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Formidable Foes

OP Br0k3n Salm0n

Throughout the many years of Halo, there have been all sorts of cool enemies to fight. But which species/race of the enemies was the most fun to fight with?
I say the Knights were the most fun/challenging. They're as tough and as capable as elites, but they can transport to a different area, behind cover for example where the elites only have overshields and active camo.

As for pure fun, though, I say Hunters. There's a lot of satisfaction in getting that Magnum round in for the one shot kill, or for pumping their back full of buck shot.
Hunters for sure, every single time I see those bad brothers roll up I always know the fight's gonna be intense. But if I had to pick a back up it would be the lovely grunts, if only because of their hilarious quotes!
The Prometheans, while repetitive to fight, seem really cool for fortification purposes.

Say that a Forerunner location was under attack. The Prometheans could VERY easily fortify the place by:
  1. Teleport a Knight into the area.
  2. This Knight releases a Watcher.
  3. This Watcher could open a portal for Crawlers to come through, AND create one of those laser turret things.

    Suddenly, the place that's under attack has a Knight, a Watcher, 8 Crawlers, and a turret defending it.

    I know we were discussing individual enemies, but the Prometheans were all meant to complement each other as a single force.
The knights. Those suckers always teleported away from me.
Knights are by far the hardest enemy i think.
What about the Flood?
The elites remind me of the musketeers and M. D'artagnan from the three musketeers I like them the most as a consequence
Knights because of all the abilities they had.
Hunters have always been tough cause the noob combo won't work on them.
those knights that teleport in a zig zag line towards you and 1 hit KO you
also my brother with his constant accidental team killing
Hunters. They didn't show up very often so each encounter felt like a big thing. It is so fun dancing around them and trying to hit them in the back while you dodge their shots. Halo 5 perfected the Hunters, they are the most challenging and fun iteration in the series.
Promethean Knights for sure. If whatever Forerunner weaponry they use doesn't kill you, then for sure their charge with that hardlight blade will.