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Still haven't found Hunt the Truth cameo in Halo 5

OP Locco Nova

I've played through the campaign twice and still have not seen or heard the rumored Hunt the Truth character cameo. Has anyone found anything? And please, no speculation. I'm looking for a solid answer. Thanks.
I'm looking around as well and yet, nothing.
I didn't even know there was supposed to be a Hunt the Truth character cameo.
A character from Hunt the Truth?
I've found plenty of Escalation references
The only reference I'm aware of is the achievement for finding all Intel.
There was supposed to be one and I was dissapointed not founding anyone from the HTT. It seems 343 heavily cut stuff out of the campaign and maybe the cameo was cut too.
I suspect the cameos, if any, are in the madness of the final scene with the AI going over to Cortana - there are a gazillion voices going off in the background, and it is more than possible that one of the voices is a character from Hunt the Truth. Having found all the intel, I don't recall anything there, and none of the other interactions you can have during the non-combat missions appear to cover it either (although more than possible that I've missed one). If anyone does find it, I look forward to positively identifying it (and no doubt watching it on Youtube).
If there is one, maybe you have to set the IWHBYD skull to active to hear it in a piece of dialogue or something like that.