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Need advice on how to RP an ONI Officer/operative.

OP Globex Silenced

So, I'm a roleplayer, and i've done roleplay across text chats, games, and live action roleplaying (LARP), and i've joined a Halo text chat rp server, and my character is an ONI Officer/section 3 operative. While I've read a lot of Halo books, (23, to be exact) Read a bunch of the Halo wiki pages on ONI, and seen most of the Halo movies/series, but I'm still not confident in my ability to effectively play a spook. If any of you have advice/experience, or just want to give me your input, please feel free to reply. Constructive criticism is also helpful, and largely appreciated.
I look forward to your responses, and I thank you in advance!
Wow that sounds really cool! I'm sure some folks from the 405th could help you out with costume ideas and the like. As far as getting into character, I'd recommend watching some spy flicks. They don't even have to be Halo or sci-fi related. Just enough to get you in the mindset of a spy.

The first Mission Impossible movie might be a good place to start. Some of the best spy movies are ones where you don't know who the spy (or double agent) is until the big reveal at the end. That's kinda what makes playing a spy tricky. You basically are pretending to not be a spy while also being a spy lol.
The Departed might make for a good movie for this. Any FBI and CIA movies