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Playing/Reading/Watching Order?

OP LocalPenguin

Good afternoon fellow Spartans!
Before Infinite, I wish to go through the entire Halo timeline again. Everything.
Now, It has been a while since I did it last and I must admit to being a little rusty on my chronology. Most I am fine with but there have been a lot of books and other media released since and so some help would be greatly appreciated.
I have looked online but an up to date, exhaustive list doesn't appear to exist?
If any of you good folks could compile a list (or point me in the direction of an existing list) that includes all games, shows, books etc in chronological order I would be incredibly grateful :D
Im pretty sure there's a thread here called "The Halo Lore And Where To Find It", which might be of some help.
Also check Halopedia, I think they have a page devoted to all the Halo media in existence.
To know the Lore is to know Halo
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Here's a list here on the site of everything up to Halo 3, and here's a list of everything from Halo 4 onwards, that should help you. Good luck on the long journey and massive undertaking.
Wow, thanks everyone! Some great lists here, exactly what I was after :D Thanks again.