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Halo online and it's canonical relivence

OP Dirty Rascal

In spring 2015, a Russian region only beta was released for halo "online". It was designed to run well on lower-end PCs. There was no campaign mode, but the game was set on a secret UNSC space station called "Anvil" where Spartan... 4s, train together and test new technology with Thel's Elite.

most will never know of it's exsistance as it has been 🤔Suspended/ cancelled since August 2016. Innova Systems announced that Microsoft Studios still had not made a decision on the project's fate, and the game would never be released in its current form, making the project's fate uncertain. MS shut down the game's website and the page on social network

Is this things premise a part of the lore or a instance (unconnected) as it is not noted in any other aspect of halo universe and appears to be a thing no one speaks of... ever?
I think it's name gets mentioned in an official lore article or two, so it 'exists', but specifics that are not mentioned outside the game are probably not canon.
We know that a few aspects of it are canon, such as the weapon variants and the "Anvil Initiative"(and therefore the Anvil Station).