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Welcome current operatives and potential new recruits.

This is the brand new operation center for Section 3 TOTS operations. Here you can find resources you can use to help complete these missions. As well as follow current developments in the current operations.

I hope to see as many operatives and recruits try to solve the "puzzles" supplied by the handlers we have so you can get practice yourselves. As often the best way to progress is to look back regardless of if it was already done.

We do ask if you do go onto Mibbit or some other places to discuss operations that you use or make your account name from this site obvious, as it helps us keep track of who is who and ensures we don't encounter identification errors between operators.

Good luck everyone.
Section 3 TOTS archival expert CIA391.(To be a Master of Unicorns one must be a Master of Secrets)

Current Resources
Section 3 TOTS Mibbit chat (This is one of the more widely used locations to discuss with other Section 3 Operatives)
Coding Resources (Use these resources to help crack some puzzles, but note not all puzzles may be solved though these)
Archive of stuff from previous operations (This is an archive of stuff from previous operations and may be good to reference if you want a recap)

Welcome Operatives to the first operational update. Dubbed 001. These are what we will use to keep up to date on everything that has happened. Note stuff may change and due to that its worth it to be vigilant while looking at old posts.

1. We were given two tweets from the Phyl Godce account. One directed at OpToasty.
stale cookies are stale.
@MrToasty Do you smell burning Toast? Or is that just me in the shadows...
2. Our commander posted a thread named Eating stale cookies during a firefight. This is where our operation is currently at. Currently the following has been said. Translated for convenience.
/Post 1
/Post 2
As Yanumas is now upon us (as it always is, somewhere), I wanted to take a moment and remember the fallen. Let's observe a minute of silence...
Very well. Now, I have a matter of unresolved cookie baking, which must be finally concluded. The main question I have at this time for you, is:
Have you ever played "Where is HydrAi?"
I always ask this of all my OPs. I just like the sound of it.
In either case, it is a fond game from my youth, and I have a feeling we will all be playing it soon. But fear not, OPs, it is just in the spirit of Yanudarity, and Yanuflection, not due to any sort of emergent-cai.
/Post 3
In the beginning, hiding was useful. You would find a secluded spot, dive in and wait for the threat to pass. Recently, all this changed.
/Post 4
What would you do/ if I sang out a bit.\r\n\r\n
/Post 5
Hello, OPKetu. You are correct, cookies are owed. Sadly, baking sessions were made impossible previously, due to an unfortunate... incident.

Makeup cookie, incoming...
/Post 6
OPToast, the most important aspect to remember in a firefight, is to not lose your temper. Don't let that water get to 100 degrees, keep your cool, OPToast.
/Post 7
/End File/
Welcome Operatives to the second operational update. Dubbed 002. This is the catch up update to catch loose ends that were missed in the last update. But all relate anyway.

1. On Monday and Tuesday member4243 joined the IRC/Discord. This is Sec3OP36516. The most notable stuff he said was
10:52: member4243: Greetings, OPs
10:53: member4243: It has been some time. Apologies as our previous mission was put on ice unexpectedly. But I am glad to find you all well and active.
10:53: Sepheus: I was worried that you had come to harm.
10:54: member4243: Sadly, it was not I who was harmed.
11:16: Calliber: So, where we at?
11:17: member4243: We have two cookie flavors this time, sadly with limited supply of both.
12:01: member4243: OPs, please avoid any joins from close facsimiles. 4242 != 4243 We may need to establish a new confirmation protocol.
12:10: member4243: I should let you OPs in on pertinent intel, but I cannot transmit it openly. Please hold.
09:35: member4243: BTW, OPS, it looks like we may be receiving some tactical support. Be on the lookout, vigilant but wary.
Wednesday 01:14: member4243: It appears that tactical is running into some unexpected contretemps. They've tightened security around the primary comms perimeter, and operating in the shade makes things... interesting.
2. Well it turned out that Phyl Godce tweeted again the following with a image.
Our new @TacticOpTeamSupport OP arrived Tues. One comms handle different colour than the rest of the metadata. Next day leaks access, towed to permaban. Bad post in transfer, going to take at least a parsec to fix. I brought in new to avoid a multi-dra. Wth. What's my recourse?
3. This lead us to an "accidentally banned" Waypoint account ama666e73724e76. This accounts name is "amasafeai". And before it was banned it posted 1 post. This section will be updated once its translated.
Title: Here to ONLY help.
tantum ingeniis excellentissima (Only geniuses)
/End File/
Welcome Operatives to the third operational update. Dubbed 003.

1. On the IRC our handler gave us a few codes that ultimately lead us to this result. This was a push for a missed puzzle.
Our helper AI can help you for Level 3, but unfortunately it is locked until you complete Level 2.
2. This lead us to go back to a previous puzzle we partially solved. And got us a link "". This gave us a file. "ei1gb2fi3gb4gi5bz6ca7cz.nuf". Which translated to Level 10.png, or Level 2.png.

3. Two users xesued and dobits entered and gave us a pastepin link.

4. Here is minor story. Member4243 gave us.
I once knew an AI which OD'd at facility #62
Too much data.
I would give anything to go back and be able to undo that memory.
Wait, or was it #66...
Well, it was around there somewhere
Things could have been so much clearer if it hadn't been for that eccess data
In more irrelevant news, it seems that an excess of cs in eccess may lead to a lack of xs in excess. I really should activate a spell AI overseer, but I tend to be wary of those types of helpers.
Checksums can be some fun. Not like that poor AI I mentioned. So tragic. Hope none of you OPs has a data OD problem like that! Hmm, if I could only remember the facility number... 65? Ugh!
It was definitely facility #66! I think. Oh if only I could go back in time and prevent that data OD at that facility...
Sure, there were always issues at facilities 0-15, but honestly, nothing that couldn't be fix by simple staff replacements.
I just can't remember if it was #64 or #65... Was one of those. So tragic.
Overflow Data is a serious problem. The struggle is real. Don't you sometimes wish you could just *delete mistakes in your past?
If I could, I would just, make that OD disappear. As if it had never been there in the first place.
4. Using the file from the from above a image was recovered. This was an violet orchid with hydras in it. This eventually got us this hydrAItoasty hidden in the pixels at the bottom of each hydra.

5. Eventually the AI ama666e73724e76 posted again. Linky. This gave us 10 attempts to enter the passcode.
0 attempts detected. Self destruction countdown starting... 10
6. ama posted again. Linky. Paired this with a twitter hint. We got.
Incorrect entry. Time penalty applied. 8...
7.Our commander then posted in the Cookies thread again.
Great work so far, OPs!
A new package has arrived, but it may require some AI help, maybe quite a bit. Do be careful, OPs.

BTW, If you need a passkey reminder, here is one I like to use:
/End File/