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Is Halo Broken Circle by John Shirley a must read?

OP PitifulTunic767

I have been looking at forums about what order to read the Halo books in. This is the URL of the forum I have been looking at:
There are two people who have given me full lists: CIA931 and HappyPlace8166. They both say to read that book almost at the same spot but the book is suggested to be read in the middle of the war, so I am confused. Please help!
Broken Circle provides some background on the Covenant, the relationship between the Sangheilli and SanShyuum, and some additional Forerunner technology they have encountered that hasn't been depicted in Halo lore before. I'm not sure how much more I could say without getting into spoiler territory.

It's definitely worth reading if you like Halo lore, but I reserve "must read" status for the biggest game changers like the Forerunner Saga that gives us an entirely new and in-depth perspective on the Forerunners.
If you haven't read any of the books yet I'd recommend starting with Contact Harvest or The Fall of Reach. Both provide really good origin stories for the state of humanity before the covenant,and Sargeant Johnson, and also of the Spartan II's.

If you want good additional background lore, Broken Circle is pretty good as well as the Cole Protocol, but I'd wait until reading the first two books mentioned above.

The Forerunner Trilogy is informative and interesting, but also a much harder read in my opinion. Something that is worth reading at least once for all halo fans, but maybe after getting hooked into some of the other books first.

Halo Flood is literally Combat Evolved in book form. The events and the quotes are all there. Which is why I think it can be kind of boring read since you don't learn much of anything new.
If you're at all interested in Covenant lore, check Broken Circle out, assuming you've read the staples like Fall of Reach, Contact Harvest, etc., already.

If you prefer action from the UNSC side, then Broken Circle might not be for you; there's not a single human character involved.
Hey thanks for the shout out! To clarify, the way I structured that list was in a mostly chronological order. So if you are reading the lore chronologically, then you would read the first half of Broken Circle after the Forerunner Trilogy, as it takes place between that trilogy and books like Fall of Reach, Contact Harvest, etc. Then read the second half after you finish Halo 2, as that takes place during the Great Schism.

So yes, you can read it in the middle of the war (really toward the end of the war), since the second half takes place right at the end of Halo 2. The first half is directly tied into the events of the second half, so you could really just read the entire book after you finish Halo 2.
As to its must read status... it's a tough one...

Right now... i don't think I can put it in that top tier of 'you must read this to understand the lore', but it's a fantastic book and I have a sneaking suspicion given what's contained within it and Halo: Shadow of Intent that it will be more relevant to the story in the future.
I've been thinking about picking up Broken circle myself but wasn't too sure at first so instead I just read all the newer books that have been released after it.
I have read all the books before Halo Broken Circle from HappyPlace8166's list ( because I am following his ) and almost all the comments including his say I should read it so I might as well. Thanks.
P.S. I got the games covered.
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If your not gonna read it, just listen through it on YouTube / Audible . The lore is worth it. Perhaps...
The lore was definitely worth it and I loved it.