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Halo 5 Air Assault Armour Breakdown! Lets begin!

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Here's my first Armour breakdown! its my first in depth review, tell me anything I can improve on.

Here is my Halo 5 Air Assault Armour Review on design and opinion.

In my view this armour is a good example of innovating what we got in Reach.

The Helmet heavily resembles the Odst Helmet from Halo 2, the helmet by itself is fantastic. It has more detail with lines and has a more modern look I like.

The chestplate is almost perfect, it has a small resemblance to the Mark V B with the chest plate having the H shape and overall design from the front view. This armour is also a improvement for the ODST armour in lore but looks more like the Mark V B in Halo 5.

The shoulders are simple and round and much bigger than its Reach counterpart.

The Shoulder design in Halo 5 is more rounded and bigger in looks and stays true to the original intended use.

Halo Reach "Designed specifically for airborne units; maximum protection, minimum weight."

In Halo 5 If you Switch to Female with this armour set, shoulders are small just like Halo Reach's version its a nice detail id like to point out.

And lastly we have the legs which are more bulky and I think works with the set of armour

Flaws I noticed and my opinion on how It can be improved.

The coloured Under suits and lack of the crotch armour ruin the shape and silhouette of the spartan in my eyes. The coloured under suits cover up the fact Spartans lack any cod protection and adding black under suits highlights that flaw so much making the armour set look incomplete.

Some improvements that could be made!

- Add a cod piece to even out the design.
- A black under suit so we can see each armour piece in the lovely detail that the artist did as it stands now it blends rather than stands out..
- Some ODST designs and elements to make the armour look like and upgraded version of it.
- The armour itself is very simple and not very eye catching with noticeable details but I think it works well with Halo 5s artstyle.

And that's what I think, I'm looking to review more armour and maybe other designs in the future.

Did you like this review? is there anything I missed? please rate! :)
I may be biased because the AirAssault armornid my favourite armor but I enjoyed this review.
This looks cool, and your points are all around solid.
I hope you'll do more of these, poke into possible usages for the armor
To know the Lore is to know Halo
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Why pick the air assault mojhir set for first review?
I was not too sure what armour to pick for my first review since there's billions to choose from, I choose air assault because its what I am most familiar with.
Air assault has always been my favorite armor, so I’m very passionate about this topic.
My main problems with the halo 5 variant is the helmet. I feel it is a little too big, something I have noticed with other armors as well. One reason for this might be the change in the visor.
In halo reach, looking at the helmet from the side, you could see that the visor has a sort of ( curve to it.
In halo 5 the visor has a little bit of curve, but it is a lot more vertical looking (from the side)
One thing about the armor is that it looks a little too big and bulky (especially on the back) It’s supposed to be very similar to the original reach armor. And on reach the armor is kind of thin. Emile’s armor in halo 5 looks a better in my opinion.