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Pre-2015 Halo Universe Articles


This thread is a list of Pre-2015 universe articles. It was created so everyone can see the content that is either no longer available, or is only available through searching deep on the 360 version of Halo Waypoint. I can only hope that you all can enjoy this content, as I did locating many of it.

  • As this was made using the internet archive, the article format might be varied throughout so there is a slim chance some pages might not load correctly on your device.
  • This thread is not complete, there is many articles or content that simply cant be found in any internet archive. I am working on a better way, but at the moment there is some gaps items not linked.
Game story section

Halo: Combat Evolved
Halo 2
  • The Story - Part 1
  • The Story - Part 2
  • The Story - Part 3
Halo 3
  • The Story - Part 1
  • The Story - Part 2
  • The Story - Part 3
Halo Legends Art Section

Halo Legends: Concept Art
Halo Legends: "Homecoming"
Halo Legends: "Odd One Out"
Halo Legends: "Prototype"
Halo Legends: Sketchbook Redux(Missing)
  • "The Babysitter" Art
  • "The Duel" Art
  • "The Package" Art 1
  • "The Package" Art 2
  • "The Babysitter" Guide
  • "The Duel" Guide
  • "The Package"Episode Guide
Halo 4 Intel

This post is going over the internet archive of the Halo 4 Intel, otherwise known as the Halo 4 Interactive Guide. While the Interactive guide is no longer working in the internet archive sadly only allowing the intro to work. Here is links to areas you can get to see the text versions of them.
*Not technically part of the original guide but the information in it is the ingame map descriptions.
Wow, this is incredible. Major props to getting this all together - I honestly had forgotten about all this stuff until you mentioned where it was from. Glad it could be rescued and wasn't lost forever.
I second the above, as usual cia thanks for archiving all this fantastic info. Really great stuff :)