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Shadows of Reach book

OP BeastSprayz

So I recently was reading forum posts and watching videos on the new Shadows of Reach book and was wondering what lore you guys are wanting to see from it in particular. For me, I’d like to see:
  1. A discussion of Blue Team’s GEN3 armour,
  2. The team’s thoughts on Cortana,
  3. Some elements left over on Reach from the battle (something like Six’s helmet maybe) that happened approximately 7 years ago from when the book is set,
  4. Lastly, an overview from Blue Team on how the affairs in the galaxy are.
But those are only my thoughts and I want to hear what all you guys think.
Any and (preferably) all of these points would be great to see covered.
Point 2 holds the most interest to me. The relationship between John and Cortana is probably my favourite part of Halo's narrative.
Knowing what the rest of Blue Team think would be fantastic. What do they think of her? What do they think of Chief and her? How far would they go help Chief get her back?
All questions I'd love to see answered.
Given the premise of the book as having a fairly straight forward retrieval mission with a twist that the team has to get through an alien faction to retrieve whatever it is they need, there appears to be plenty of room for discussion and dialogue between the characters. I hope the book won't become a repetitive chase of MacGuffins. Like "we gotta go here to get X, and then X will help us get Y, which will lead us to Z". If that happens, there won't be much room for the team to discuss their thoughts on Cortana and the state of the galaxy, which are things I also want to see.