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OP GrimBrother One

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- What happened to the UNSC Aegis Fate during and after the Battle of Installation 00?

- Does Jul 'Mdama's faction have any refit-battle stations, like the Unyielding Hierophant, or a mobile capital city like High Charity?

- (I don't know if this has been answered yet but) What was the name of the ship that crash-landed on Installation 04 in a terminal on Halo; Anniversary, and to what species did it belong?
-Does the MA5D have different Magazines Sizes cause Halo 5 has a 36 Round Magazine.
- Is the GEN2 Rogue armor in a similar position to GEN2 Commando, in that it shares only the name and is produced by a different manufacturer, or is it a heavily changed upgrade from the Mark VI Rogue?
KeelahQuib wrote:
One detail has been bugging me recently.

At the end of Halo 3, Forward Unto Dawn was sheared in half as the portal to Voi collapsed. According to 343 Guilty Spark, the Ark is 2^18 (262,000) light years from the galactic center. The Milky Way itself is only 120,000 (approx) light years across. Given the ark is 2x Milky Ways away from the galactic core, how did MC and Cortana manage to float their way back into the galaxy in 4 years?

And just for the hell of it:
Is there any art of Margaret Parangosky, possibly my favourite ONI character ever!
I can answer this for ya.

The Forward Unto Dawn made it through a quite a bit of the portal intact. But, when the portal couldn't sustain itself any longer, it tore the aft section (With Chief and Cortana) off, while the front part (Arby's part) managed to narrowly escape the closing slipspace vacuum back to Earth, I believe. I hope this clarifies this!
What happened to the Covenant destroyer that intercepted the Spirit of Fire at the end of Halo Wars? It carried Regret, but we never saw what happened to it after the Spirit's crew managed to defend the ship.

Is the CPV-class still being used in Mdama's or Vadam's fleets? If yes, which roles does it cover?
1: If the Flood is not in Halo 5's campaign then is it possible to see them return through DLC for Warzone and if not will they ever reappear?

2: How customizable is Warzone? Can we expect other variants than Core Defense and Tug of War, maybe CTF or Assault?

3: Will we ever see the Brutes and Drones again, either in Halo 5 or future Halo's?
-The Pillar of Autumn was given rebirth as the flagship of the Autumn class of cruisers. Will we see the In Amber Clad and Forward Unto Dawn make returns as the flagships of new UNSC Frigates, or just names reborn for special cases?

-Why was the Hornet nor Falcon added to Warzone? The lack of UNSC aircraft since Halo: Reach is getting ridiculous, and for us crazy fliers...we're kinda sick of the damn banshee guys, no offence.

-Will Anders ever return? She's one of my favorite characters, and I'd love to see her return to help Infinity out in the science department.
(Please ignore any prior posts I have made in this thread, I wish this to be anew. Thanks.)

-What is the designation for the Covenant drop pods used during Halo: Reach (The multi-troop ones) and Halo 2-3 (The single-occupant ones)

-What is the designation for the Spartan Assault machine pistol (automatic pistol)

-Was the Rhino tank specifically designed from the ground-up to be a platform for the Zeus cannon, or was it originally a conventional self-propelled artillery unit chosen to host the Zeus prototype? What was the designation for the Zeus cannon, for that matter? The Zeus cannon appears to have very little operational difficulty in Halo Wars, why was it's legacy never seen again, despite it's astounding success? Were all the prototypes and data/ schematics destroyed, was it deemed too costly or was it simply put on the backburner in favour of energy shielding and other technologies in the war?
Are John's parents still alive?
Will his search to be more human include finding out more about his past?
If his parents are still alive, is it possible he finds them (or vice versa)?
BaconShelf wrote:
-What is the designation for the Covenant drop pods used during Halo: Reach (The multi-troop ones) and Halo 2-3 (The single-occupant ones)
In Halo 2 and Halo 3 we see the Orbital Insertion Pod and Halo: Reach showed the Heavy Orbital Insertion Pod.

-What is the designation for the Spartan Assault machine pistol (automatic pistol)The M6 Machine Pistol is seen in Spartan Assault's simulators.
Are there any other species that rejected Covenant membership and were subsequently exterminated?
With the reveal of the new Forerunner character "Warden Eternal, Keeper of the Domain," I think lots of people have been wondering who he is, and what role he's going to play in Halo 5. I had a theory that the Warden is actually Bornstellar Makes Eternal Lasting, due to the names matching up.
What are the service tags and respected companies of SPARTAN-III headhunters Roland and Jonah?
1- the domain clearly didn't dissapear after the halos fired on the milky way, is this because it is like a gigantic network? i mean does it reach even beyond path kethona for example?
2-what happened to the star roads at path kethona, were they used by the flood in the war against forerunners, or did they stay there?
3-did the halo that was pointing toward path kethona during the fight at the greater ark actually reach it?
I represent the acclaimed Halo space mod for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion called Sins of the Prophets and we have three very urgent questions:

  • What is the class (CCS,CRS etc.) of the Covenant Battleship seen in Halo Wars: Genesis?
  • What is the class (CCS,CRS etc.) of the Covenant Super-Cruiser seen in Halo: Fall of Reach?
  • What is the class (Paris, Marathon etc.) of the UNSC Super-Carrier seen in Halo: Fall of Reach?
What happened to Glory of a Far Dawn and Splendid Dust of Ancient Suns after the events of Halo: Cryptum?
What happened to the remaining NOVA bombs on Reach. One made it aboard a Covenant Ship and was activated. But there were multiple on the planet?
Is the HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL Mark II (the mech seen on the map Adrift) in use by 2558?
What happened to Rtas Vadum? /Why havent we seen or heard mention of him in all the time we've spent in vadam and on sanghelios and with the arbiter? He seemed like a pretty important dude when we last saw him. And he said "home" was where he was going to go next...

Can the huragok function in zero atmosphere conditions? Wouldnt their gas bladders explode? Or at the very least, violently empty of their contents?

What kinds of utensils do the different races of the covenant use to eat their food? I think all we've ever heard of is like eating with just hands... But it just seems odd how humanity evolved with at least two distinct utensil systems (chopstocks + fork/knife/spoon obv)
But the 5 semi humanoid races of the covenant didnt come up with anything.
How did Spartan Black Team get off of Line Installation 1-4?
Who is the captain of the ONI Prowler Alladin, from Spartan OPs and what is his background?
What is the current status of the planet Ganymede?
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