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Installation 08: An effect we haven't considered

OP Legobrick1000

In the Forerunner novels, it was explained that heavy objects moving through slipspace would slow down all other slipspace-travel: including ships and communications. This led to the Forerunners limiting slipspace travel to only Lifeworker ships during the Halos' placements - because the Halos were putting a great strain on slipspace as they moved into position.

And of course, in Halo Wars 2, we see Installation 08(formerly Installation 04C) launch - and enter slipspace, en-route to Installation 04's old location. This means that we're bound to see some travel and communication get affected - and I would be curious to see just what those effects are, and see them explored or mentioned in a novel, game, or whatever.
I don't see a single halo changing much. The reason it affected the forerunners so badly was due to multiple halos. They also had to deal with millions of warships, flood vessels, and millions of vessels evacuating worlds or providing quarantines. The sheer size of their larger vessels didn't help either, where the largest thing in the modern haloverse was High Charity and the larger Covenant carriers.
Large scale slipspace reconciliation isn't a possibility in the modern haloverse.

As stated above a three hundred year long war and later precursor physics severly hampered slipspace travel. Installation 08/04c alone isn't enough to considerably slow down travel as judging by the time it departed Installtion 00. Most of the galaxies slipspace lanes are being traversed by the Created and its Guardians. Those alone aren't enough to effect the galaxies travel on a whole, however if something was moving from the galaxy to say one of the magellanic cloud. Then slipspace travel would become more difficult as stated in Halo Silentium. The Audicity a small Forerunner ship alone was able to create a large amount of reconciliation.
As others have said, the sheer amount of slipspace travel during the time of the Forerunners is not able to be matched in current time, and there's only one ring moving now as opposed to many. Also, that ring came from the Lesser Ark so it's a lot smaller than the Greater Ark rings that were putting a major strain on the reconciliation.