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Halo 5: Blue team mission Mystery


Someone on Reddit noticed something interesting on the Level Blue team in Halo 5. Linky to Reddit post.

There are these 4 cases hanging above the area you first battle Hunters in the level. In these cases are unknown at the moment. But there is something unique in them

I have a mission for the lore community. We need to get a clear view of the mysterious objects/creatures. And screenshots of them lit up with light.

We need to somehow get light into the cases. I suggest going into teams of 4, with us all holding weapons that can light up the case. So hopefully we can get a view of the creature.

Weapons that create light.
  • Shotgun(plus hidden shotgun)
  • Plasma Pistol
  • Energy Sword
  • And at a push the Storm Rifle.
Lets solve this mystery or get to the start of it.
I turned all of my settings up on my monitor but still no luck! Hopefully somebody can figure something out.
I saw the post, pretty intriguing stuff. Do we have any reason to believe it's not just a blank texture? I play with the brightness almost all the way up and nothing. I mean I don't think 343 would have a potentially huge discovery be even possible to identify completely, even if it was hidden.
I've looked at them for about ten minutes with brightness all the way up in the game and my TV, and I still can't get a good look at what they are. However, there are pointy things sticking out, and it seems like they're curled up in fetus positions, or something of the sort. I've came to a conclusion, that may be wrong, but it's the best I've got, but perhaps they're Guta, the indigenous species of Reach we see and fight in the mission "Nightfall." The pointy things I'm seeing could be their claws or tusks. Also. The size of the creatures fits the profile of Guta.

Well we could try getting in a 4 person team and using light sources as I suggested. I mean. That is our last hope outside asking 343i for a clear image of it.
CIA391 wrote:
Well we could try getting in a 4 person team and using light sources as I suggested. I mean. That is our last hope outside asking 343i for a clear image of it.
May your four person team be created CIA391. I would volunteer but I am not able to play Halo for the next two weeks due to school circumstances. I am very curious though. Will be following.
Looks like this to me:
However, the guards who dropped the weapons that you can pick up throughout the mission seem to be in defensive positions, and if you read the comments on reddit it's possible that it was some sort of zombie thing. But Halo already has the Flood, and while it isn't quite zombies it's close enough and Halo doesn't need a different kind of zombie thing like that.
But hey, anything is possible.
I don't think its a living creature, to me it looks like a lot of pipes, the glass around it could be an extra security measure. If it isn't pipes then it could be some type of plant root, maybe that is where the virus came from.

But to be honest I have no idea, shining a light at it didn't really do that much.
"Cell storage"... Looks like it's a creature.

Kind of creepy.