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-Can we ever expect to see more light shed on Spartan Green team?

-What is the status of the Sangheili known as Veer?

-What is the status of the Kig-Yar known as Chol Von and what of her intentions to create a united kig-Yar navy?

Thank you for your time.
What's the Great Knowledge? Halo Mortal Dictata

What's the Great Light? Halo SIlentium

Was the Domain destroyed 100.000 years ago with the Flood? Halo Silentium
M0aHerder wrote:
1. What happened to Endurance of Will, specifically leading up to and after Master Chief's arrival and the UrDidact's release?

2. Can you say anything at all about the Spirit of Fire and its current status?

3. Did any Moa survive the invasion of Reach?
The planet got glassed... unless their DNA is off planet or something. Then I suppose the species survived.
Ok, sorry, questions!!
In Halo Reach Halsey isn't meant to know of the Spartan III's, but she speaks to Noble team as if she knows them well. In the books she learns about them after Reach has been glassed, and the Spartan III's are meant to be kids, anyway. Noble Team looked much more mature, but were not Spartan II's.
Seconding another question on this thread, what exactly is a Spartan IV? What augmentations, if any, do they receive?

Have you got any more information of Forerunner government structure? Is a Master Builder elected, earned, influenced by nepotism?
What is the status of most Lekgolos and Yanme'es post-war (aside from those who stood with their commander) ?

Are most of the Covenant colonies left without informations regarding the end of the war, or does the Swords of Sanghelios or another group made efforts to rebuild the network ?

Can we expect more informations about 1st, 2nd and 4th gens of AI ?
One question

Could the devices used during the Forerunner mutation process be used to change a subjects species? Drastically, not just a minor visual change.
Updated on 08/10/2015
1. What is the fastest Civilian vehicle in Halo
2. Do humans still race with cars(or in any way at all) in the future.
3. Why does the Pioneer helmet have a visor in Halo 4. But the Visor is removed in Halo 5.
Updated for the next Q&A:
1. How many gigatons of TNT does the kinetic energy of the UNSC Infinity's CR-03, Series 8 MAC deliver?

2. Did Ripa 'Moramee's Arbiter armor have energy shielding or was it bullet proof?

3. What is the name of the Spartan-IV we play as in Halo: Spartan Strike and what is the name of the Headhunter that he or she took the place of?
- According to the Data Drops, one side of the planet wasn't aware that Reach was under attack until the 30th of August. We already know that ONI is able to manipolate information (see Second Sunrise over Mombasa) but how did they manage to keep that secret for so long?

- In her journal, Halsey mentions that one day it will be possibile to resurrect previously dead Spartans. Is this something that the UNSC/ONI eventually did? That would explain the odd number of Spartans who fought at Reach...

(I realize both questions are the result of huge retcons that helped Fall of Reach fit with the remaining canon, and that probably there isn't a plausible explanation, but I would love to see Grim try to answer that! :D)
1. Will you, or have you considered using the same sprint mechanics as Evolve?
  1. Where is ViolentOrkid?
  2. Will we see Sec3OP36516 again?
IGM David wrote:
1. Will you, or have you considered using the same sprint mechanics as Evolve?
Please ask Halo canon related questions please. This is for canon fodder not the community update.
1)The High Prophet of Regret used to travel along with the Sangheili during the human covenant war. How do Sangheili that follow the ancient Sangheili religion (like Jul's group) , follow covenant ideals (Like 'Taralumee's group) or have abandoned their faith (like Thel) view Lod Mron in 2558?

2)Covenant ships use a 3 letter ship classification system. In a previous Q&A we learned of the letters O, R and S but we still do not know what letters C, D, P, V, A, CC, DD, or other unknown letters stand for, as well as what ship classes, outside cruisers and supercarriers, the covies use in their native ship classification system. We also do not know what the the difference between different letter order means,like RCS and CRS. Can you provide further clarification?

3)Regarding Sangheili names and language there appears to be some sort of discrepancy. While we see names like 'Barutam, Vadam, Malurok, Qikost, Urs, Karava, Lodam, QezoY'asabu, Uztet'sKelln, Khael'mothka, Saepon'kal, Parg Vol the rest of the language behaves completely differently. The ssound l is rare and ', p, th, ph, q, st, rd, qt, thk, c, v and the am, ai, ei sounds and combinations of sounds are non existent. In addition while names usually bear single vowels most Sangheili words bear long vowels (ah, aa, ee, eh, oo, oh, uh) eg: kaboonzaywah, noh, kohkoh, Dohmayinn, koore, koocha, wohchita, gahkaboonoh, etc. Furthermore ah and aa, uh and uu are synonymous while sounds like ay are pronounced differently in halo 4 and differently in halo 5's covenant prayers. Ay being pronounced as a-y/ai in halo 4 and as ey in halo 5. In short why is there such a great contradiction between Sangheili names (personal, local, planetary) and the rest of the language? Is it because of the UNSC's transliteration efforts?
Well... um. I'm not too sure if this fits the bill, but... here goes:

-What's in a name? What made '117' the winning number?

This probably more so development more than canon, but... everyone else is asking great questions themsleves, and it wouldn't be much of a contribution if I quoted seventeen posts and said 'This. This. And this. Anthisandthisandthisandthis..."
Hey everyone! Next week's Canon Fodder will feature a Q&A session similar to the one found in Canon Fodder: Feet First. This thread will be where we are pulling the questions from, so make sure you ask away! Obviously for many reasons, we can't answer everything (or anywhere near it most likely), but fire away and you might just get lucky :-)

A couple of ground rules:

- Make ONE post per user
- Include up to THREE questions per post

This will help us work through all the choices and figure out the best questions to answer. Keep in mind that while it might not necessarily be the question you want answered, you all will be getting some cool bits of info just the same.

Without further ado, FIRE AT WILL!

(poor Will)

1st Question: What happened to Spartan Team Grey and its members.

2nd Question: What happened to Olivia, Mark and Ash after Onyx, it says they're KIA, but what happened?

3rd Question: What class of ships are currently being used by Jul Mdama's Covenant?
is there a way at all for cortana to be fixed?
What happened to Buck and his team after odst?
How did the didact survive composing.
Please fans. Dont ask questions that do not relate to the Halo Universe.
Why did 343 Guilty Spark say to Master Chief, "You ARE forerunner", in Halo 3 if it's now been revealed through Halo 4 that forerunners and ancient humans are different?

Why did the look of Master Chief's armor get a complete overhaul in Halo 4 without any sort of explanation?(I've heard the nano-bot theory, but that doesn't explain why he still has the gash in his chestpiece)

Delta Halo already had a containment breach long before the events of Halo 2, along with enough sentient life and biological mass present to create enough flood to produce a gravemind. Where did all of that life come from? Is there any truth to the theory that Spirit of Fire crash landed on Delta Halo and caused that mess?
What class of ship was the Covenant ship that the Pillar of Autumn destroyed in orbit over Reach?

What Monitor was on the human photos mentioned at the end of The Return?

What happened the Fleet of Particular Justice after Thel was made an Arbiter?
1. What is the status of Spartan Grey Team?

2. Who or what was in the sarcophagus that crash landed on installation 04?

3. What is the name of Spartan Locke's armor variant?
1. What is the current status of Forerunner Contender-Class Ancilla designated 05-032 Mendicant Bias?

2. Where did the E3 trailer take place?

3. How does the rating system of Forerunner Combat Skins work? What exactly determines the rating of a combat skin or analogue (like Mjolnir Armor) on the 1 to 18 scale used by 343 Guilty Spark and Terminals aboard Installation 00?
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