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OP GrimBrother One

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Hey everyone! Welcome to the Official Canon Fodder Community Q&A Submission Thread. This thread will be where we will be pulling the questions from for future Community Q&A segments, so make sure you ask away! Obviously for many reasons, we can't answer everything (or anywhere near it most likely), but fire away and you might just get lucky :-)

A couple of ground rules:

- Make ONE post per user
- Include up to THREE questions per post

This will help us work through all the choices and figure out the best questions to answer. Keep in mind that while it might not necessarily be the question you want answered, you all will be getting some cool bits of info just the same.

Without further ado, FIRE AT WILL!

(poor Will)

Will we see Gray Team again?

Will we see the Poseidon-class light carrier and Vindication-class light battleship outside of Halo 4's level Midnight? They have a cool design and I'd lot to see more of them in future media and games.

Will the Mega Bloks Quad Walker and Siege Bike appear in more media then just the Mega Bloks line? The Kestrel is appearing in Spartan Strike and they look like awesome vehicles to have in games!
Where did Jerrod go from Ghosts of Onyx to Glasslands?

What really happened to Team Saber?
What is the current or last known status of Offensive Bias?
Can a Gravemind act independent from the Flood collective intelligence?
Where is the Pioneer Ship Audacity?
What exactly was humanity's technological evolution in the 21st and 22nd centuries militaristic wise?

What are the statuses of Jun-A266, The Rookie, and Talitha Macer?

How was the smart AI Deep Winter able to stay active for 14 years, double the time it takes for smart AIs to become rampant?
How tall is spartan Locke before and after his augmentations?
How big were the ancient humans on average (height/weight)?
Did the ancient humans have soldiers that were considered somewhat equal to the Forerunner's Prometheans (strength, speed, durability, intelligence, etc..)?
- Possibility of any new information regarding the home worlds of various covenant species?

We seem to have quite a bit of information regarding human and forerunner locations, but so little with covenant worlds. Especially the native side of each species. We've only really seen the covenant and military side of each species.

- Also what is the current status of Lydus and his clan?

- Are there Unggoy, Lekgolo, and possibly Kig-Yar within the Swords of Sanghelios?

1. Do any Banshee variants possess energy shielding of their own, or are they all equally vulnerable? (Banshee question, Grim will most definitely answer it)

2. Has the UNSC discovered any ancient human ruins yet as of 2557? Surely there must be some traces left.

3. Can you provide an official name for the monitor (designation beginning with 16807) of Installation 06?
1. What happened to Endurance of Will, specifically leading up to and after Master Chief's arrival and the UrDidact's release?

2. Cortana experimented with crossing plasma and MAC technology in First Strike with extremely effective results, has the UNSC researched this further, perhaps implementing such technology on Infinity?

3. I loved how Hunters in the Dark introduced a few cut creatures to the lore, can we assume that most cut creatures are actually canon, even though they have not technically appeared in the lore?
Were the Armiger variants encountered in Halo: Hunters in the Dark Soldier variants, or were they a completely different variant?

During the events of Halo 3, why didn't the Gravemind send flood forces from High Charity to infect Earth before it entered slipspace to travel to the Ark?

Is Mjolnir Mark VII armor apart of the GEN1 armor platform or is it apart of the GEN2 armor platform?
1. What type of government did the Prehistoric humans have?

2. Has the Strident class Frigate replaced the other Human Frigate classes seen in service during the Human-Covenant War?

3. How many Human colony survived the Human-Covenant war?
1. Can you disclose the status of the crew on the Spirit of Fire? (Or Will. We want to know what happened to him after we fired at him.)

2. Did Katana also go down, like Saber?

3. Can you tell us more about the Insurrectionists?
1 - To what extent were the Sangheili "heretical/disloyal/untrustworthy" in the final years of the Human-Covenant war, in terms of what was actually being said within the Sangheili populace (Qualitative nature) and the relative numbers of dissent (Quantitative nature), including the rate of growth of this dissent?

Supporting information::
2 - What is the extent of human xenophobia towards alien species post-Halo 3 and what is the UNSC doing to combat it given that it is trying to engage in productive relations with Sanghelios? If there is no anti-xenophobia strategy, then how does the UNSC deal with that whilst trying to engage with members of the interstellar community in a productive and meaningful way to avoid the exclusion and isolation of the human race?
3 - How does the average intelligence of 2552 humans compare to that of the other Covenant species during the same time period?
Revised 25/04/2015 for round three.

This post has been hidden.

1. Could we get more information regarding Human civilian life and culture?

2. Is Gray team coming back soon (within 2015 or 2016) in games or any other type of media?

3. Are the last very few forerunners, that left the galaxy after the rings fired, currently thriving in a different part of the universe with a new forerunner faction?
Updated as of 9/27

What was the standard issue body armor for the ODST's during the Human-Covenant war? The one seen in Halo 2A, 3, or Reach?

How many Spartan II's were there in total during the Human-Covenant war?

Who is the dead ODST found on the level gravemind in Halo 3? What is his story and how did he end up on high charity?
I like where this is headed. That being said…
  • Can you share any specifics on the outcome of the Ealen IV peace conferences?
  • Were the weathered stone structures on Installation 05 created by pre-activation Forerunners?
  • As of 2558, what are the statuses of Lucy and Tom?
-What is the name of the class which the UNSC Heart of Midlothian and UNSC Iroquois belong to?

-Do you have any information on Forthencho’s flagship like size, name, class or the like?

-What happened at the end to Soren-66?


-Has the UNSC conducted more research on Heian?

-What class does the UNSC Musashi or the UNSC Atlas belong to?

-What is the size of the D81-LRT Condor?
How does energy shielding function to protect the user from damage?

How does Halo Online fit in with the canon?

Can a huragok manufacture ammunition on the spot given materials (to make new magazines and forerunner battery things?
-please pretend this post and my second post in this thread don't exist, thanks-
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