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Favorite Noble Team member?

OP Jeremy Fones

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I pick Six, he was the quiet and dangerous type. Nobody (by 'nobody' I mean the Covenant) would mess with this hyper-lethal vector.
Definitely Jun. He is the last surviving member, and is an overall bad-Yoink-
Carter and Jun, I can't decide between the two. Carter is an awesome leader and Jun is the team sniper which I like in any spartan team. You ask me which is my favorite in blue team? It will be linda.
I'm not even going to count Noble Six, as while their story was neat, we didn't get much of it at all, thanks to ONI in-game, and out-of-game because Six was basically a self-insert, hence the customization and all that jazz.

1. Jorge. His compassion towards people and his ability to see himself as a human and not just a Spartan struck a chord with me.
2. Jun. His sense of humor did make me smile now and then in what was otherwise a rather grim adventure.
3. Carter. No strong feelings one way or the other. He was professional and did his job, but we didn't get to see much else of his personality through his actions/thoughts. Quite the exit, however.
4. Emile. Always came off to me as brash and overly dark. I'm sorry to say that while this may not be true for all, most individuals I have met who claimed Emile as their favorite tend to be reminiscent of teenagers still in their "edgy black and red" phase.
5. Kat. Blunt to a fault at times, and incredibly standoffish. Worked well for her character considering the tale of the last Noble Six before you and her involvement, but it prevented me from connecting with her as a character at all. Plus she really needs a restraining order placed on her on the behalf of all innocent vehicles. (Also, on a side note, Anthony Carmine had the better headshot death, imo.)
This is a tough question. What makes Reach so good is the interaction between all the members of NOBLE. If I had to pin one though, and let's leave Six out of it this time since he was my player character... Carter S-A259.
carter also known as noble 1
I really liked Jun. His sarcasm and jokes were entertaining to hear. Plus I think his armor was the coolest looking of the team.
The Badassery of Emile or the Kindheartnessnessness and toughness of Jorge, the big friendly giant or the badass with no fear, this is going to bug me.
All of Noble Team are my favorite, however; the character I felt the most feels for was Jorge. His character was one of the first in the Halo series where I felt legitimate sadness with his death.
Noble Six
Mine’s Jorge. He’s
1. A spartan ll, the only one on noble team
2. Hes got a friken’ awesome gun
3. His armor is cool
4. He is very noble

That death scene was so unbelievably epic. He had an energy sword plunged straight through him, and instead of giving up he just turns around and accepts his fate with "I'm ready! Are you?" and takes an Elite out with him. Gets me psyched up every time
Noble 4 -Jorge
1. Only Spartan II
2. Very human ,i like that
3. Finnaly a Character in a Halo game who speaks a different language
4. His Death was an epic sacrifice / took with him tons of covennant
5. cool armor and gun .....
Kat and Jorge
Emile, I just like the skull sketched into his visor.
Noble Six and Emile.
saifa117 wrote:
Carter A259 Noble 1
Kat B320 Noble 2
Jun A266 Noble 3
Emile A239 Noble 4
Jorge S052 Noble 5
Six B312 Noble 6

Emile is my favorite and right behind him Six.
Jorge and then Carter, for their suicidal and overwhelmingly heroic sacrifices to ensure mission was accomplished, and to save reach. Their efforts were in vain, but their acts of bravery and unwavering heroism will never be forgotten. Remember Reach. Don't you ever forget that.
I think Emile also made a heroic sacrifice, as he stays to ensure there is a clear path for The Pillar of Autumn
They were the most trash set of Spartans I have ever had the pleasure of teaming up with in the game they have too many problems there. However in the cutscenes they are written so well you can genuinely care about all of them.

I would pick Jorge as my favourite because he has great interactions with N6 and has cool armour you can't get in the game. Cant forget the time he threw me off a Covenant ship ah memories.
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