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[Locked] Halo Story and where to find it v3


One of the best things being here on these forums is having lots of people interested in the Halo lore. Though if you are new to the story and want to experience it. One thing you will notice is the lore is very spread out. And often hard to find. Making the task of seeing it all nearly impossible without a push in the right direction. Fortunately this is that push.
This is the Halo Story and Where to find it thread. This thread has a list of all Halo Media. And links where to find the canon trailers and so on. I hope this helps you all find what you are looking for. Even if you are a old fan or a new one.


Other useful stuff
Listings in this thread are in section release orders. So if your looking for canonical order or release order, I recommend using the below posts.
Normal Rules apply in this thread. If you haven't read them. Read them!
If you think this thread is missing anything then please comment or PM me, and I will update this thread if the item is reasonable.
You can find a lot of stuff on either Halo Waypoint on Xbox 360, Halo Channel on Xbox One, or even Halo Waypoint on the internet(here)

Important Note: While most if not all of the proceeding list consists of materials directly recognized by 343 Industries as canon story sources, it should not be taken as a direct statement or recognition of such by 343.(Though 343 do get the last word) This is more of a "from one die hard fan to another" labor of love. Any and all sources should be taken with the appropriate seasoning. Enjoy!

Version History: Version 1, Welcome version, Version 2
Halo: Combat Evolved
Halo 2 (PC version includes exclusive map location "Example")
-Halo 2 Multiplayer Map Pack (This has the original version of the "Another Day at the Beach" animation)
Halo 3 (+ Terminals)
Halo Wars (+ Timeline)
Halo 3: ODST (+ Sadie's Story)
Halo: Reach (+ Data Pads, + Reach Radio Transmissions)
Halo: Anniversary (+ Terminals)
Halo 4 (+ Terminals)
Halo: Spartan Ops (included with Halo 4)
Halo: Spartan Assault (+ Operation F, and Co-Op Missions)
Halo The Master Chief Collection (Has everything in Halo 1, 2, 3, 4, ODST)
Halo: Spartan Strike
Halo 5: Guardians (+ Intel)
Halo Wars 2 (+ Phoenix Logs)

Arcade machine
Halo: Fireteam Raven

Halo Wars 2: Operation Spearbreaker
Halo Wars 2: Awakening the Nightmare

Board Games:
Halo Interactive Strategy Game(Elements from it are canon)
Halo: Fleet Battles(No longer released)
Halo: Ground Command(No longer released)

Halo Waypoint (Xbox 360)
Halo Channel

Halo Recruit (Note: This is a Windows MR headset exclusive)

Game Manual Link (This has most of the Xbox and Xbox 360 Halo manuals bar a couple)
Halo 2: Conversations From the Universe
Halo 3: Bestiarum (Physical copy with H3 CE; Expanded Digital copy with H3 LE)
Halo Wars: Halo Wars: Genesis + Leader cards(Anders, Arbiter, Chieftain, Cutter, Forge, Regret)
Halo Reach: Halsey's Journal + Statue(Missing Journal Pages)
Halo 4: Infinity Briefing Packet
Halo 5: Guardians: Locke's Operation Orders + Blue Team and Osiris Dossiers
Halo: The Fall of Reach (+ ancillary materials in 2010 reissue)
Halo: The Flood (+ ancillary materials in 2010 reissue)
Halo: First Strike (+ ancillary materials in 2010 reissue)
Halo: Contact Harvest
Halo: The Cole Protocol
Halo: Ghosts of Onyx
Halo: Evolutions (short-story anthology)
-Evolutions Volume 1 and 2 have extra stories
Halo: Cryptum
Halo: Primordium
Halo: Silentium
Halo: Glasslands
Halo: The Thursday War
Halo: Mortal Dictata
Halo: Broken Circle
Halo: New Blood(+ Coda)
Halo: Hunters in the Dark
Halo: Last Light
Halo: Fractures: Extraordinary Tales from the Halo Canon
-Halo: Saint’s Testimony(In Fractures, but an E-Book also)
-Halo: Shadow of Intent(In Fratures, but an E-Book also)
Halo: Smoke and Shadow(but an E-book also)
Halo: Envoy
Halo: Retribution
Halo: Legacy of Onyx
Halo: Bad Blood
Halo: Silent Storm - A Master Chief Story

Reference Books:
Halo Wars: Prima's Official Game Guide(Character Paragraphs)
The Halo Encyclopedia(+ updated Reach content in 2011 reissue)
Halo: The Essential Visual Guide
Halo 4: The Essential Visual Guide
Halo Mythos: A guide to the story of Halo
Halo: Warfleet – An Illustrated Guide to the Spacecraft of Halo
Halo: Adult Coloring Book
Halo: Official Spartan Field Manual

The Halo Graphic Novel
Halo: Uprising
Halo: Helljumper
Halo: Bloodline (Issue Reports: Report 1, Report 2, Report 3, Report 4, Report 5)
Halo: The Fall of Reach
-Boot Camp
Halo Escalation Library Edition volume 1
-Halo: Initiation
-Halo: Escalation Volumes 1 and 2
Halo Escalation Library Edition volume 2
-Halo: Escalation Volumes 3 and 4
Halo: Tales from Slipspace
Halo: Rise of Atriox
Halo: Collateral Damage

Halo: Legends (Odd One Out is not canon)
Halo: Midnight in the Heart of Midlothian (Motion Comic)
Halo: The Mona Lisa (Motion Comic)
Halo: Headhunters (Motion Comic)
Halo: The Return (Motion Comic)
Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn (+ On Waypoint 360 is several clips that are related to this are exclusively there)
Halo: Infinity (cinematic companion piece to Halo: Spartan Ops)
Halo: Rebirth (audio epilogue to Halo: Silentium)
Halo: Nightfall (+Plus Second Stories)
Halo The Fall of Reach Animation
Halo: Collateral Damage - A Master Chief Story Hardcover - December 20, 2018
Halo: Battle Born - January 1, 2019
Halo: Lone Wolf Issue 1 - January 2, 2019
Halo: Lone Wolf Issue 2 - February 6, 2019
Halo: Renegades - February 19, 2019
Halo Omnibus Volume #2 - May 14, 2019
Halo: Lone Wolf Issue 3 - 2019
Halo: Lone Wolf Issue 4 - 2019
Halo: Lone Wolf Hardcover - 25 June 2019
Halo Infinite - Unknown date
Halo TV show - Unknown date

Halo Online (Russia Only)
Halo CE related stuff
The Defunct Timeline

Halo 2 related stuff
Halo: I Love Bees (ARG) (Original Source Defunct) (Internet Archived version)(Bruces archived version)
-I Love Bees Dana's Blog
Halo: Another Day at the Beach (Updated version on Halo Channel with the purchase of MCC)

Halo 3 related stuff
Halo: Iris (ARG) (Major Original Sources Defunct)
-The castaway theory
-Society of the Ancients
Halo: Landfall
Halo: Starry Night
Halo: Believe (A lot of info from this is found easy on Halopedia)
-Jake Courage
-Enemy Weapon
-The John 117 Monument

Halo Wars Related stuff
Halo Wars Community Site Timeline
Halo Wars Launch Site (Original Source Defunct)

Halo ODST Related stuff
Halo ODST Project Page
Halo: We Are ODST
Halo 3: ODST Pre-mission Evaluation (Original Source Defunct)
Desperate Measures Vidoc

Halo Reach Related stuff
Halo Reach Project Page
Pre-order Recon Image
Halo: Reach ONI Data Drops (original source defunct)
Halo: Birth of a Spartan
Halo: Deliver Hope
RememberReach Monument (Possibly non-canon)
Halo: Remember Reach
-Day Before
Halo: A Spartan will Rise
Defiant to the end

Halo Anniversary related stuff
Halo: Anniversary Campaign Trailer
Halo: Anniversary Terminals Sneak Peak
Halo: Living Monument

Halo 4 Related Stuff
Halo 4 Priority Transmissions (Also known as the Eleventh Hour Transmissions and original source defunct)
Halo: The Commissioning
Halo: Scanned (Semi-canon)
Xbox.Com Halo 4
Section 3 (ARG) (Only good place to find info on it is in the link)

Halo: MCC related stuff
Halo: MCC E3 trailer
Halo MCC Terminal Trailer

Halo 5: Guardians related stuff
Halo 5: Guardians - E3 Beta Trailer
Hunt the Truth Main Page
-Twitter [1][2][3][4](Season 1 Content)
-Sapien Sunrise Twitter (Season 1 Content)
-The Triad Twitter (Season 2 Content)
Hunt the Signal (Image Archive) (ARG)
Halo 5 E3 Hololens Experience
Halo 5: A Hero Falls
Halo 5: Launch TV Commercial
HCS Update - Season 2, Ep. 1(Opening only)

Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite - E3 2018 - Announcement Trailer
Reserve 1
Reserve 2