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1. Biko was glassed during the Human-Covenant War. Yet it appears to be recolonized again in Hunt the Truth. What's the story behind that?

2. Is the AI Assembly still canon?

3. There is a discrepancy on how the Pillar of Autumn encounters Halo in "The Flood" and "The Fall of Reach". Can you clear this up?
1. Will you be utilizing any more "blog" type advertising such as HUNT the TRUTH for future HALO games? Those recordings do an excellent job of making the series seem a little more realistic and help expand upon the story in a positive and fresh way

2. Will we see more of the surviving SPARTAN IIs in the series?

3. Will the Arbiter take a backseat in future games despite him being a very influential character in the second and third installments?
  1. Is Hunt the truth taking place at the same time as escalation or is there a time gap?
  2. Is there any Infinity class warships in the making, or is infinity the only one.
Can we get a clarification on the number of Cat-2 S-III teams active since Alpha Company went active?
How did Halsey escape the slipspace containment field that contained the dyson sphere on Onyx.
1. First off, do SPARTAN IIs, or other iterations, require the need for food and, sequentially, the excretion of waste? If so, how are MJOLNIR suits equipped to handle this?

2. How are Forerunner names (ex. Shadow-of-Sundered-Star, First-Light-Weaves-Living-Song, Chant-to-Green, etc.) determined (as in first, middle, and last names, if any)?

3. What are the specifics of the Composer's effects on the Ur-Didact?
1. Where is Gray Team, and what role will they have in the future?
2. And what happened to the Spirit of Fire's crew?
please ignore
  1. What, if any survived, happened to the Councilors? Were they integrated into Swords of Sanghelios, if so how?
  2. What is the current status of Installation 05 in terms of the Flood outbreak and UNSC presence?
  3. Who monitors and maintains protocol on Installation 05 after 2401 Pentiment Tangent was captured by the flood?
One detail has been bugging me recently.

At the end of Halo 3, Forward Unto Dawn was sheared in half as the portal to Voi collapsed. According to 343 Guilty Spark, the Ark is 2^18 (262,000) light years from the galactic center. The Milky Way itself is only 120,000 (approx) light years across. Given the ark is 2x Milky Ways away from the galactic core, how did MC and Cortana manage to float their way back into the galaxy in 4 years?

And just for the hell of it:
Is there any art of Margaret Parangosky, possibly my favourite ONI character ever!
1. Because of their intense mutual dislike, because her mother didn't want her to use her birth name for her career, and because she felt her mother was responsible for her recommendation to ONI, I can't help but ask: is Dr. Ellen Anders the daughter of Margaret Parangosky?

2. What is the designation of the Covenant burst artillery used during the Second Battle of Requiem?

3. What is the designation of the Covenant "megaturret" used during the Battle of Arcadia?
The only thing I want to know (and i'm dead serious) is that after the storyline in the ODST Audio Logs, did Sadie go back and rescue Jonas (the kebab guy) as she promised to?
1. Where are the other two Orbital Elevators located on Earth?

2. Before Induction into the Covenant Fringe had the Yonhet expanded outside of their Solar System?

3. What kind, if any, mainline warships did the Insurrection have aside from UNSC stolen or civilian converted.
1. Is a Huragok susceptible to Flood infection?
2. Rather than composing (digitizing) lifeforms to create soldiers, why don’t the Forerunners use AIs (ancillas)?
1: Is the general public aware of the Spartan 3s?
2: Was there more Spartans then Blue team and master chief defending Earth during the Covenant invasion in 2552?
3:How many illegal Human colonies are the UNSC/ONI aware of?
Is it true......the information i heard..... That you need to be ready to say goodbye to Master Chief, all the adventures, places and feelings we felt along the amazing journey that was are Halo. All the battles we fought, and them hard missions on Legendary where you died so many times you felt like throwing your controller (i know i did). And the worst bit is that when we have to say goodbye to Master Chief, we actually play as Locke, pulling the trigger with Master Chief's helmet removed. And the future talk of the 343 Halo's next title is being discussed and the main 1's being mentioned are Halo:Reborn or Halo:Locke's Journey, so the future of Halo we will be playing as Locke and not as Master Chief. I feel terrible if this is true as i have enjoyed the emotion, passion and companionship i had with my own journey with Master Chief. But if it is i pray that when we have to pull the trigger on Master Chief it is quick........
At the beginning of Halo 3 ODST, a Covenant ship enters slipspace within the city and everything is hit with a giant shockwave and it's generally considered to be a god-awful decision to make slipspace jumps in atmosphere. So how come in the last mission, covenant cruisers are jumping in from slipspace with no problems? Is it only entering slipspace that causes a problem, and not leaving it?
1. What is the service number of Office of Naval Intelligence, Senior Communications Director Michael "Sully" Sullivan?

2. Will Warzone feature any story elements like Spartan Ops or is it strictly just "simulations" for PvPvE purposes?

3. Can you give any hints as to where Spartan Kojo "Romeo" Agu ended up?
In Halo: Hunters in the Dark, it mentions that the Forward Unto Dawn was the only UNSC ship to travel to the Ark in 2552. What about the Aegis Fate, which is present on the Ark in the Halo 3 map 'Sandtrap'?
How does a female Sangheili's voice sound like? Is it not heard yet or is it close to the "Female" voice option in Halo3?
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