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Isabel from halo wars two is evil!!?


Okay hear me out, I believe that Isabel from halo wars 2 is actually evil or had been working for Atriox. In the cutscene where she is hacking the weapon systems of the covenant cruiser she hears the civilian voices calling out for her. She reacts disgusted and conflicted but every now and then I heard a civilians voice ask her "why Isabel" as if she was the cause of their death.

Then in the second last mission Atriox is talking to captain cutter, telling him to leave now and he won't hunt them down. However he mentions that the only reason he has gotten this far is because of betrayal? Yet nowhere in the game did he get betrayed? I think Isabel worked for Atriox and caused the colony to be destroyed somehow. Tell me I'm crazy or agree with me I really want to know this answer!!
While it is certainly a possibility I believe you are looking far to deep into this.
That is quite interesting. I thought it was strange they were calling her name at all, wasn't she just a logistics A.I? If someone was attacking my base I wouldn't be shouting for the computer program that makes sure we have a decent supply of pens and Mars bars in the staff kitchen.
I don't think Isabel would cut the Enduring Conviction in half if she was working for, Isabel is a human built A.I., she can't just 'turn on humanity' spontaneously, and Atriox isn't capable of initiating the Logic Plague, he's a smart Brute but he isn't a Gravemind.
She may be a logistics A.I. but she'd still have access to the base's defenses or at least the long range sensors, perhaps the 'why Isabel' was merely someone begging her to help them despite her being unable to. People aren't rational in death and less so when their colleagues are being mauled by Brutes.
I think her 'disgust' was at herself, for her lack of ability to protect the people she was assigned to, she was thrust into a position she wasn't ready for and couldn't handle it, thus providing her motivation for helping the Spirit of Fire after initially begging them to leave.

Atriox's later Jab at Cutter, "Hahahah, Luck! Treachery! These are the only reasons you still live Cutter!" may just be in reference to his tactics on the battlefield, or possibly to Atriox's perceived betrayal from Cutter to his crew by refusing to retreat in the face of overwhelming odds, Atriox being unaware of the fact that the crew of the Spirit of Fire is behind Cutter 100%.
It's interpretive writing, but the evidence of the character's actions and the motivations they set up are more than likely going in a different direction to what you described.
Interesting, but I really think you're diving a bit too deep into it. But, given how some of the things are getting written now-a-days story-line wise it could be a small possibility. But I wouldn't count on it.
It did sound a bit like that and I thought about it. But I think it's more like "Why Isabel? Why don't you help us?" when she really can't do anything about it. It must have hurted.
juhoxxx wrote:
It did sound a bit like that and I thought about it. But I think it's more like "Why Isabel? Why don't you help us?" when she really can't do anything about it. It must have hurted.
^^^ That is how I interpreted the "Why" line too.
This is an interesting theory, got my attention on a different view of it. It would make a possibility as why would Atriox just leave Isabel at the research building for months and then suddenly appear when the humans arrive conveniently at the same building? That being said, the Spirit of Fire and its crew appeared at the Ark on purpose, someone on the Ark brought the UNSC SoF there. Remembering the SoF removed their slip-space drive. Unless another forerunner presence or something of which was on the Ark too, seems like the Banished brought them here on purpose.

It all sounds highly reasonable and can't wait to see what comes up, however in another sight, Isabel could've probably betrayed the scientists but seeing this "error in judgement" & how courageous Cutter and his crew was could've brought her back into reality with being on the humans side again.
It sounds more like to me when watching the scene with subtitles that she is hearing the voices of people when Atriox invaded and they are being killed while calling out to her for help. She either does nothing when she could have or can do nothing and watched everyone die. She is afraid of Atriox and maybe did nothing due to fear? I am not sure, it seems like as she's shooting the beam she is afraid and is forcing herself to continue on, and remembering what happened last time. Not so much as angry and getting redemption for those lost. Not sure why an AI feels fear unless they are rampant as I thought rampancy was the only thing that allowed smart AI to feel emotions.

I mean, sure, but she was in the act of triggering thd destruction of the Banished's most important asset at the time. If she was working for them, don't you think she would have just told the SoF's crew that she couldn't do it?

More to the point, why would a UNSC smart AI ever just randomly turn against its creators, and more to the point, join the Banished? What could they possibly offer her? The only reason AIs even have to live is their sense of duty to humanity anyway.
I'm trying to figure out where the "disgusted" part comes from? Like she doesn't look disgusted, she looks like she's straining and in pain.

Isabel was doing something that she was never meant to do - she's logistics, not infiltration or combat - and it obviously required a lot of exertion on her part to do it judging by how she collapsed, flickering and "out of breath" when she was done. It probably hurt like hell, too, however an AI feels "pain." And through it all she was remembering all of the people she cared about, who died horribly because she couldn't help them the way they needed her to - using that anger and grief to keep herself focused.

I don't know where "disgust" figures in.
I think you are going to far in theory, why work for someone who killed your entire camp.