagin and in multiplayer you can get so may splatters it is unreal.
Easily the falcon, such a awesome aircraft, especially the grenade launcher variant!
Falcon, obviously. 😅
Grenade Falcon, Hands Down.
Mongoose, for the zoomies.
If you mean in the whole universe, The ODST Drop Pod :)
Gauss Hog
To know the Lore is to know Halo
"Dont be spoiled, dont start a fight. Always be careful, here at night. Because the Spartans might come, in suits that weigh half a ton. And they'll steal from you all you gots, just like they did from Colonel Watts."
I actually like the Ghost
I've always liked the design of the Revenant, I hope to see it in another game someday.
The Falcon from Reach was my favorite for the flight mechanics and the teamwork needed to actually do well with it
From the expanded canon beyond what you fly/drive in the main games?

I would have to say the Vulture. A VTOL gunship that can hover in place and has a ton of heavy armor? Yes please.

I would love to see it pop up in Halo Infinite.
That would be nice to see in-game.

But the best vehicle you can actually use is the warthog. Unless you don’t have a gunner. Then it’s useless.
DR2D20 wrote:
Warthog i like to call it a puma.
What in Sam Hill is a puma?
I like both the Hornet and the Falcon. The Hornet is a good combination of maneuverability and firepower. Unfortunately, the Falcon did not have as much firepower in multiplayer, but it was still fun to provide air support to teammates.
The Puma cause it's hella fun to ride with 2 others into a fight with other Pumas
A ghost, hands down. Fast, available in every game, powerful front-mounted weapons, and an easy kill with splatter-boosting, it is undeniably versatile. The best variant in Halo 5 is of course the Ghost Ultra.
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