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  1. UNSC Infinity is designated simply as a "starship" in most entries while Halo: Starscope more specifically suggests that she is a "battlecruiser." Which of the two designations should be regarded as canon?
  2. Despite their small size, UNSC frigates have been noted to launch and recover Longsword fighters that consume up a considerable amount of space even aboard cruisers like Pillar of Autumn. Is this a simple error from a time when the Halo universe was in its infancy or are frigates such as Commonwealth and Forward Unto Dawn truly capable of operating these gigantic strike fighters/interceptors.
  3. What missions do the seafaring vessels of the UNSC Navy fulfill?
What was the big, unknown Covenant ship that the Pillar of Autumn encountered during her brief fight at the end of the Fall of Reach?

What happened to Colonel Urban Holland and Auntie Dot following the Fall of Reach?

What's the location for the multiplayer map/War Games simulation "Snowbound" in Halo 3?
Updated again.

Are any Locusts or Vampires still being used post human-covenant war?

Since the Covenant war ended, have any Unggoy been enlisted into the UNSC/Swords of Sanghelios to work alongside Humans/Elites?

What scale was the covenant/promethean invasion on New Phoenix seen in Spartan Strike? Maintained within a small area around the ONI facility, or a full blown city-wide invasion?
1. How did Cortana modify Chief's armor between 2552 and 2557?

2. What is the canonical design of the Charon Frigate? The one featured in Halo 3, or Halo 4?

3. How did Riser know Chakas would be composed in Primordium?
What were the stats of the former pride of the UNSC the UNSC Battle of Trafalgar?
Who is the interrogator seen in Halo 4's prologue that was noted by Halsey as, "The other's before you were ONI. But you are something else..."?
What is the current status Spartan Grey team?
1) What alien species crashed their ship onto Halo Installation-04. I am talking about the ship seen in one of the Halo: CE Anniversary terminals.

2) Why does Spartan Commander Sarah Palmer seem to have a complete disdain for Dr. Halsey?

3) Can you please clarify the Ur-Didact's statement from Halo 4 terminals where he tells one of his Promethean warriors that the Composer does not work on his "new" form.
Alright, I've been wanting to do this :)

ok, my three questions are as followed:

In nightfall...

1. We're the lekgolo on that halo fragment part of the covenant or were they one of the specimens in the ring?

2. Were they eating the humans or just killing them, I.e. Chewing and spitting them out offscreen?

3. Why didn't agent Locke just kill that elite? Did he have orders to take him alive?
What is the status of the marine known as Chips Dubbo?

Are ONI agents Mason Hundley and Jordan Gaines still alive?

Are the MA5B, BR55, and M90 shotgun still in service as of 2558?
1) Has humanity (either modern or ancient) ever encountered the Sharquoi and if so when and under what circumstance?

2) What is the current status of Cassandra-075 as of 2558?

3) What percentage of the Sangheili population is even aware of humanity's true heritage as reclaimers as of 2558 and how has this affected the campaign against the Arbiter by the Servants of Abiding Truth.
1) When will Spartan Strike be released?

2) Please provide all known data as to the current status of the Forerunner known as Bornstellar Makes Eternal Lasting (AKA The Iso-Didact).

3) How many Forerunner survived the firing of the Halo Array?
1) How capable is the Swords of Sanghelios' military, with respect to its fleet and it's ability to maintain/produce ships.
2) Is Jul's covenant remnant merely acting as guerrillas with smaller operations, or do they pose significant threat both military and politically.
3) Has ONI's plan to backstab the Arbiter succeeded or is Thel aware of their attempts at destabilizing the Sangheili.
-Was Blue Team with the Master Chief at the time that he disappeared?

-Why wasn't Naomie on operation Red Flag?
-What is the current status of Spartan Strike, and is there any plans to re-announce a release date anytime soon?

-Are there any other known vassal species to the Covenant?

-Where is Orkid?
Updated 2/7/2016:

1. What is Hocus's real name?

2. What are the noms de guerre of some of the ODST divisions other than the 105th?

3. Halo: Evolutions claims that two of Preston Cole’s great-grandfathers served in the Rainforest Wars, a conflict that occurred three centuries before his birth. Might they have actually fought in the elusive Inner Colony Wars mentioned in “Second Sunrise over New Mombasa”?
1. During the Battle of Earth in late 2552, what variant of MJOLNIR was Will-043 using while Fred and Linda were using their respective variants of Centurion and Argus?

2. As of July 21st, 2557, what are the biological ages of Linda-058, Kelly-087, Frederic-104 and John-117?

3. Why is Jun-A266 retired from combat (for now, at least?)
1. Since they apparently have the firepower to "force premature stellar collapse", could you possibly give us statistics on the offensive and defensive capabilities of a Fortress-class warship? Possibly also even things like maximum firing range, sensors, hull yield and tensile strength, shield strength, four-dimensional attacks (à la The Culture's Gridfire) etc.?

2. What is the official colour of the Epoloch system's star seen in Halo 4 and 3? It is shown as being a blue-white colour in Halo 4's campaign as well as Halo 3's ending, yet yellow-orange in Spartan Ops.

3. Can any Forerunner/Ancient Humanity/Ancient San'Shyuum ships, vehicles, combat skins, weapons or even mega structures physically achieve Faster-Than-Light travel out of Slipspace, similar to how Installation 05's communication systems surprisingly can - If so, could you name a few?
  1. What is the Armor Linda-058 is wearing in Escalation and H2A terminal
  2. how are Spartans rated for leadership roles
  3. is the asymmetrical action Group still active
Edited: 03/18/2015
1. Who were Spartan Teams Gauntlet, Red, and Echo (mentioned in Halo Reach)? Spartan-III teams like Nobel?

2. Most of the Spartan-IIIs of Gamma Company were off planet when Onyx was "activated". What were those off-planet Spartans up to?

3. What is the status of Team Katana?
-Will Spartans ever be able to requisition the DMR Concrete or BR Blast from the armory?

-Will we ever get to pilot the UH-114 Falcon or newer variant again?

-Since the Spirit of Fire has been mentioned in Halo Escalation, will we see the return Douglas, Alice and Jerome?
-will they bring back UNSC/ONI air craft(Falcon, Hornet)?
-will the Brutes and their tech come back to the games?
-what are the new weapons/ vehicles/tech in the up coming halo games?
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