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Most beautiful places in Halo

OP Lifeworker3477

My favourites are:
1. Requiem gate
(On halo 4 level Dawn)

2. The sky box on requiem
(Halo 4 level Requiem)

3. The temples and underwater chambers
(Halo 2 level Regret)

4. The sky box of the Library
(Halo 2 sacred Icon)
High Charity, Truth and Rec( the level and the ship itself), Heretic halo 3 map, and the various levels in the Ark.
Silent Cartographer (CE) and The Covenant (H3). The H3 level was a pretty obvious homage to the CE level, and I found that the H3 version did the original proper justice. They are both so varied as well, which means multiple different beautiful sections of each map that highlighted different themes found in each of the games from open green and snowy terrain as well as Forerunner structures, both inside and out.
I would have to say ...Reach was one of the mist beautiful. Especially if you had the highlands expansion ;)
1. Everywhere in H2A.

2. That moment on Requiem with the beautiful music on the second level of Halo 4.

3. All levels on Sanghelios in Halo 5.

4. If Reach gets an X enhancement, a lot of the cutscenes have some incredible views. Over time, they start to look bad in comparison to the ones listed above, but they were so pretty when the game was new.

5. The rest because every Halo is still very pretty thanks to the incredible artists and engineers that brought their environments to life.