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  1. how are Spartans rated for leadership roles
  2. is the asymmetrical action Group still active
  3. status of James- 005 and Cassandra- 075
1. Do the Swords of Sanghelios, as well as the Arbiter, still consider the Forerunners to be gods?

2. Delta Halo was interrupted before it could fire, and as such, all of the Halos were moved to a standby status where they could be fired from the Ark. However, the Ark was destroyed. Are the remaining Halos still active?

3. Is the color of Locke's armor symbolic?
1. How come Master Chief doesn't change his armor color to blue, even though he's the leader of Blue Team?
2. Have there been any war movies made in-universe about the Human-Covenant War? Or books written, video games made, etc?
Thel 'Lodamee is actually one of my favourite Sangheili characters, having gone toe-to-toe with many Spartans (and even managing to kill one), he is definitely seen as a ruthless Covenant commander. Ever since his appearance in Halo Legends: The Package, I always wondered what happened to him since those events. So my questions are:

1. What did ever happened to Thel 'Lodamee of the Third Fleet of Glorious Consequence?

2. Was Thel 'Lodamee in fact made an Arbiter?

3. If Thel 'Lodamee survived the war, did he side with Thel 'Vadam, Jul 'Mdama, or maybe perhaps is a part of another Covenant remnant faction (even creating his own)?
My first question: What is the current status of the Servants of Abiding Truth after the failed Siege of Vadam Keep? We know that Avu Med 'Telcam has now a military base on New Llanelli and took Jul 'Mdama's son Dural as his student. But we never receive any other information on the status of this religious rebel moment.

My second question: What happened to Thel 'Lodamee after OPERATION: WARM BLANKET? Supreme Commander Luro 'Taralumee hinted out that his failure to stop the Master Chief would be death or becoming an Arbiter.

My last question: What made Baron 'Sraom's as one of the bosses of the Warzone simulation? Was he a brilliant military tactician like Re'gish Wamik or was he more trecherous and ruthless like Rho 'Barutamee?
What is the current status of SPECWAR\Group Three commander Colonel Urban Holland?

Are any elements of SPECWAR\Group Three still active?

As SPECWAR\Group Three was a UNSC Army unit, were there any parallell units operating under other branches (e.g. Navy, Air Force).
1. How many classes of Spartan IVs have there been (We know of the First and Second classes)
2. Did the Spartan branch recruit Locke or did he enlist by himself
3. Does the UNSC have plans to make any more INFINITY class ships
Over the course of Spartan Ops, we become familiar with Spartans Jared Miller, Robert Dalton, and Carmichael, who serve in non-combat roles, Miller and Carmichael are missions handlers, whilst Dalton seems to be some form of logistics personnel. We also see Miller wearing a full suit of MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/Recruit when he appears in the corner of your visor. These things leave me quite a few questions.

1. Do all SPARTAN-IV teams have mission handlers and assigned logistic personnel?
2. Do they ever go on combat deployments as Spartans, and if not, why are they given augmentations and MJOLNIR armor?
3. Are all personnel in the Spartan Branch augmented as Spartans?

This is more of a request than a question. I'd like to see a Universe post about Miller or Dalton, simply to explain why they're in the branch in the first place.
As is my mission on these forums to get more lore on the Brutes, all my questions will be based on The Brutes.

  1. During the events of Halo Wars, there was a Brute known to us only as "Army Commander". What was The Army Commander's real name?
  2. Does Lydus' faction of Brutes have a name?
  3. Was the Army Commander in the Halo 2A terminal video #12 the same Army Commander that was seen in Halo Wars?
What SPARTAN-II teams were Jorge-052 and Randall-037 on, prior to being assigned to NOBLE Team and becoming MIA, respectively? does GEN2 Mjolnir work? I got myself in an argument Here about how Gen2 mjolnir according to the GI special seems to put Spartan II's and spartan IV's on the same level in spite of the latter being less augmented. Is it a matter of a human limit being reached? Better tech? Worse tech? The crystal layer being dumped for something different? Plot reasons?

In other words if we put a Spartan-II and a Spartan-IV in gen 2 armor which one is superior to the other phisically and why/how? Do the Spartan II Augmentations make any performance difference while wearing a mjolnir gen 2 armor?
If both a Spartan IV and Spartan II fought both in MJOLNIR GEN2 armor the Spartan II would win due to better training and augmentations. The MJOLNIR GEN2 bring the Spartan IVs on par with a Spartan II in first generation MJOLNIR.
  1. Why are Covenant CCS Battlecruisers flipped between white and purple color schemes? (This has made painting my Halo Fleet battles set confusing)
  2. What are the small ships (the silver ones with red engine baffling and a triangular shape) flying with the Marathon Cruiser in the H2A cutscene right after the chief says I need a weapon on Cairo Station?
  3. Is the Covenant ship that had a new super weapon that sunk to the ocean floor of Beta Gabriel going to be retconed as the Covenant Sniper ship that the Autumn took down in the fall of reach book?
Thank you for your time!
Lore091 wrote:
2. Delta Halo was interrupted before it could fire, and as such, all of the Halos were moved to a standby status where they could be fired from the Ark. However, the Ark was destroyed. Are the remaining Halos still active?
Is Master Chief's armor in Halo 5 the same suit he received on Cairo Station upgraded to GEN2 specifications or a completely new suit?
  1. Will Thel Vadam be a major character in the upcoming Halo 5?
  2. Since Thel Vadam, Jul Mdama, and Swords of Sanghelios members will be present in Halo 5, can we expect to be able to play as Sangheili again in Multiplayer? (Please)
3. The ongoing Sangheili community on Waypoint, Twitter, and Facebook has been patiently waiting for their wishes to be heard or fulfilled. With a mega thread of 535 pages, and counting, we obviously care much about Halo 5 attracting the biggest fandom it can. Many are skipping Halo 5 and the Xbox One because Sangheili will not be playable fully. Is there anyway that 343 plans to bring back the Sangheili community, and hundreds of others, so that 343 becomes the next Gaming Superpower, perhaps a last second inclusion of Sangheili in Matchmaking, a Swords of Sanghelios campaign, or even a message to the Sangheili community to soothe our tension? (If a message, please post on the Sangheili mega thread on Waypoint)
Thank you so much for your time!
  1. How has the death of Cortana affected the mental stability of the Master Chief?
  2. Does Admiral Hood play a role in Halo 5?
  3. What are the Brutes up to?
what the update on the halo tv show?
In The Fall of Reach, The Commonwealth's Captain, Halsey Naysayer, says the ship can travel 80,000,000 KM in an hour. Which means it can travel over 20,000 km/s. Later a Pelican carrying the chief is able to launch him at the Unrelenting, traveling at a speed of nearly 30,000 km/s, he barely reaches the hull with his fellow spartans. How exactly did the UNSC manage to engage Covenant ships with 30km/s rounds, when they themselves travel two orders of magnitude faster than their ship killing rounds? Or should this be viewed as an error?
1. As Thel 'Vadam killed any Spartans when he was with the Covenant directly? I.E. hand to hand combat.

2. What are the confirmed height and weight of each member of Fireteam Osiris?

3. "Out of the suits, most Spartan-IVs wouldn’t stand a chance against a Spartan-II". This is a quote from The July 2015 game informer article. Is Fireteam Osiris the one Spartan IV's teams that can actually stand a chance against a Spartan-II out of armor?
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