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Favorite UNSC AI?

OP xDock Generalx

So, in light of the new role that the Created play in Halo 5, who is your favorite United Nations Space Command AI?

My personal favorite is Kalmiya, Cortana's "older" sister, because of her close relation to Halsey and Cortana. However, I also like Watchmaker, who was the Gorgon's AI and assisted Captain Preston J. Cole in multiple engagements with Insurrectionists. However, neither of these AI are currently active.
I know it's completely common to say but defintly Cortana. Because she has been with me through my ups and downs, she has grown up with me and as i have watched her grow and evolve through the Halo games, also her personality, i find this character so fascinating in so many ways, first of all she was built from the matrix of Halsey's mind, she is basically a human in digital form, and she has such a drastic compelling emotional connection, honestly i can go on all day of why i chose her. She is my favorite :)
Serina. I love her sarcastic remarks. She reminds me a lot of me, attitude-wise, which is probably why I like her so much.
Serina because I love her dry humor.
It's a tossup between Roland and Serina. Roland's attitude and demeanor are awesome, but as others have said, Serina's dry sense of humor can contest with Roland.
I was a fan of Black Box in Hunt the Truth.
Cortana, but that's a boring answer. So i'm gonna say Serina because of her sarcasm and witty remarks, Black-Box was pretty funny too, but he's an ONI -Yoink- so....
serinas sense of humor is the best!
Cortana - cool name and er... nice curves :) Never understood why Roland wears WW2 bomber jacket etc. Was that ever explained?
Cortana before she went mad.
Toss up between Black Box and Serina although Roland has peaked my interest with his little outburst and his loyalty
Black Box is my favorite, but Roland has a lot of potential, particularly because he stayed with the UNSC and because he seemed to have mixed feelings about the situation.

The most interesting thing about the direction Halo is going in is how different AIs view the situation, and particularly the AIs that don't defect to Cortana. The most desirable outcome , IMO, is that various Forerunner AIs side against Cortana's taking stewardship of the galaxy. It'd be cool to see that play out, as at least Exuberant Witness did not want Cortana taking the Mantle.
Roland, for AI seen in game. But I also really liked Mack/Loki from Contact Harvest.
Mine is actually a UNSC Smart AI used by the Insurrectionists on the "Rubble." Her name is Juliana.
Roland or Serina. But if we can take machinima's up in here, Church.