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[Locked] Halo 4 Campaign Transcript

OP IsoDidact

This is ALL of the Halo 4 Campaign dialogue in text format. It is a work in progress. ALL Dialogue is included, including cut scene dialogue. I've tried to include as many Campaign findings as possible - from Dr. Halsey's Audio Logs to the hidden "terminals" found on Mission: Reclaimer. The work is tedious, but has proven to be worth it. I'd like to thank the Halo Archive Community for supporting my project - the praise that I have gotten for taking on a project of this scope is... overwhelming. Thank You, Archivers. However, I thought it'd be great to share with the Halo Waypoint Community, as well.

Hope you all enjoy.

[The Epilogue is still a work in Progress. I'm trying to complete the Campaign Missions first, then work on the prologue and epilogue]

Mission: Dawn

C: Chief! Easy you've been out for a while.

MC: Where are we?

C: We're still adrift on the Dawn.

MC: Why did you wake me?

C: Hang on. Bringing your systems online now.

C: I rewrote your system's firmware while you were out.

MC: You've been busy.

C: Activating the ship's gravity generators.

System: Partial system restoration.

System: Initializing system diagnostics...

C: Chief - look up.

C: You need to pull the manual release.

C: Seems like old times.

MC: Ready to get back to work?

C: I thought you'd never ask.

C: We've got intrusion alerts lighting up on multiple decks.

C: Our best bet to figure out who is boarding us is the Observation
Deck - four floors up.

MC: Could it be a rescue team?

C: I wouldn't bet on it.

System: This is the service record for Spartan John 117.

System: Would you like to continue?

System: Frigate Pillar of Autumn discovers the Forerunner Halo
Installation 04, and deploys Spartan 117 to protect UNSC AI
Cortana. Chief uncovers a Covenant plot to fire the weapon, and
sacrifices the Autumn to destroy the Halo ring.

System: Pursuing the Covenant Flagship on an attack on Earth,
Spartan 117 arrives at Halo Installation 05 to find the Covenant
erupting into civil war.

System: After preventing the Covenant from firing the ring, 117 followed them back to Earth in search of a Forerunner installation that can activate all of the galaxy's Halos.

System: The Covenant arrive at Earth, and open a portal to the Ark,
an extragalactic Forerunner installation that can fire the Halo Array.
Spartan 117 unites a joint Covenant/UNSC team to pursue the
Covenant to the Ark, where he successfully destroys the Installation
and prevents the rings from being used.

System: When Spartan 117 attempts to escape from the Ark aboard
the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn, the slipspace portal that the ship is
passing through collapses.

System: Aboard the aft section of the Dawn, Spartan 117 is placed
into cryo sleep pending recovery by UNSC forces. AI Cortana to
remain active as long as is technically feasible.

System: End of service record.

System: Intrusion Alert. Intrusion Alert.

System: Weapons systems online.

System: Gravity controls online.

System: Ship Propulsion offline.

System: Bow hull integrity offline.

System: Life Support online.

MC: How long was I out?

C: 4 years, 7 months, 10 days.

MC: Somebody should have found us by now.

MC: What's that?

C: Sensor scan, high intensity! Doesn't match any known patterns.

MC: How close are we to the Observation Deck?

C: It's directly above us...

C: Chief, you need to get us up to the Observation Deck.

C: The elevator doors look sealed tight.

C: Chief, be careful!


C: I didn't realize the ship had deteriorated so badly.

MC: I thought we had a truce with the Covenant.

C: A lot can happen in four years. Either way, he's probably not
alone. We should be careful.

C: That's the last of them.

C: Find the override for the blast shields so we can see what we're
up against.

C: The good news is these Covenant aren't outfitted like standard
military. It's possible we came across a rogue salvage ship.

C: Or we might have stumbled into an entire Covenant fleet.

MC: Maybe they haven't recognized us.

C: That's one possibility.

C: Landing craft, flanking us!

System: Warning. Atmosphere breach.

System: Activating emergency barricades.

MC: We need to get off this ship.

C: We've got bigger problems.

C: We've got a cruiser on an intercept course.

C: Head for the elevator banks.

MC: Didn't the ship sensors say we still had weapons systems

C: Yes, but since the ship was torn in half, we can't access the
weapons stations. We'll have to fire them manually from the outer

C: That cruiser's shields are down.

C: Assuming they don't raise them, that missile's going to be one
heck of a surprise.

MC: These Covenant seem more fanatical than the ones we've
fought before.

MC: How far to the missile?

C: We're just about there.

C: The auxiliary launch station should be to your left out of the

C: You'll have to prime the launch for ignition.

MC: Cortana?

C: It's nothing. Just get to the launch station.

C: Uh - I'm sorry, did I miss orbiting a Forerunner planet at some

MC: One thing at a time.

C: Chief, you need to find the missile controls.

C: There's the launch station!

C: Launch initiated.

C: Great. The blast door's jammed. The missile won't fire until it's

C: Get down there!

C: You did it! Get back!

C: Chief...

MC: The Covenant weren't the ones scanning us.

C: So NOW can we worry about the giant metal planet?

C: It's using a gravity well to pull us inside the surface!

C: We've got to hurry; the second we cross he dome's event
horizon, its atmosphere is going to tear us apart.

MC: Where are the closest escape pods?

C: Aft vehicle bay!

C: I'm tagging the closest airlock, go!

System: Hull integrity at 30%.

System: Warning. System depressurization.

System: Please proceed to nearest lifestation.

System: Hull integrity at 25%.

System: Emergency escape pods have been depleted this area.

C: All but one of the grav generators just went dark.

MC: Just keep me pointed at that vehicle bay.

System: Hull integrity at 15%.

System: Hull integrity at 10%.

C: We're almost there!

System: Critical ship damage.

System: Hull integrity at 5%.

System: Personnel are advised to evacuate immediately.

System: Warning.

System: Warning. Catastrophic depressurization.

C: Chief!

C: Hold on!

C: We're caught in the gravity well!

MC: Can you track the escape pods?

C: Negative!

C: Look out!

Halo 4
Mission: Requiem

MC: Where are we?

C: Checking coordinate impact data.

DH: We have asked that you give up your family, your childhood,
your future -

MC: Cortana!

C: I'm sorry. It's the crash. I'm fine.

MC: Something was wrong even before we left the Dawn.

C: Chief, really, I'm fine.

MC: Cortana -

C: I was put into service 8 years ago.

MC: Eight years?

C: AIs deteriorate after 7, Chief.

MC: Halsey!

C: Chief -

MC: We need to find Halsey.

C: Chief - Please!

MC: She made you. She can fix you.

C: I won't recover from rampancy, Chief.

MC: If we can just get back to Earth and find Halsey, she can fix

C: Don't make a girl a promise you know you can't keep.

C: We need to move.

C: Doesn't look like the Covenant fared much better than we did.

MC: How many ships made it through the roof?

C: Plenty... Why?

MC: We still need a ride home.

System: Catherine Halsey Research Excerpt. 11 February 2550.

DH: The interesting factor here isn't that the H-1 disabled the viral
termination code I implanted in her matrix. These metrics imply it's
success wasn't just unlikely, but that even the accepted 7-year life
cycle estimates may not apply. Thus far, I've determined that the
unique circumstances of her creation have triggered what I can only
refer to as a recessive variant in the AI seed. As her architect, I'm
currently at a loss as to the origin of this rogue element. Very

C: The console's still got some power in it.

C: This communication's being broadcast to all Covenant in the area.
Let me put it through translation.

C: Non-believers walk the sacred ground. Purge the heretics, so they
do not foul the air of paradise. The time has come to enter the Great
Light. The Promethean Awakening is nigh! Our reward is at hand!

MC: It sounds like the Covenant were looking for something.

C: It's the Covenant. Aren't they ALWAYS looking for something?

C: What is that? Chief, see if that terminal is still active.

C: The Covenant have been broadcasting that from an equidistant
orbit every 30 minutes for the past three years.

MC: They've been waiting outside the planet for three years?

C: Apparently they couldn't get in.

C: There's a crevice we can use to get through the rocks over there.

C: See the waypoint on your HUD.

C: I'm picking up a faint transmission on the high-band.

MC: Covenant?

C: I don't think so...the pattern's different.

C: I'll try and triangulate its position.

C: Warthogs... and still in one piece.

C: Nice to see your luck is holding out.

C: Mayday Mayday Mayday - this is the UNSC FFG201, Forward Unto
Dawn. Requesting imeediate evac. Survivors aboard - prioritization
code victor zero five dash three dash sierra zero one one seven.

C: This looks like it could be a long haul. Probably better if we can
find a Warthog back in the wreckage. C: Chief... about my

C: I didn't want to mention it, seeing as how it's a complete
longshot, but since you brought it up...

C: It IS possible that getting home could help me find a solution for
my rampancy.

MC: How?

C: Well, as far as I know, I'm the only AI ever generated from living
tissue - a clone of Dr. Halsey, to be precise.

C: It may be possible to recompile my neural net by replicating
those same conditions.

C: But that means getting back to Halsey. Soon.

C: We should really get looking for a way off world. The sooner, the

C: Chief. I'm hearing that strange signal again, stronger this time.

MC: Do you think there's something to it?

C: I'm curious, more than anything. Its behavior is... odd.

C: Hostiles!

C: Chief, several patrols just reported in outside a structure over the
bridge. It's possible they're onto something.

C: If we're going to hijack a ship from these Covenant, we're going

to have to find where they're landing first.
MC: I don't suppose you have a plan for that.

C: We could always ask nicely.

MC: Asking's not my strong suit.

C: That Elite dropped it's camo module. Let's have a look.

C: I'll run a soft patch to it from the suit. Never know what might
come in handy.

C: There's that phantom signal again.

MC: I heard something that time.

MC: Sentinels.

C: I wondered when they'd show up.

MC: What does it say?

C: Guardianship for all living things lies with those whose evolution
is most complete. The Mantle of Responsibility shelters all.

C: Very interesting.

MC: Maybe... but it won't get us home.

C: There. Chief - a console, in the back.

C: It's a localized site Cartographer - hm, OK - ' service of
Forerunner Shield World, designate Requiem.'

MC: Requiem.

MC: At least we know where we are now.

C: Let's see if it can tell us what the Covenant are so interested in.

C: Huh.

MC: What happened?

C: I don't know. It locked up.

C: I'm detecting power fluctuations in several locations. I'll put them
up for you.

C: Hopefully we can find some way to get this Cartographer back

MC: What's it doing?

C: It's all right...

C: This energy is actually a ferroelectric datafield.

C: Your shields are just cycling in response to the chamber's charge.

MC: Will this bring the Cartographer back online?

C: Partially.

C: This type of processing system usually works in parallel.

C: We'll have to locate its twin.

C: The Covenant. They've found a way inside.

MC: Is that the same signal?


C: Mayday Mayday Mayday!

C: UNSC AI Cortana to Infinity, please respond!

C: No response, but from the strength of that signal, the Infinity has
to be close by!

C: The Cartographer should be back online.

C: We may be able to use it to track the ship's location!

C: We can't give the Covenant access to the Cartographer! Clear
them out!

C: That's it! Now quick, to the Cartographer!

C: The Cartographer keeps acting like the transmission is coming
from everywhere on the planet at once. It doesn't want to
triangulate the Infinity's signal.

C: Oh wait. I got it.

MC: That can't be right. Scan again.

C: We've already passed through one layer of the planet's surface.
It's not crazy to think that someone else made it deeper inside than
we did.

MC: You mean the planet's hollow?

C: Let me see if I can figure a way to reach those coordinates that
doesn't involve us digging a really big hole.

C: There's a terminus on the far side of the complex. We can portal
to the planet's core from there.

MC: What?

C: I don't know.

MC: If we have a shot at getting back to Infinity, we're taking it.

C: OK...

C: Let's get to that Terminus and find Infinity.

MC: What do you know about Infinity?

C: Not much. She was supposed to be massive, but the project was
only in prototype when we left.

C: Scouts, fortifying the bridge below. Stay sharp.

C: Chief, the Covenant net's going crazy.

C: They're ordering all units to converge on the tower.

MC: I guess we got their attention.

C: We're about to have our hands full.

(Continued on next post)
Mission: Requiem (continued)

C: The Elites just issued a general order; they're moving all ground
teams to secure the tower entrance above us.

C: The sentinels are tying to keep the Covenant out.

C: While you were busy, I managed to clear up another transmission
from the Infinity.

DR: (garbled transmission)

MC: Sounded like he said 'artifact'.

C: I wonder if it's related to whatever the Covenant are after.

MC: Where's the Terminus?

C: The map placed it at the top of the tower.

C: Chief, try the top of the ramp.

C: I think there's a lift up there.

C: According to the Cathedral, this Terminus is just one node of a
larger transit grid that spans the entire planet...

MC: What?

C: When I tried to access the outlet closest to Infinity's
transmissions, the system responded with this.

MC: What is it?

C: That's the kicker. It's the Forerunner symbol for 'Reclaimer.'

MC: Humanity. That's got to be the Infinity.

MC: Can you get us to those coordinates?

C: Let me try to open a portal.

MC: Cortana?

C: I'm picking up unknown energy signatures.

MC: Where?

C: This can't be right.

MC: Set a waypoint out of the power.

MC: Cortana.

C: How did... Quick! Into the Portal.

C: Chief. GO!

Mission: Forerunner

MC: What were those things?

C: Some sort of advanced defense AIs.

C: Related to the Sentinels, I'm guessing, but it's hard to say
without a closer look.

C: C'mon, let's figure out where that transit system dumped us.

C: Put me in the console.

MC: Where's Infinity?

C: This is Requiem's core, all right, but Infinity is definitely not here.

C: That satellite in the center is amplifying the ship's broadcasts like
a relay.

MC: Maybe we can use it to respond.

C: Perhaps.

C: Those beams coming off it are creating the interference we've
been experienceing. We'd have to take them out to contact Infinity.

MC: Can you get us there?

C: Opening a gate to the first beam pylon. Pull me and let's go.

MC: This is the first pylon?

C: Negative. This is close as I could get us.

C: Hope you don't mind hoofing it a little.

C: Contacts!

C: And they're back!

C: Coming down the walls!

MC: Those weren't the same things we saw in the Terminus.

C: Similar cortical footprint as the tower AIs.

C: They're connected, all right.

C: Look out!

C: Well he's just a ray of sunshine, isn't he?

C: From that peak under the hood, I'd say these constructs must be
mimetic in nature.

MC: More of them?

C: Similar phasing activity at the edge of our sensors. We're about

to get busy.

C: I've discovered something interesting about our new friends.

C: When the big ones explode, that momentary flash we're seeing is
actually a data purge.
MC: Can you tap into it?

C: So far, I've pulled multiple strings referring to the big ones as
Promethean Knights.

C: Beyond that, though, things get a bit dense.

DR: (garbled transmission)

C: The relay interference is increasing.

C: We must be getting close to the pylon.

DR: (garbled transmission)

MC: What's that distortion?

C: That's... me. Something about moving through those portals is
increasing the load on my systems.

MC: Are you... going to be alright?

C: Don't worry.

C: I've held off rampancy this long, haven't I?

C: That's the target, but it looks like the entrance is shielded.

C: Let's figure out how to take it down.

C: One of the shield's power cores. Take it out.

C: I read two more cores on our level.

C: Hit them before you climb all the way up.

C: Well done, Chief. One to go.

C: Great. That's all the cores. Head for the top of the pylon.

C: Chief, look at this:

DR: (garbled transmission)

C: That's Requiem.

C: They're not inside at all... they're moving into orbit.

DR: (garbled transmission)

DR: (garbled transmission)

MC: Did he say Forward Unto Dawn?

C: They must have intercepted our distress beacon!

MC: The beacon was pulled into Requiem with us.

MC: If they try to follow it...

C: ...they'll get caught in the gravity well.

C: I'll keep trying to warn them; you just get that beam down!

C: That's the beam control.

C: It's working. The signal from the relay is starting to clear up.

DR: Fleetcom Actual. We've detected a UNSC beacon coming from
somewhere INSIDE the planet -

MC: They haven't hit the gravity well yet.

C: There's still to much interference to warn them.

C: We've got to disable that other beam before they're pulled in like
we were.

C: I was wondering why Infinity hadn't encountered the Covenant

C: What are they doing here?

C: They're heading to the second pylon as well.

MC: That can't be a coincidence.

C: Sounds like the Prometheans don't want the Covenant here,

C: The battlenet's already lighting up with reports of resistance all
around the pylon.

C: Drop Pods!

DR: (garbled transmission)

C: The relay's signal is breaking up again. We're almost to the

DR: (garbled transmission)

C: They've found the opening.

DR: (garbled transmission)

C: We better get up to that relay and fast.

DR: (garbled transmission)

C: Power core down. Shield's weak., but still online.

C: Take out the other two power cores and we can access the pylon.

C: Second power core offline. Good job, Chief.

C: That'll do it. Shields should be down. Get up to that beam!

DR: UNSC Infinity to Survivor, Forward Unto Dawn.

DR: Reading a faint IFF tag near the planetary core. Do you read?

C: The planet's core? They know we're here!

C: Infinity, this is UNSC AI Cortana!

C: Do not approach Forerunner planet! Repeat, do not approach -

DR: Infinity to UNSC asset!

DR: We read you but you're breaking up!

DR: Helm, increase speed by point-seven. Get us in there.


C: If you can hear us, keep transmitting -

C: No!

C: Chief, you've got to get that beam down NOW.

C: Cortana to Infinity, do you copy?

C: Come in, Infinity!

C: The interference is gone, but your suit's transmitter's not strong

MC: Route us up to the relay station.

C: Already done! Go!

C: Once we're on that satellite, there's bound to be a central control

MC: The Covenant are moving towards that relay, too.

C: This doesn't make any sense!

C: Why would they care about a broadcast relay?

MC: I'll handle them; you just find us that control node.

MC: How soon 'til Infinity hits the gravity well?

C: A minute or two, max!

C: The Covenant are making a push for something on the far side of
the satellite!

MC: Is that the signal relay?

C: Yes. Now we just have to use it to warn Infinity before it's too

C: Chief, you need to hear this!

Infinity Comm: We're detecting a slight gravimetric disturbance near
the planetary entrance.

Infinity Comm: Suggest altering approach vector, 43K-750K-12K.

C: They're not diverting from the opening! Hurry, Chief!

C: Wait - something's not right - !

MC: We don't have time!

C: The pillars! Touch the pillars!

MC: Infinity! This is Sierra 117of the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn. Do
you copy?

MC: Infinity, do you read?

C: Chief - Chief, let go of the contacts...

MC: Find us an exit.

(Continued on next post)
Mission: Forerunner (continued)

C: Don't wait around on my account...

D: So fades the great harvest of my betrayal.

D: Even these beasts recognized what you were oblivious to,
Human. Your nobility has blinded you, as ever.

D: The Librarian left little chance, did she? Turning my own

D: my own world... against me. But what hubris to believe she could
protect her pets from me forever...

D: If you haven't mastered even these primitives, then Man is not
attained the Mantle. Your ascendence may yet be prevented.

D: Time was your ally, Human, but now it has abandoned you. The
Forerunners have returned.

D: This tomb is now yours.

C: Slipspace rupture!

C: Chief, move!

C: Chief, please!

C: We've got to go!

C: That... Didact. He manipulated the Infinity's signal to get us to
release him!

C: Get up!

MC: What's happening?

C: Moving the satellite into slipspace destabilized the core.

C: The Didact's leaving.

C: We'e got to find a portal out of here before the whole network

C: Grab one of those Ghosts!

C: Hang on, I'm going to channel energy from your shields to
override the Ghost's boost.

C: Keep going! Keep going!

C: Emergency broadcast from the Infinity!

DR: Fleetcom, this is Infinity.

DR: We're encountering an unidentifiable gravimetric disturbance
and are being pulled INSIDE the planet of FORERUNNER origin!

DR: Possible contact with the Forward Unto Dawn!

DR: Jettisoning complete log beacons at our last known!

MC: Cortana, we need to get up there.

C: It's not like I can get out and push!

C: The core's not going to last much longer!

C: Portal! Up ahead!

C: Whoa, Cowboy!

C: Chief there!

DR: (radio static) Mayday Mayday! This is the captain of the UNSC
Infinity. Unknown entity has seized control of our ship. We're
without power, and on a collision course with an unidentified
Forerunner planet!

MC: Track it's decent.

C: Marking. Impact predicted 77.8 kilometers due north.

C: You know where he's heading.

MC: Same place we are.

Mission: Infinity

C: Stay low, recon sortie heading this way.

C: The ship looks intact.

MC: Something tells me that's only because the Didact wanted it
that way.

L: This is Lasky to UNSC Infinity. We're up to our necks in bad guys
down here. Does anyone read?

MC: This is Sierra 117 of the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn. We're on
station, ready to assist.

L: Negative copy, sounded like you said 'Forward Unto Dawn'? Come
again -

C: Signal's bouncing in and out; I can't clean it up.

MC: Light up their friend-or-foe tags; we're gonna need something to zero in on.

C: I'm seeing numerous IFF tags below the tree line. Painting the
closest one on your HUD.

MC: That scan's the same one we saw on the Dawn.

C: Except now the Didact's free to handle it personally.

DR: Infinity to Commander Lasky. We've lost contact with your
Pelicans! Report in!

MC: They must not hae received his distress call.

MC: Lasky?

C: One of them's an officer.

C: Check his IFF tag.

C: The tag I.D.s him as Jiminez, Paolo J.

MC: Then Lasky's still out there somewhere.

Marine: I mean. c'mon, Sarge. Who sends recon downrange in the middle of a firefight?

Marine: What was that?

Marine: Tangos on our six!

Marine: Now they're be - AAA!

C: Hold up, what was that he dropped on the ground over there?

C: This is what they've been using to see through the fog.

C: We've got another IFF on the far side of this thicket.

C: I've got another IFF tag, but as far as I can tell, we're moving
into a choke point.This may end up as a dead end.

C: That's the Friend-Or-Foe tag, but where's whoever it belongs to?

Marine: XO! We got it!


Marine: Light's green!

Marine: C'mon, crank it!

L: Palmer, get your folks inside!

P: Yessir. FOURS! GO!

C: Multiple IDs! Chief, they're friendlies!

L: Afraid we're going to have to give you an IOU on that welcome
home party.

L: Tom Lasky, First Officer of the Infinity. Never thought I'd see you

P: Seal 'er up.

P: Thought you'd be taller.

DR: ... ground forces are ordered to return to Infinity immediately!

Marine: Commander! Radio's hot!

DR: ... respond to Comm...

DR: On what frequency?

DR: What frequency, dammit?

L: Infinity, this is Cmdr. Lasky. Pelican recon teams are
down.'Repeat. All birds are down. We've got numerous casualties
and require immediate assistance. Over.

DR: Finally...

DR: Did you get the coordinates to that gravity well?

L: Affirmative, Sir. We're going to need a bus out of here -

DR: Make it happen -

C: You were sent on a scouting run in the middle of an attack on the

L: The Captain thought Infinity could provide us cover and hold off
the attack at the same time.

P: Sir, we'll never get the wounded back to the ship on foot.

L: I don't know if it's too soon to ask you for a favor but we're going
to run out of breathing room here real quick.

L: I don't suppose you're any good at clearing LZs?

MC: On occasion.

MC: I'll send out an all-clear once the area's secured.

C: A topographical scan of the area shows a break in the foliage
NORTH of here.

C: Should be big enough to bring in a dropship for evac.

L: Chief, it's Lasky. We're getting reports of friendlies pinned down
near your position. Can you assist?

C: Commander, this is Cortana. We're on our way.

Marine: Good to see you Master Chief.

Marine: I thought he was dead.

Marine: Holy mother of...

Marine: Who's that?

Marine: What. The. What?

C: Find some cover!

C: The marines got trapped trying to get through these doors. Look
for an interface.

C: These doors open into a cave system with a space large enough
for an LZ.

C: Hold them off long enough for me to open the doors!

MC: Cortana? How close are we?


C: Got it! Passageway's unlocked. Come and get me!

C: I'm sorry about back there.

C: That hatch's security was more difficult than I expected.

MC: It's all right.

C: It's not all right. Nothing about it is all right.

C: Knight! Wait... what's he doing?

MC: Covenant?

C: They're working with the Prometheans?

C: I'm shocked how quickly the Didact has unified these Covenant!

C: Knights!

C: Cortana to Lasky. LZ is secured.

L: Roger that, Cortana. I'll get you the coordinates for the -

DR: Mayday Mayday, Code Red! Hostile elements attempting to gain
entrance to the Infinity bridge!

Officer: They're outside the hatch!

Officer: Doors breached! Doors breached!

DR: All units return to Infinity immediately! That's an order!

L: Chief, I'm redirecting the Spartan IVs to rally point Alpha Sierra

L: Until we catch up, you have tactical command of the forward
assault force!

L: Rendezvous with those men and take back that ship!

MC: Yes, Sir!

L: Good luck, Chief. Lasky out.

Pilot: This is Pelican Five Nine Five. We have the Chief onboard and
are outbound for rally point Alpha Sierra Foxtrot.

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Mission: Infinity (continued)

C: Weapons free, Chief!

C: Let' em have it!

C: We're good to go, Chief. Let's show these Spartans how it's

Spartan IV: Ground teams, be advised. The Master Chief is on the field. Advancing.

L: 117, Lasky. We're touching down just north of your position.
Proceed to starboard hanger 2-19 and we'll link up with you there.

C: Commander, the hanger bay doors are sealed tight.

L: Roger, Cortana. We'll find a way to inside and free up one of the
mooring platforms. XO out.

L: Secure the bay and I'll release the lockdown aof the ship.

SECTOR 12, DECK 131 SECTOR 7, DECK 720, DECK 895

DR: Master Chief, this is Captain Del Rio.

DR: Lasky just radioed. You picked a helluva time to rejoin us.

MC: Sir, what's our status?

DR: That satellite took down the ship's defenses and is extracting
data from the ship's mainframes as we speak.

MC: Can we break the connection?

DR: Main point of contact's on the ship's upper hull.

DR: The fastest route is through the maintenance causeway.

DR: There's a Mantis docked inside the door. Take it. You'll need the
extra firepower.



C: Well, the Captain promised you firepower.

C: This sure seems like an appropriate use for it.

C: Look for the Mantis controls.

System: Warning. Operation of Mantis Armored Defense System
prohibited without prior approval.

C: The hatch to the maintenance causeway is jammed.

C: Let's do something about it.


C: Chief, we can't let the Didact get access to Infinity's data stores!
Let's go topside!


C: Infinity TAC-COM is reporting additional contacts on the outer
deck! Pick it up, Chief!


System: Sub-vessel deployment bay is currently off limits to
unauthorized personnel. Please see the local Deck Officer for further assistance.

L: Chief, it's Lasky. Come in!

MC: Go, Commander.

L: We've identified several Covenant jamming devices on the outer

C: That might be how they're blocking the Infinity's defenses.

L: Exactly what we were thinking.

L: Neutralize them so we can get our guns back online and show
that satellite we're more than just a big paperweight.

C: We're on it, Commander. Cortana out.

C: I see the jammers. Three of them. Shoot them down.

C: First jammer disabled!

C: That's two!

C: That's it. Jammers neutralized.

DR: Del Rio to Master Chief. The rate that thing's searching our
systems just doubled! I think it knows what you're up to.

C: The Didact's not letting go without a fight.

C: Hold them off!

C: Just a few more minutes!

C: I'm still seeing targets.

C: Finish them off.

C: That's how it's done.

DR: Captain Del Rio to Sierra 117.

DR: The MAC network's reading operational but our EM relays are
malfunctioning. You'll have to initiate the link manually.

C: That's it! MAC controls restored!

DR: Forward MAC batteries, get that damn orb away from my ship.

DR: All cannons.

DR: Fire at will.

C: It's working.

C: The Didact's retreating!

DR: Del Rio to Infinity All Hands.

DR: We are Condition Yellow.

DR: Stand down.

DR: Section heads report in, begin damage assessment.

DR: What I want to know, people, is: Where the hell did those things
come from?

C: It's possible that they're native to Requiem... or whatever counts
as native for a Forerunner AI.

DR: We've never seen this type of offensive reaction from any other

MC: Other installations?

DR: Mr. Lasky.

L: Infinity's mission has been to locate the remaining Halo rings, and
establish permanent bases to study them for decommission.

L: We've got locations up-and-running around Installations 5 and 3,
but lately they've run into some setbacks.

DR: A science team got zapped excavating a Forerunner artifact.
This sensor data is all that was left.

C: Interesting...

C: These symbols are a derivation of the Forerunner glyph system.

DR: And our geeks managed to pull some coordinates. I'll give you
three guesses where it led.

P: Sir. Gypsy Company is prepped and ready to roll, on your orders.

DR: Thank you Palmer.

DR: Mr. Lasky, you take point. I want boots on the ground in sixty.

MC: Captain?

DR: This is a first contact scenario, Master Chief. Priority is to free
Infinity from Requiem's gravity well and file a threat assessment
back at Fleetcom.

C: You mean we're leaving?

MC: Sir. Infinity drove the Didact back. He's vulnerable.

DR: He isn't the only one.

DR: You know, I'd think you of all people would appreciate the
benefit of living to fight another day.

Mission: Reclaimer

DR: Infinity to Gypsy Company...

DR: The air corridor to the gravity well is blocked by a network of particle cannons.

DR: Infinity's shields are still down. Open the lane for us to move up and provide air support.

MC: Captain, what's Force Recon's assessment off the terrain?

DR: I know you've been off the field for awhile, Master Chief, but this is a blowthrough op. Sending in recon would just slow us down.

DR: Telemetry indicates that the particle cannons are being controlled from a command post southwest of our position.
Roll on that target and neutralize those guns. We'll meet on the other side and take the gravity well. Infinity out.

C: I don't know about you, but I usually like a little more 'intel' with my intel...

MC: We'll make it work.

P: Chief, Spartan Sarah Palmer in Infinity CIC. Commander Lasky's waiting for you on the Mammoth.

MC: On our way.

C: Well. Someone's overcompensating.

Pilot: Papa Foxtrot Seven Six Six to Sarah Palmer, we're finally in the air.

Marine: Master Chief, sir! The XO is looking for you on the action deck.

L: Chief. Unfortunately for us, we've got to manually bring down a couple of of the particle cannons before we can get to the command post.

P: Chief, Palmer again. The Mammoth's got jetpacks onboard. If I were down there, I'd want one.

DR: Gypsy Company, this is Captain Del Rio.

DR: The board is green. Let's shut that gravity well down so we can go home.

DR: Happy hunting. Infinity out.

L: OK, Gypsy, time to work for it. Let's shake some dirt.

(Continued on next post)
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