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Favorite Spartan-IV that's not Buck

OP EchoLoco2

I think it's fair to say everyone's favorite Spartan-IV is Edward Buck (even though he's not even close to how awesome he was in ODST in Halo 5)...but what if you couldn't choose him? There isn't really any other good options so what do you think? Let me know your thoughts and opinions! (:
From the games? None of them, not even Buck, that....thing wearing his skin in H5 wasn't him.
Frank Kodiak from Hunters in the Dark was good.
I don't really like any of them, including Buck. He was much better as an odst. Locke has potential, it just hasn't been executed well
Vale. she has a great understanding of sangheili culture and her armor reminds me of samus
the spartan IV experimental augmentation survivor is pretty cool and powerful able to be slammed into a ships hull by a fully geared normal spartan IV and survive with a few scratches but she's evil
Gonna have to go with Locke he was pretty badass and I think he has real potential to becoming a pretty awesome Spartan.
Locke. Despite what people say I think he could be a great character if he fleshed out a little more.
I liked his polite yet professional dialogue that coupled with his assassin past kinda paint him as the gentlemanly killer.
I go with Tanaka.

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i don't think i have anthor favorite besides buck is my favorite, even since halo 3 odst
I liked vale.
Thorne was alright.
I will say Locke, he was an ONI assassin that was assigned to track and kill the arbiter if possible. He like most of the IV suffer from not the best of execution when it comes to character development.
I really enjoy Vale's interactions/history with the Sangheili, so she's high on my list. I also like Kodiak from Hunters in the Dark.
I like Tanaka a lot.
Thorne. I think he has a lot of potential, but I was bummed to see him cut from Fireteam Osiris last minute for a fanservice character.
My favorite Spartan IV would have to be Naiya Ray for sure.
Well if I can't choose Buck, then I will have to go with Thorne from Halo 4: Spartan Ops. None of the characters from Osiris except Buck really interest me. Don't get me wrong, they were OK but that's about it.