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Tell Us About Your Spartan

OP Sergeant Novak

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Update: 12/23/14 Extended Duty

Who is your Spartan and what makes him/her stand out? Their intellect, boldness, bravery, or pure spirit? In this thread, write who your Spartan is and how they came to be. It can be from fan-fiction or your own overwhelming imagination. An order that I prefer you write it in would be along the lines of this:


Service #:


Primary Military Specialization:

Enlistment Date:




Birth Date:




Spartan's choice of equipment:

Some of your Spartans previous engagements:

Current Operation:

Notable Relations:

*New* Service Commendations:

*New* UNSC Tenure/Years of active duty:

*New* Letters of recommendation from previous commanders:

P(MOS) has just been re-worded to "Military Specialization" This is for better clarity and fits with Halo 4 coming out. Hope this helps. You do not need to stick with the 8 they had mentioned, you can invent your own spec if you wish.

So, without further ado, you can describe your fictional Spartan. Thank you for contributing to this thread if you have posted. I would really like to know who your Spartan really is.

Update: Due to new options being added for detail please use bold on the questions. For example: Name: John. If you're still confused look at the options of detail examples above this part of the post. Also, every detail is pretty much optional. Thanks.

Sangheili Template (This is only a default template, you can change the layout to fit what suits you.)

WHO IS YOUR SANGHEILI? What makes them special?





Current location:



Birth date:

Intel on Performance:


Choice of Equipment:

Previous Ops:

Current Op:

Notable Relations:

*New* Service Commendations:

*New* Covenant/Other faction Tenure:

*New* Accounts of recommendations of previous commanders:
Name: Darius
Service Number: S-523
Primary Military Specialization: Grenadier
Enlistment Date: CLASSIFIED

Gender: M
Birthplace: Victoria
Birth date: May 12, 2543


S-523 is a very skilled soldier at keeping control and clearing out compromised areas. He takes on his objectives in very creative ways and can sometimes let us questions some of his methods. Although these "Methods" have worked very well, none of which were taught in basic training that's for sure.

Comments: S-523 is not the one for words; very quiet. His actions and gestures do a lot of his talking in non-battle situations. S-523 goes by a nickname of "Cerberus" by his fellow squad mates and has drawn what appears to be Canine teeth on the mouth of his helmet. Modification of the equitment led him to have psych exam. They found out that he likes to have a creative out lit like drawing to get out some things of his mind. He coops with stress with doing artistic things. He is allowed to do this ONLY on his spare time which is hard to have due to this civil war.

Notes: S-523 is a character from my fan-fiction and possibly maybe a Machinima: "Sigma Illuminous" and it takes place in 2567.

Choice of equipment: Grenade launcher, Assault Rifle and the armor protocol override to do evasive rolls(evade).

Previous Engagements: Records will be added soon.
I forgot to say that you have to add your Name and Service Number. I would of edited my post but, for some reason I can't.
Name: Seth Griffin
Rank: Brigadier
Service #: S-001
(P)MOS: 75Z

Gender: M

Spartan S-001 was the first Spartan and took part in the SPARTAN I Project. He specializes in several Military Occupations including specialties in all forms of tech and tech repair, complete human and covenant weapons specialist, and vehicular specialty, but main specialties are tech and aviation. Because of his main specialties, he has earned the titles "Sparks" and "Swift". He is the governments best kept secret, but his past is a secret to the government. His ability in battle surpasses all other Spartans including Sierra-117.

Comments: Seth is outspoken. He is always willing to take chances and easily persuades others to take those chances with him with his extreme sense of charisma. He is always the first to lunge into battle and never with a clear plan of attack, a real "spray and pray" kind of style. Seth fights with hidden vengeance to avenge his parents brutal massacres so many years before. When Seth is not in battle, he finds that flirting with one of his teammates and taking a flight in a Falcon tends to calm himself down. One unique characteristic about him is that his weapons of choice, are weapons that he tells the government are family heirlooms from the 18th century, but has more background and secrets behind it. These weapons include platinum bladed katanas, multi-barrel flintlock rifles and pistols, throwing knives, and a staff with a crystal at one end and a pop-out blade at the other.

Notes: This is based off the main character of a book series I am writing called the Seth Griffin Chronicles which takes place throughout a time period that lasts over 600 years and includes elements from the Halo Universe, the Fable series, and a book series called the The Heir Trilogy.
old post but im gonna write my spartan down anyways =)

Name: Paul
Service Number: P-515
(P)MOS: 150D
Enlistment Date:CLASSIFIED

Birthplace: England/Earth
Birth Date: October 1st 2541

Performance: P-515 has show great skill when it comes to using assault rifles and DMR's but what's most interesting and slightly concerning is that his skill when using covenant weapons, His interest in the covenant weapons must be linked to "obsession" to advanced technology. When it comes to being in a team, P-515 would rather follow orders than been the one giving the orders due to been a team person, helping his group out whenever possible.

Comments: P-515 is known to actually reload a covenant weapon in his report to ONI he claimed he watched an Elite reload the weapon then obviously took the alien down, due to his liking towards both human and covenant weapons P-515 tends to do weapon maintenance for his team ( when he has been enlisted to one ) in past reports the team leaders explain after P-515 has done maintenance, the teams combat efficiency has increased.

NOTES: P-515 is my spartan who I created back when I first started playing reach and after I saw all the helmets on halopedia;player=Paul515storm <-- thats him.
Name: Linda
Service number: 058
Unit: NavSpecWarCOM/NavSpecWep SPARTAN-II Blue Team
Enlistment Date: 2517
Location: Onyx Shield World
Birthplace: [CLASSFIED]
Birth Date: 2511

S058 is an exceptional sniper. A lone wolf, she dosen't speak a lot more than her targets on the scope.


Name: [Classified]
Service Number: S-D008
Enlistment Date: [Classified]
Birthplace: [Unknown]
Birth Date: [Classified]

Skilled at vehicular combat and closer range infantry engagements. Amazing pilot. Delta company was trained in a low budget environment, so as with the others, he can manipulate computer systems without the use of AI, and frequently takes enemy resources, vehicles, and weapons. Many times while still in use by the enemy. Has limited ability at stealth, sooner or later, everyone blows up or eats some lead. Probably fired from their own weapons too.

Very budget efficient. Wide skillset also allows for minimum deployment of friendlies to assist. Operates under callsign DFANG, a reference to an earlier op. Is good as a lone wolf or within a team. Tends to chatter excessively in a team, either mission related assists or mission related jokes. Very good tactician, generally works best under pressure or in the middle of combat. Long term major attack plans, not so much. Very good eyes. Can spot virtually anything without the use of additional technology. Once again, very budget efficient. However, generally doesn't let on that he's spotted some unseen danger, simply uses friendlies to bait or lure out that danger so he "can confirm that it wasn't a false alarm". Not that he's ever spotted something that was one. We choose to ignore this, since he's always in the best position possible to rescue his bait. Generally performs poorly on escort or hostage rescue operations.

[Classified] means [I don't know]
I'm liking these spartans guys, nice back story. Thank you too Paul for bringing this thread back from the long and forgotten. I hope more people post.
I'm liking these spartans guys, nice back story. Thank you too Paul for bringing this thread back from the long and forgotten. I hope more people post.
hey no problem, I like the idea and thought id get involved lol
Name: Ronnie
Service Number: E-243
Unit: (I have no idea lol, I don't know what it means)
(P)MOS: 567Y
Enlistment Date: Classified
Location: Classified

Gender: Male
Birthplace: New Alexandria, Reach
Birth Date: 2532

Performance: In battle E-243 would be able to take down a zealot. His military prowess proved very helpful in the war against the Covenant. He was very skilled with the shotgun and other close range weaponry.

Comments: E-243 was stationed on Reach when the Covenant attacked it. Like all of the other spartans besides S-117. He was killed defending a Pelican rescuing civillians. His peers highly respected him in war and out of war.

Notes: I got this guy from my crazy imagination :P Sorry if it's a little plain.
Name: Kieran
Service Number: S-512
Unit: S-III
Enlistment Date: CLASSIFIED
Location: Jovian Moons

Gender: M
Birthplace: Utgard, Harvest
Birth Date: OIctober 31, 2544

A very skilled sniper, S-512 is used on ground reconnaissance missions or to provide long range cover to friendly UNSC forces. He does not work in a team, but in a pair with S-567. They have a combined body count of 1,856. The pair have being known to slip into a heavily fortified enemy position, cause havok and get out again prior to an assault on many occasions.

Although it is not mentioned in any battle reports, one marine seargent has made a claim that S-512 once sniped two elite zealots with one round from over 2 kilometers away. The zealots were about to lead a covenant charge into the marine's platoon. After the death of their leaders the grunts and jackals scattered, easy pickings for the platoon. The seargent says that if S-512 hadn;t intervened then he would not be alive to thank him.
Name: Thomas

Service Number: V707


Enlistment Date: CLASSIFIED



Gender: M

Birthplace: Earth



707 is a excellent soldier. His tactics are unorthodox and downright insane at times. Keeps mouth shut. Has very little to no regard for his own life. He has compiled an exemplary combat record with Team Valkyrie during its tour of duty in the Orion System. He has no real weapon preference, but seems to do best with the BR55. Keep this soldier where he is. He seems to be doing just fine. Rating: Super-Lethal


707 is a lone wolf. We've seen this before, but 707 has acomplished the feat of being a lone wolf and yet being the leader of a team. In basic training he demonstrated his proficiency with the BR55. He can walk up to a Brute without being noticed, slit its throat, and drag away the corpse before the sentries can react. Sometimes I think 707 can do anything.
I thought of this Spartan while writing a fanfic. He's kind of based off of me, except my name isn't Thomas.
Spartan 1337 (lol)

Mos: Bomber Man (again lol)

. Destroyed 500 covenant ships just by staring at them

. wiped out algolis (it really wasnt the self destruct from the prototype, i just burped)

.This is why they call me 1337.
Spartan 1337 (lol)

Mos: Bomber Man (again lol)

. Destroyed 500 covenant ships just by staring at them

. wiped out algolis (it really wasnt the self destruct from the prototype, i just burped)

.This is why they call me 1337.
That is interesting. Is your spartan a people person?
Service Tag: Tyler-049

Full Name: Tyler Richards

Unit: SPARTAN II Unit Gold Team

MOS: Spec Ops and Assault, also the leader of ONI's private Spartan clean-up crew

Location: MIA on Reach

Gender: Male

Birthplace: Harvest

Armor Configuration:

Helmet: Pilot Tier 3

Right Shoulder: Commando

Left Shoulder: Commando

Knee Guards: Grenadier

Visor: Stealth Assault, tinted Black.

Utility: UA/Chobham

Wrist: Tactical/TacPad

Weapons of choice: Standard issue Combat Knife, Silenced Magnum, Silenced Assault Rifle, and Silenced BR55

Birth Date: 3/16/2511

Performance: Quiet and Deadly, highly dangerous and effective

Comments: Cunning and ruthless, shows absolutely no mercy to Insurrectionists or Covenant, often killing them even when surrendering, sometimes at the objection of the rest of his team. If his acts of horror ever made it out to the public (Which they won't), there would be heavy sympathy for the Insurrection.

Notes: Him and 5 other Spartan candidates underwent different augmentations, and also never underwent other augmentations, such as their absolute obedience and suppressed sexuality drives. A few years later, they went "missing" during a training exercise, then taken to ONI Sword Base, where they were outfitted with MJOLNIR Stealth/Assault Combat Armor. Believed to have a slightly sexual relationship with another Spartan shortly after the augmentation process, although it is currently unknown as to who it was/is. Went MIA on Reach, along with the rest of his team.

I have another guy I like, but this is just a one Spartan thing.
&amp;gt; Sierra 200, Etienne
&amp;gt; Petty Officer First Class

&amp;gt; Full Name:
Elias, Etienne
&amp;gt; Service #: S-200

&amp;gt; (P)MOS: S3
&amp;gt; Enlistment Date: 2537
&amp;gt; Location: CLASSIFIED

&amp;gt; Gender:
&amp;gt; Birthplace: Paris, France, Earth
&amp;gt; Birth Date: 08/24/2531

&amp;gt; Performance: The only word I can describe S-200 accurately is "obsessed". S-200 has shown signs of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in his day-to-day duties. During one observation, S-200 displayed meticulous attention to detail cleaning, assembling, and re-assembling the entire arsenal his unit was assigned with; all 100 individual ordnance. Upon further observation, S-200 has shown that he pays attention to every single detail, again, obsessively. The littlest thing his fellow Spartans missed, S-200 picked up. Field reports reveal that this attention to detail has saved S-200 and Chevalier Team countless times. Although, further observation is suggested.

&amp;gt; Notes: None available at this time.
Name: Damon Tarasja волк (Volk)
Service #: S- 233
(P)MOS: 343T
Enlistment Date: U/N
Location: U/N
Gender: M
Birthplace: Sinijska
Performance:Well known pilot under service of the UNSC group CTM. Skilled piloting with: UH-144 Falcon, Type-26 Ground Support Aircraft (Covenant Banshee), Type-27 XMF or commonly known as Banshee Inceptor (Air sealed &amp; used for space battles) and last but not least with two variants of Pelicans (Dropship 77-Troop Carrier &amp; Dropship 77 Heavy-Troop Carrier/Infantry).

He's Longsword were wounded during the Battle of Reach. He landed inside of one of Covenant CCS-Battlecruisers*. He fought against Covenant troops in the hall (most of them were Sangheili Rangers) and planted one Shiva-Class Nuclear Missile and escaped with one remaining Banshee Inceptors to nearest UNSC Strongholm later known as Planet Epsilon.
(*The battlecruiser's name was: Purity of Spirit.)
(PoS was destroyded by planted missile &amp; Damon lost his right arm during the fight against Covenant forces in PoS.)

Notes: Capable to survive even hardest situations, but that doesn't mean that he would be capable of survive impossible missions. Hes best skills are indeed with piloting, he isn't made to killing dozens of enemies. Loves to use pistol and grenade launcher. Even when he destroyded PoS was succesful and he managed to escape alive from all that, he done it for his live.
He isn't as selfsacrificing as many other Spartans. No, he values himself more than anything else, but that doesn't mean that he wouldn't care about his squadmates. Shows some sympathy for rebels, keeping eye on him...
Name: Robert
Service #: 028
Unit: UNSC Navy, Special Forces, SPARTAN-II, Gold Team
(P)MOS: Reconnaissance, Infiltration, Close Quarters Combat
Enlistment Date: 24th September 2517
Gender: M
Birthplace: Scyllion, Charybdis IX
Birth Date: 18th March 2511

Early in his training Robert displayed an inherent competitive streak, however understood that to accomplish victory, it often required the coordination and success of his team. Therefore he fell naturally suited to the role of reconnaissance. Despite the worst conditions, it was said that Robert never gave up. Through the Spartan Program he became an exceptional marksman, and by the end of the Human-Covenant War gained distinction as a brilliant tactician, both on and off of the battlefield.

Although Robert barely survived the augmentation processes of the Spartan Program, it granted him a haunting status amongst those who he fought alongside in the UNSC. Returning from death thanks to the expertise of Halsey and her scientists had resulted in an "indestructable" image that would become the motif of his military career.

Info lifted straight from the HaloFanon wikia where I write at haha.
Name: Nienna [redacted]
Gender: Female
Service Number: S-377
Unit: UNSC, Special Forces, SPARTAN-III, Headhunter Team Sigma
(P)MOS: 313X
Enlistment Date:
Location: [unknown]

Birthplace: Earth
Birthdate: October 21, 2533


Highly skilled at infiltration, data analysis and gifted with her strategic understanding of enemy tactics, and planning, S-377 works flawlessly with her headhunter partner S348 with a match percentage of 83.77%. Her strengths include close quarters combat and is considered more 'creative' in completing her missions. Her ability to work intuitively with her partner have elevated them to near mythical status within the Headhunter squads. Her weaknesses have been reported as core mental instability, high levels of positive and negative verbal/physical outbursts, lack of control of emotions when under stress.


Has been noted as having innate bipolar instabilities; has been reported as the most emotional SPARTAN-III. Barrack rumor has it that she has a tendency towards violent outbursts, a notable amount of sexual behavior (for a SPARTAN) and has been formally cautioned for drinking alcohol following the completion of a mission in which she worked with Lima Team, an ODST shadow squad.


A gifted but highly volatile individual, strong minded with a burning desire to get the job done. Can be prone to out bursts under pressure. Rating: LETHAL.
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