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Favorite planet

OP Typhaon2393

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Ah, my favourite planet is Onyx. Well, err, 'planet'. But still, I really enjoyed reading Ghosts of Onyx!
yes, a very good book
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Recuerda llegar para siempre
Reach, if it were fortified correctly it would have been a very, very bloody few weeks for the Covenant.
Reach has so much story behind it and remains to stand as the most important symbol of the human covenant war
I love Reach.
For me I'd have to go with Reach, Maethrillion, Onyx (kind of a planet?), Earth, and Sangheilios for my favourites.
Mars, because of its troubled history and vicinity to Earth.
I am a simple man...Earth will always be my top planet.
Favorite planet is going to have to be Eridinus II or honestly Earth, I love the role it plays in the Halo universe as the one thing everyone defends but few get to see like a king
Arcadia looks the nicest out of them all even though it was under siege at the time, somehow it just looks really nice
Balaho the native world of the grunts
Sanghelios was awesome XD I like running around Requiem too, that was a lot of fun XD I played spartan ops in halo 4 forever ago, amd totally forgot the story behind it. Recently I was playing through it again with a friend, and was so shocked by the end when they destroyed it XD I totally forgot that and it was so awesome reliving it XD
I am wondering what everybody's favorite planet is from halo. For me, it is either Arcadia or Sanghelios. It can be for any reason.
Reach, its the first planet we get introduced to.
Going to be Reach for me. The stories attached to it, the connections it has and the visuals have me loving it.
Gotta be Mars, Earths first interplanetary colony and home of the ODST's
Maybe it's not very original, but Earth is mine
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