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Halo Meets Gears of War?

OP EazyB

Hi guys,

In anticipation of the long awaited sequel to Halo: Ghosts of Onyx, Halo: Glasslands by Karen Traviss, I sought out books written by Karen Traviss. Halo: Ghosts of Onyx was something akin to a spiritual awakening for me regarding the Halo universe so I needed to make sure its sequel was in the right hands.

That is when I discovered that she had written many a Gear of War novel. Since, I’ve read Aspho Fields, jacinto’s Remnant, Anvil Gate, and have the hardcover version of Coalition’s End preordered. Now that I’ve read her work I can safely summarize her artistic abilities with two words: ridiculously fantastic! She drew from the rich world of Gears and crafted a breathtaking threesome of adventures. So well realized was her story, that I felt like I really was Marcus Fenix, felt Dom’s anguish as if it was my own, and adrenaline pumped through my veins as I turned the pages with Cole Train.

With Karen Traviss is writing both Gears and Halo novels now it got me thinking. Microsoft own both of these IPs so why keep them separate?! Well of course one might assume it’d be weird trying to merge the two together, that’d it’d take some real storycrafting genius to do so. But Karen Traviss is well versed in both universes so she’s just the lady we need! Imagine if Sera was a distant colony within the Milky Way who lost connection with the rest of the galaxy due to the Locust attacks and with the covenant threat upon humanity there was just no aid available at the time.

Now that both series will have completed their trilogy this fall, it’s the perfect time to reunite the two. Karen Traviss could explain everything in a book and then eventually Microsoft can make some games where the two intersect.

Anyways, it was just an idea I had while reading the brilliant work of Karen Traviss and thinking about how Glasslands. What do you guys thing?
You have to have resonate connections for something to "reunite," something which the two franchises have in common is that they haven't been interconnected with another (on a canon level). Even then, Halo and Gears of War are great universes on their own accord and it would only spoil one another if they were to mesh.

While it may be interesting in a "Microsoft Uber Smash Broskis Melee" title, the two should stay galaxies apart when it comes down to canon.
im sorry but i cant say i would aprove that, gears has fun gameplay i will give it that, but the story (imop) is very poor and the charecters are very basic, you have your cold-hearted CO, the guy looking for his family, the winny -Yoink-, and the big black guy who dosent give a $h17 about anyhting, honestly the only charecters story i care about is carmines, but epic games decideds to kill him every time, o and sam, she looks like a badass. The story is just, ugly guys with guns coming out of the ground and killing people. Gears is not a bad game, its just its lacking something for a great game
Microsoft does not own Gears of War, so even if this were a good idea (and I don't think that it is, for a variety of reasons) it wouldn't happen.
ive always been hoaping for a microsoft super smash bros, itd would be epic... but when you think about who would be in it besidse the chief?
Traviss has already written for the Halo franchise. Granted, it's a short story in Halo: Evolutions but, nonetheless, a story.

If it makes you feel any better, though, add the Gears of War 3 storyline to the stories Karen has written because she co-authored that if I remember right, as well as the comics but this one I can't be 100% sure about. So, I have complete confidence I'll enjoy whatever she writes for this.

As for a Halo/GoW crossover... No, just no. I'd see the Halo storyline meshing with Dead Space before any other game at this point in time if only because more stuff could be easier explained through that.
I love both storylines equally but Gears just would not mesh well with Halo. Besides, the whole thing with the COG being on a planet that communications were cut with wouldn't make sense for a few reasons. I'm sure the main one being that I'm sure they wouldn't have simply been "forgotten" about even with the war between the UNSC and the Insurrectionists, with the Covenant coming in later on because even with the Covenant war, the UNSC still sent Spartans out to check already attacked planets and areas just to make sure data leading back to Earth wasn't found (Cole Protocol).

Not only that but, 343i would have to not only co-work with Epic, both would have to go through Microsoft to get the approval which, if not seen as a good enough storyline that would blow sales out of the water that both series have made so far, Microsoft wouldn't go for in fear of losing quite a bit of fanbase for both sides. That's just for if books were made. If GAMES were made, I don't want to imagine all the raging of people going back and forth about one game overpowering the other or stupid things such as not liking one franchise in first=person instead of third or vice versa.

Not trying to bash on your idea so much as I am looking at this from a logical standpoint. Again, I love both series but I couldn't see them in a crossover together.
I doubt there would ever be in a standalone game/book with Halo and Gears, but I could see Master Chief/Fenix appearing in some other game together that has various characters.
In halo 4 there was a cutscene, one explaining that the forerunner librarian had indexed humanity for repopulation after the halo rings destroyed the known galaxy of organic life.

In a sort of noah's ark kinda way, the forerunners planned to repopulate the entire galaxy with life once it was destroyed to prevent the flood from taking over.

The librarian had also explained that she and others had seen to it that humanity were to be genetically programmed to reach a conclusion, to come to an eventuality, wich meant developing similar language, tech, a.I, space travel and generally behave the same no matter where re-seeded. Humanity would always be "human-like" as we know it now. Anywhere, everywhere and forever.

Eventually the time came, all life was wiped out and the galaxy reseeded. Two sister planets were chosen, Terra (Earth) and Sera (Night, to be) both planets opposite each other in the milky-way galaxy were reseeded with human genetic material for repopulation and reclamation. One in the Alpha quadrant and One in the Delta quadrant. There are 4 quadrants, Alpha, beta, gamma, delta.

Humanity on both worlds, parallel to one another, developed rather similarly, with little or no influence, they reached the librarians proposed and planted "eventuality"

Language, tech, A.I, vehicles, fuels, fossil fuels, etc etc etc the list goes on.

Deep down inside the planet, much like on Reach and on Earth(Terra) there were hidden forerunner installations derelict underneath the rock and earth and ice and snow, in and underneath the world, a forerunner installation containing flood specimens, genetic specimens of all sorts of different animal life, alien life, and even including samples of not only flood, humans, and indegenious life but compartment/containment units for composed former living organic beings, "ghostified/composed" to be prometheans.

Niles and myrrah were the first humans along with the miners at Mt. kadar to excavate and discover the forerunner derelict installation, much like the ark back on earth or the hidden derelict beneath reach halsey studied.

Much like halsey, niles and myrrah having discovered the relic, niles invents an A.I after himself, in essence being himself. Myrrah, also having a genetic disorder similar sgt johnson, unable to be infected by the imulsion/flood.

The flood samples contained within the seran forerunner facility at some point somehow merged with the fossil fuels of the planet, seeing as how the flood incorporate and steal dna from living things they infect, they also stold genetic material from fossilized reptiles predating humanity on sera, much like earths dinosaurs, prior to the halos wiping the galaxy.

The flood spores integrated with the planets fossil fuels at level to wich the serans were unaware that the imulsion itself had become in a literal sense "flood".

The early human miners infected with the flood/imulsion experianced early mutation and lambency and gave birth to deformed, infected humans, the reptillian dna trait was inherited unto them this way.

The very same worms and trinity of worms that the locust worship as gods and their symbol is the very same, one and the same, as the hunters, the lekgolo and mekgolo. The locust being subterranean stumbled across these later on with myrrah whilst searching the derelict forerunner installation. They basically worshipped what were the hunters in their unarmored worm form, much like in halo nightfall on the halo derelict.

Myrrah, like johnson being immune, did not succumb to flood/imulsion infection. The imulsion being now a microscopic variant in liquid fossil fuel form of the usual macro-scopic infectin form of the flood spores. The locust adopted the worm lekgolo/mekgolo symbol as their religious symbol, worshipping the " hunters" as deities.

Niles now existing as an A.I much like Halseys cortana is inside Mt Kadars New Hope facility.

The forerunner installation underneath sera, much like the one on reach, harvest, earth and many many many planets scattered throughout the known galaxy/universe.

Both The cog government of sera and unsc/oni of earth have known for sometime about this discovery.

Oni discovered a portal on an asteroid TC-858, a portal through an abandoned forerunner structure wich lead the noble members into sera itself, stargate style, at Mt Kadar.

Much like the prometheans are ghostified ex-humans and ex-forerunners, and the flood ex-living hosts bow zombified basically, the locust have ex-human roots aswell being born out of mutation of flood/imulsion infected humans/sires, hence their reptillian appearance in nature.

The forerunners are responsible for the reseeding of humanity and the indegenious lifeforms.

Sera and Terra are connected by portal underground through the gateway stargate system in place in all forerunner structures. Much like the ark.

The asteroid found by oni is what led the unsc to discovering them.

This is how they crossover and connect. Under the same roof as mascots over at microsoft much like nintendos mario, zelda and cie.
There you have your explanation

I love your idea too tho, it was my first thought prior to halo 4, but then realized halo gears are so alike anyways, like they were meant to be like Aliens vs Predator or Robocop vs Terminator or Freddy vs Jason, etc
I wouldn't merge them. But I DO like Karen Traviss. She did the Republic Commando series as well, one of my favorites.