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What is the designation/name of the Contender-class ancilla that served as custodian of the Absolute Record?
  • What are those new Covenant/Sangheili ships in H5? They weren't even mentioned in game, so I was hoping for some extra info on them. They're gorgeous!
  • When does Halo Wars 2 take place? Before, during, or after H5?
  • Will we ever see that "classic" (ew) Elite combat harness again, or are they too rare and difficult to come by for them to see widespread deployment?
(First a serious question and a fun one)
- Where there any human weapon or vehicles designs used during the human-covenant war that where lost due to factories being destroyed and entire planets being glassed?
- If the Halo franchise could crossover with another game franchise what would it be? :P
1. How many human colonies are left from the Human-Covenant war?
2.Is there another Reach like colony still out there?
3.How many Orbital Defense Platforms were destroyed during the battle of Earth or was it just Athens and Malta destroyed?
Another colony´s like Reach?
Was Kelly always Australian/British?

When did the Librarian die?

How old is Buck?
Kelly isn't brattish, she just has an English accent.
What's the identity of the Sangheili Field Marshall that served during the battle of Reach (seen in Halo: Reach)?
- Continuation of the first question: From the lone wolf cutscene, there was a Field Marshall that covered the screen during Spartan-B312's death. Was this the same Field Marshall seen during the Pillar of Autumn/across Reach?

What are the differences between the light MAC, Heavy MAC and Super MAC, and specifically what is the difference between an Epoch's light MAC and a Frigate's light MAC? I've been wondering this since I've played Halo: Fleet Battles.
that is not the same field marshal as the one in Pillar of Autumn, you kill that one just before you get on the MAC gun
Ok so I was watching the cutscenes for halo reach, and I saw that bad -Yoink- one were the elite zealots get the jump on noble team (really loved that cutscene btw)and I see that they take quite a few shots with no problem, and I remembered that in the books elites did go down to like 3 shots, which is way less than what this guys were taking, so

- I wonder if elite shield strength is based on rank or armor?

Also does high charity has energy shields?
if you remember, in the sword base cusscene Spartan B312 informs halsey that the elite's shield strength matches that of zealots
Grey team went MIA I'm pretty sure but we should be able to see them again it would rlly spice things up
What's the story on what happened to the rest of the SIII?
1) According to official lore, the MA37 Assault rifle is known as the "MA5" by the Naval services. Since there's no letter at the end of the designation denoting its variant, is the MA37 the original "base model" of the MA5 series? Like a sort of MA5A?

2) Also, will there be a trial for alien war criminals from the Human-Covenant War?
What is the name and identity of the mysterious UNSC Navy Captain from The Fall of Reach who administers part of John-117's MJOLNIR Mk. V test on August 29, 2552?
WARNING: Shadow of Intent spoilers below:

Its stated that the High Charity defense fleet's most powerful vessels were two CAS-class assault carriers in it, and yet in H2A we see at least 4 and at the end of First Strike its stated there were dozens of supercarriers at its core. So how many (CAS/ CSO) were in the fleet?

SoI is stated to be the last CAS-class in service to the Sangheili fleet, and yet in The Return the Shipmaster and the Fleet of Righteous Vigilance has an assault carrier in it. Is that Shipmaster in service to the Swords of Sanghelios? What's his name?
Can we get an elaboration in the Logic Plague?
Also, how does the Domain exist in Halo 5, if it was destroyed/locked out in the Forerunner saga?
What happened in the gap between the 24th Issue of Escalation and Halo 5? (Was not very well explained with the absolute record etc)
What became of the Song of Retribution and the Breath of Annihilation? (did not make an appearance in H5)
How did Blue Team and Osiris return to Sangheilios, and where did they get a Pelican?

It is said that only two CAS Assault Carriers fought in the Battle of High Charity. Yet High Charity's defense fleet had many Assault Carriers, and even CSO Supercarriers. Were the bulk of these forces fighting in the Battle over Installation 05? Or were they all destroyed by the time Commander Rtas Vadumee had arrived at the battle?

What are the weapons of High Charity? Does it have anything of more firepower than even a CSO's energy projector?
1) How did Blue Team and Team Osiris get back to Sangheilios from Genesis?

2) When is the next time we will encounter Rtas and his Grunt-hulk Stolt?

3) What is Grim's favorite helmet of choice?
Why doesn't Lasky mention Installation 07 along with 03 and 05 in Halo 4, since it takes place in 2557 and 07 was discovered by the UNSC in 2555?
1- Will we we ever meet the Keymind for the first time?

2- Is the UNSC Hornet/Falcon ever going to make a return to multiplayer matchmaking?

3- Will "John-117" accept Cortana's path of everlasting peace, and let mankind fall. Or will he make his last stand for mankind, and defeat his only A.I. friend?
  1. Did Will 043 receive Gen 2 armour along with Fred 104 and Linda 058 when they returned to Earth.
  2. Do the UNSC still use the prototype MK1, MK2 and MK3 MJOLNIR armour for any form of combat or general military use.
  3. What Halo ring is Raid on Apex 7 based on.
Thanks for considering my questions.
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