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Halo 3 Terminals

OP CircusWeasle1

If you have played Halo, at some point you ran into a terminal or intel. Halo 5 had 117 intels which is filled with great content but not a lot of deep lore. Halo 4 had 7 terminals which didn't introduce any new lore, but gave players some background on the forerunners. Halo 3 on the other hand had 7 terminals which contained massive amounts of lore and gave great insight on events leading to the end of the forerunner-flood war. It was rich and mysterious and sometimes creepy. Making them very hard to forget. This is something I hope we see return for Halo 6. I'm not saying copy and paste Halo 3 Terminal style but give us terminals that are unique and offer a good chunk of lore like the ones in Halo 3 did. What do you all think?
The Halo 3 terminals are good as they don't have to explain the story to players as the story is easy to understand and the terminals can delve deeper into lore where unlike Halos 4 and 5 343i hast to try explain the story which the story cannot do itself so it has those to help it along.
I don't think h3's terminals were all that more lore-rich than h4's, only difference is really the medium. h3's has to tell it all via words, while h4's have voice acting and visuals. Main diff is that the h4 ones re-tread a bit since the didact's more important to h4 than h3.