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Halo Canon Order (Halo 4 and Beyond)


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I updated the 2610 parts.

Thanks to HTT season 2 and Johns death. Believe can work again.

Exact reasoning is here. Just to keep this update short. :)
Update takes from slipspace is added now

I also added the second grunt transmission as it fufills the nature of this thread. Below is the two that are in the Canon fodder related materials. I admit they are awesome

[OM] Hog Wild Req Drop - Fanon Codder
[OM] Canon Fodder Issue 94 Bounty hunters: Beam Weaver
This is awesome! Thanks for making the Halo timeline comprehensible.
Ships log February 21st 2017.
Halo Wars 2 is released, thus here is a placement that is gonna take a lil more time than normal.

Right now though I added the missions in. But the Phoenix logs I will have to work on. 343i have noted that there is errors in them thus I have opted to keep them out till they are fixed. Right now though here is the year 2559 for you. And yes the tutorial is canon in Halo Wars 2. It happens right after the opening cutscene xD
(B) HE The Return(Motion Comic)
[OM] Section 3 ARG YANUMAS(anything else important about this ARG can be found though this thread)

(B) Halo Mythos
[G] Halo Wars 2 Wake(Cutscene)
[G] Halo Wars 2 Tutorial: Basic and Advanced
[G] Halo Wars 2 The Signal level to Last Stand
Based off feedback and me agreeing that it was not clear enough. I finally added in links to the images/files of the lootcrate items to this thread. This ensures the items are very clear what is what.
I also made split 2557 into Months at it was starting to get a lil crowded. Hope this clears up stuff.

I also added one item as it adds to the story in a minor way.
This happens after the Nightfall second story Trade Barriers.

Hope you like this update
hey i want to know if this list is up to date with all the books released and halo wars 2 till 26th march 2017?
Ok folks. I added in the Halo Wars 2 Phoenix logs that are able to be placed in.

There is two different ones added in.

The ones based on the Multiplayer maps, and all the campaign logs.
Not all the Multiplayer maps can be added in. But some could be.

Thank you all for your patience in this matter. I had to wait till 343i fixed the logs to do them
Updated on 03/09/2017 to include
  • 5th, 6th, and 7th Lootcrate Datadrops.
  • Halo Retribution
  • Halo Wars 2 Operation Spearbreaker and relevant Phoenix logs.
This was fun though Retribution was really close chapter wise to how the older Halo Books were laid out. And its great. Reminded me of the early years of this canon order.
What about Halo Envoy?
Hey guys! Just wanna make sure this is still
being update, and if not where can I get the. Most updated list of this :)
Hey sorry if this is a bit late, I just wanted to make a small correction. The Halo 2 missions The Arbiter and The Oracle take place before the ODST mission Data Hive, not after.
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