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Favorite ship class?

OP Agnt Vermont PF

Mine has to be the Epoch-class Heavy carrier. Fast firing LMAC, 2 of the biggest Coilguns in the UNSC, Bident missiles (big boi missiles), lots of Archers, and lots of Point-defense. It may not be that effective against Covenant ships but this thing could take a beating then give one right back.
Epoch-class Heavy carrier.
Love the Punic Class Supercarrier. I think one or two survived the Covenant War, and they would be a good substitute should the Infinity be destroyed.
The Epoch class heavy carriers were awesome.
I love seeing all of the Epoch shoutouts here so I will put another ship from the UNSC fleet on the table. While I do love the Epoch it normally comes second for me behind the Valiant class. The Valiant was a somewhat rare sight on the battlefield, one of the toughest ships in the fleet, packed a solid wallop and was the lead ship and personal choice of Preston Cole as his personal flagship through his career during the Covenant War.
Paris or Halcyon class, I just like the look of them
Prowler. I want to see everything, and have nothing see me.
I think the ships in the UNSC are all great. If Blue Team (John-117's Spartan team) had a prowler, that would be great!
A Yacht.
Prowler. I want to see everything, and have nothing see me.
A prowler would make for a great Firefly-styled spin off Halo story. We already have that with the Ace of Spades crew, but nevertheless the minimum crew requirements of a prowler would also make it a useful ship for a story like that.
Epoch-Class, by far
The Punic class fleet carrier. It is the OG big stick. Two SMACs, enough strike craft to darken the sky and was the only ship class during the war that would make a covvie fleet master sit up straight.
Prowler. I want to see everything, and have nothing see me.
I want to see the Point of No Return in a game.
Halberd Destroyer, easily one of the coolest ship designs for the UNSC