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Tell Us About Your Spartan

OP Sergeant Novak

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Name: Lars C. Samson
Service #: H267
Unit: Spartan IV
Primary Military Specialization: [CLASSIFIED]
Enlistment Date: 2558
Location: UNSC Infinity
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Aegis II, Solear
Birth Date: 2537, August 05
Performance: Exceeds Average Skill levels
Comments: we are unsure what to say about this Spartan IV, We will need time to confirm his Rating in due time before we launch Mission: Installation.
NOTES: Has interest in "Hyper-Lethal" Spartans, can use all weapons scavenged and UNSC.
choice of equipment: Standard issue weapons
previous engagements: N/A
Current Operation: N/A
Notable Relations: Confirming before Mission: Installation
Service Commendations: N/A
UNSC Tenure/Years of service: Currently active
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informacion de este sujeto desconocida o clasificada
informacion de este sujeto desconocida o clasificada
tienes que usar el inglés porque algunas personas no entienden lo que dices
Service number:B118
Unit: Spartan II program (infinity)(fireteam stormbolt)
Specialist: Grenade and Assassination and Close quarters
Comments:This Spartans is usually a lone wolf but can and usually will work in a team as needed or necessary.uses his gut to help with the most difficult decisions.This Spartan is trustworthy and loyal.
Notes: The last original member of the onyx team.then was brought to find Cortana and master Chief.Bc of his skills with the energy sword he earned the nickname ''blue wolf'' for his sword glowing blue as it takes on the aura of a wolf as it cuts down the enemy.
Team:Unsc specialist team(fireteam stormbolt)
Enlistment date: [Classified]
Current assignment:stop cortona from using guardians.
Birth place: [Classified]
Specialist weapons/armor: Energy sword/Hammer.Assault rifle.Jetpack/Active camo.
Biggest kill:Brute cheiftain/Elite field Marshall/scarab
Status: Currently active
Name: Sean Davis
Gender: Male
Talents: Plasma Grenade specialist, Marksman, survival chance: 99.7, CQC specialist, adjusts quickly to any situation.
Enlistment: ODST Division, Spartan IV Program
Most Dangerous Deployment: Battle of Reach
Biggest Confirmed Kills: Brute Chieftain, Elite Zealot, Elite Field Marshall, Hunter Pair
Current Location: UNSC Infinity
Birthplace: Earth, Minnesota, Minneapolis
Birthdate: May 8th, 2511
Other Info: Was originally an ODST, he was a Gunnery Sergeant in ODST Eta 2 division, and became a Spartan IV as of 2555, and was present on Requiem in Fireteam Cerulean. His weapon of choice is the DMR. His number of confirmed kills is 462, and he has survived 49 major wounds, one of which was a hit from a promethean knight.
Status: Active
Name: Marty O'Donnell
Gender: Male
Service number: ODST
Unit: AWOL Spartan I
Specialist: Plasma grenade
Comments: Anomaly of space and time, origins unknown. Recently returned to post after extended hiatus,
Notes: Dossier fully encrypted, uncoded lines detail involvement with BUNGIE corporation.
Enlistment date: [Classified]
Birth place: [Classified]
Specialist weapons/armor: Scarab gun (always holstered), Plasma grenades, AR, Magnum
Biggest kill: Tartarus (Halo 2)
Status: Exploring Matchmaking networks in search of glory and clutch sticks.
Name: Faith
Service Tag:S-893
Unit: Fireteam Flare
PMS: Technician
Enlistment Date:2553
Location: unknown
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Harmony
Birth Date: 2540
Performance: she prefers to be behind computers and in labs, but she is not afraid to go to the front lines if needed
Comments: she is always in her lab making inventions and tools to help her team. she once made a robot with a minigun arm, shoulder mounted missile launcher, a laser in his chest, and a psychotic personality.


Armor: Recon

Weapons: Dual Magnums and SMG

Previous Operations: CLASSIFIED
Current Operation:To regroup with Sarah Palmer on Sanghelios

Notable Relations: she once met a human male ,who was aligned with the sword of sanghelios, who helped her on a mission that went south. she said their relationship was classified
Maddock82 wrote:
Name: Faith
Service Tag:S-893
Unit: Fireteam Flare
PMS: Technician
Enlistment Date:2553
Location: unknown
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Harmony
Birth Date: 2540
Performance: she prefers to be behind computers and in labs, but she is not afraid to go to the front lines if needed
Comments: she is always in her lab making inventions and tools to help her team. she once made a robot with a minigun arm, shoulder mounted missile launcher, a laser in his chest, and a psychotic personality.


Armor: Recon

Weapons: Dual Magnums and SMG

Previous Operations: CLASSIFIED
Current Operation:To regroup with Sarah Palmer on Sanghelios

Notable Relations: she once met a human male ,who was aligned with the sword of sanghelios, who helped her on a mission that went south. she said their relationship was classified
Cool ^_^
Hi. I am a SPARTAN Four and a half I amm rank 38
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Well, I decided to redo my original post here and update and modify it

Name: Graham <Redacted>
Service #: B-268
Unit: Fireteam Storm
Primary Military Specialisation: CQB, Special Operations, Espionage and Reconnaissance
Enlistment Date: 2539
Location: Forerunner Shield Installation 0742 (Sanctum)
Gender: M
Birthplace: Earth
NOTE: B-268's family was reported to have moved out to an Outer Colony, believing that they would be safer away from the Human Homeworld during the Human-Covenant War. This was due to how they believed that the Covenant would head for major population centres within the Inner Colonies before spreading out and wiping out the rest of Humanity later. This was proven to be false when they were killed by a Jackal raiding party before a major Covenant Fleet arrived and glassed the planet of Kholo.
Birth Date: 20/6/2533
Performance: Commonly known for his unique love for SMGs and Plasma Rifles in almost every combat operation. His skills were used in hit and run tactics against Covenant Forces during the Human-Covenant War and during the Post War climate. This was due to how effective he was during training in similar training drills and scenarios.
Comments: During the days following the war, Graham was given the unique opportunity to work with Sword of Sanghelios Elites on one of the Sangheili frontier worlds. The goal of this was to help strengthen relations between the UNSC and the growing Swords of Sanghelios by using joint teams as a sign of cooperation. This allowed him to learn various tactics from those Elites, not only to allow him to operate with more efficiency in joint task forces but to also allow him to combat Covenant Factions in the wake of the fall of the Covenant with much more efficiency than he could within the war.
Spartan's choice of equipment: What makes Graham B-268 distinct from other Spartans is his distinct yellow armour with white trim which is made up of his Mark V Delta Helmet with a Dynasty visor, his right shoulder plate was replaced with a knife sheath for a kukri which he obtained for his travels after the end of the war, Graham's left shoulder plate is IV with the symbol of Mjolnir, the chest plate is Intruder with thruster packs similar to those of the Noble armour attached, his gauntlets from a prototypical Breaker Class Mjolnir he tested for IMC, his leg armour is Mark V B Variant.
Before the end of the war, he commonly was fielded with M7 SMGs and M6C Magnums, which played to his strengths as a specialist in hit and run tactics. As of his most recent operation, he was seen being deployed from the UNSC On Silent Command with a Plasma Rifle and Covenant Carbine alongside his Fireteam and a squad of marines against an unknown Covenant Faction on Skopje in 2558. According to rumours from a marine who served under him during a classified operation, it was said he owns an M6D Magnum that he acquired from the debris field of Installation 04 in the Soell System, which if true, is a direct violation of the Treaty of 2552, which forbids anybody from entering the system. Finally, during some operations against the United Rebel Front, Graham uses a personalised BR85N SR Battle Rifle with a Hybrid sight, a silencer and energy bayonet and tweaked to fire in bursts of 4
Previous engagements: Battle of Earth
During the Battle of Earth, 268 was stationed in Britain for the first half of the battle, defending civilians as they evacuated them from major population centres. When Truth's Brutes put down the Elites in charge, he took down convoy of Covenant Tanks moving towards a building where civilians were trapped in but ultimately failed in saving them. This weighed heavily on him for the rest of the war.
Later on, he was deployed alongside the other members of Fireteam Storm to perform reconnaissance on the Covenant as they uncovered the Excession at Voi.
Current Operation:Unknown/Error. File deleted by <3859 Stabilised Element>. Any and all references to the location of Shield World 0742 have been purged
Notable Relations: Chuma B-310 (Squad member of Fireteam Storm and close friend), Abdul A-157 (Squad member of Fireteam Storm and close friend), Terra B-099 (Squad member of Fireteam Storm and close friend)
Name: James Davidson
Service #: S-116
Unit:UNSC, Special Ops, SPARTAN-lV, beta team red
Primary Military Specialization: {S-16's was trained to command and lead a undercover on world {redact missions that are supervised by the office of navy Intelligence}
Enlistment Date:{classified}
Birth Date:march 19,2565
Performance: S-16 and his team were seen very little during training and in combat. But from his time spent on reach he was seen by military officer kate fisher
during a fight with group of convent recon units. He Was said to have highly skilled aim with a unknow type of assault rifle And lead a team with both stealth and accuracy.
Comments: Spartan S-116 is highly skilled in close coredars combat and in high risk combat situation has shown a major increase in stealth .
NOTES:Spartan choice equipment:{ standard recon assault rifle with a kinetic bolt attachment , a UNSC standard pistol
Some of your Spartans previous engagements:{ODST unit 15 comder , was a member of the headhunter project }
Current Operation:{classified}
Notable Relations:{classified}
Service Commendations:{classified}
UNSC Tenure/Years of active duty:{classified}
Letters of recommendation from previous commanders:{classified}
the document has been centered by both the UEG, UNSC to protect valuable information. Regarding the undercover operations, is only meant for UEG and UnSC eyes only.

Due to the undercover operations and team being classified. And sovereignty of the missions by order of 126/kan any ranking military and civilian witness seen by and with the team during an ops' mission. Must be killed on sight after the completion of the op's mission by the team. And any evidence of the team must be terranite at all costs.

Any information regarding project : blood mist, beta team must be censored thought both the UEG and UMSC and any uncensored document must be terranite and tract to the source by order k5/653.

By order 89/arc any on world forerunner and covent artifacts recovered by the beta team
Or during an op's mission must be terminated and any evidence of the artifacts excises. And if communication can’t not be make with the lost light then beta will be reported to be m.i.a until communication can be made or regand with beta team.

The following is a documented order by the office of navy Intelligence and caption Carson west of the unsc lost light

All member of project blood mist and team beta are ordered to report to caption carson of the unsc lost light every twenty four hours during any on world ops mission. And failure to report in within twenty four hours to captain carson or to the lost light will cositerd a act against both the unsc and the earth , will meant with armor lock down of beta team and immediate termination of
beta team and any evidences of project : blood mist. By order powerdecal {redacted}.
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Name: Spencer August
Service #: 0267
Unit: UNSC Masochist CIC
Primary Military Specialization: Covenant Weapons Specialist
Enlistment Date: August 3, 2553 as ODST at 13yo.
Location: UNSC Masochist
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Meridian, Hestia
Birth Date: March 23, 2540
Performance: Very good w/ Covy Weapons.
Comments: "Exceptionally young for his line of work, he became a Spartan IV at only 14 and became part of the secret Spartan V project at 16."
Spartan's choice of equipment: Energy Swords and Carbines
Some of your Spartans previous engagements: Insurrectionists, Covenant, Forerunners, Rogue Spartans, Flood.
Current Operation: N/A
Notable Relations: Illiza Bennings (Currently in a Relationship) and Olympia Vale.
Service Commendations: Covenant Slayer, Forerunner Slayer, Covy Weapons Master, Supersoldier.
UNSC Tenure/Years of active duty: 9 and Counting
Quotes of Peers: "Underestimation is a fault worthy of punishment, he may be human, but he is a proven warrior. I would entrust him with my entire fleet." -Fleetmaster Reckal Min'rath. "This kid can fight, he can take down a fully armored Knight in a matter of seconds, trust me, I've seen it happen. Thrice." -Cmndr. Thomas Lasky. "I met him when I was 15, I knew then that I loved him, and I still do." -Illiza Bennings. "Yea, I know him. I liked him a little more than a friend when I was younger, he knew my dad and I helped teach him Sangheili. After he left, I didn't really focus on him that much." -Olympia Vale
Name: Chuma
Service #: B-310
Unit: Fireteam Storm
Primary Military Specialisation: Explosives and Heavy Ordnance Expert
Enlistment Date: 2539
Location: MIA
Gender: F
Birthplace: Arcadia
NOTE: Her parents were reported to have been murdered in a hate crime in Pirth City, orphaning her at the age of 4. This meant the acquisition of Chuma was relatively simple since all paperwork for her could be easily deleted from the Arcadian Government' systems.
Birth Date: 4/8/2533
Performance: B-310 has always had a thing for the largest weapon on the battlefield, as seen in engagements where she was sighted ripping Assault Cannons from the arms of Hunters and using them against Covenant Forces. As well as this, her skills with explosives is said to be inhuman, with reports saying that she was disarming Covenant Bombs and purposing them for the needs of the UNSC in record times. These skills combined with her knowledge of weak points of vehicles and ships has made her a very effective member of Fireteam Storm. While Spartan B-268 is the leader of Fireteam Storm, B-310 is very much the back bone, keeping both Graham and Abdul from getting at each other's throats early on in the team's life span. Even though this is not needed anymore, due to the close bonds with the team, she stays to ensure that non of the early animosity between the two rises again.
Comments: As the Battle of Reach raged on, Chuma was to be deployed, separately to the rest of Fireteam Storm, to the surface by the UNSC Horizion to help protect the Castle Base, independently to the Spartans IIs of Red Team. When the Horizion was disabled by Covenant Forces, she was forced to hide from the Covenant boarding party of Brutes, led by a Brute Chieftain. During her escape, she briefly duelled the Chieftain, managing to stab them in the leg before throwing them into a cell. Due to the horrors she saw committed by the Pack, it has been recommended to keep her off any operation involving Brutes in fear that she will go AWOL to eliminate them.
Spartan's choice of equipment: As of her most recent deployment, Chuma was seen deployed in Mjolnir Gen 2 Raijin Armour with an Anubis Helmet and Gauntlets with a Solar Visor and currently painted orange and blue, something she changes every few months or for special occasions.
She is commonly deployed carrying a M395B DMR with a Sentinel Sight and a Hydra Launcher as well as enough C-12 Shaped Explosives to blow through the hull of a CCS Battlecruiser.
Some of your Spartans previous engagements: Fall of Reach, Battle of Earth
During the Battle of Earth, 310 was deployed to Egypt, away from her other team members, to protect the Giza Plateau from Covenant Teams who believed that the Pyramids were built to hide Forerunner Artefacts, due to the nature of the site, she was forced to only use explosives as a last resort, something which it luckily did not come to.
After the end of the war, she returned to Giza to learn about the mythology of the region which in turn prompted her to wear parts of Anubis Class Mjolnir.
Current Operation: Unknown/Error. File deleted by <3859 Stabilised Element>. Any and all references to the location of Shield World 0742 have been purged
Notable Relations: Graham B-268, Abdul A-157 (Squad member of Fireteam Storm and close friend), Terra B-099 (Squad member of Fireteam Storm and close friend)
Spartan 138, Captain Marlo Johnson is a battle-hardened Commander of the 108th Air Assault Battalion. Marlo was an SII that was trained during the earliest stages of the Spartan program. Marlo was born in the sprawling Greater Chicago Industrial Zone near the Great Lakes of the Unified Republic of North America on March 10th of the late 2400's. At a very young age, Marlo was taken from his family by Doctor Katherine Halsey, where he enlisted in OCS to be an officer, and trained as a Spartan in the UNSC's Spartan II program. He was the older twin brother of Sergeant Major Avery Johnson. But since he was so young when he was taken from his family, Marlo did not know that he had a twin brother until after his brother had been killed in action during the raid on Instalation 04B. After his brother's death, Marlo had always blamed S117 for his loss. He led ECHO TEAM during the Battle of Reach and several recon missions for the UNSC after the fall of Reach. During the Battle of Reach, Johnson and his Spartans were tasked with the evacuation of civilians from the planet. After their mission was complete, what was left of the UNSC Fleet had abandoned them on the planet, including the UNSC Pillar of Autumn. Enraged by this, Johnson and his Spartans boarded a Covenant dropship and used it to get aboard a Covenant supercarrier, killing every single alien on the ship. After the ship was cleared out, Johnson flew the carrier back to Earth and linked up with the rest of the UNSC Fleet, to continue the long, long war ahead. Marlo has been able to stay in top physical and mental health from carbon freezing. Today, Marlo and his Spartans are stationed on the UNSC Infinity, where they train Spartan IV's and execute Black Ops missions for Captain Lasky and the UNSC High Command.
Name: Eagleye
Service #: 777
Unit: UNSC, Special Forces, SPARTAN-II
Primary Military Specialization: Close Quarters Combat, Sniper
Enlistment Date: September 24, 2517
Location: Epsilon Eridani System, Reach
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Jericho VII
Birth Date: July 22, 2511
Performance: Leader of renegade faction of Spartan-IIs, Exceptional experience as sniper and in close quarters combat. Highly intelligent and brilliant NOTES:Spartan's choice of equipment: S2 AM Sniper Rifle for long range, M90 Shotgun for close quarters combat
Some of your Spartans previous engagements: The Battle of Reach
Update: 12/23/14 Extended DutyWho is your Spartan and what makes him/her stand out? Their intellect, boldness, bravery, or pure spirit? In this thread, write who your Spartan is and how they came to be. It can be from fan-fiction or your own overwhelming imagination. An order that I prefer you write it in would be along the lines of this:

Name:Service #:Unit:Primary Military Specialization:Enlistment Date:Location:Gender:Birthplace:Birth Date:Performance:Comments:NOTES:Spartan's choice of equipment:Some of your Spartans previous engagements:Current Operation:Notable Relations:

*New* Service Commendations:

*New* UNSC Tenure/Years of active duty:

*New* Letters of recommendation from previous commanders:P(MOS) has just been re-worded to "Military Specialization" This is for better clarity and fits with Halo 4 coming out. Hope this helps. You do not need to stick with the 8 they had mentioned, you can invent your own spec if you wish.So, without further ado, you can describe your fictional Spartan. Thank you for contributing to this thread if you have posted. I would really like to know who your Spartan really is.

Update: Due to new options being added for detail please use bold on the questions. For example: Name: John. If you're still confused look at the options of detail examples above this part of the post. Also, every detail is pretty much optional. Thanks.Sangheili Template (This is only a default template, you can change the layout to fit what suits you.)

WHO IS YOUR SANGHEILI? What makes them special?

Name:Faction:Unit:Specialization:Current location:Gender:Birthplace:Birth date:Intel on Performance:NOTES:Choice of Equipment:Previous Ops:Current Op:Notable Relations:

*New* Service Commendations:
*New* Covenant/Other faction Tenure:*New* Accounts of recommendations of previous commanders:
Name: Venl Daniel Alsen
Service #: SA12
Unit: Agent
Primary Military Specialization: accessing enemy files, and killing without regret
Enlistment Date: CLASSIFIED
Location: Bolten- Delta System
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Rethhelen- Echo System
Performance: Agent Venl is a Spartan, but prefers to stay out of a firefight. He is constantly engaging though, but despite the constant firefights he never fails a mission. Trust me when I say you never want to get caught alone with him, fore he is trained in high CQ combat.
Comments: “fanatical, it’s amazing how many terrible situations he’s escaped”
“Never ceases to amaze”
NOTES: Prefers to work alone. Won’t consider revising to drop a friend. Has little emotion, but still is still human.
Spartan's choice of equipment: Silenced SMG, Sniper Rifle, Silenced Magnum, and Silenced BR.
Some of your Spartans previous engagements: A small disagreement between Agent Venl and S-162, two marines dead, Agent Venl shot in the arm.
Current Operation: On Bolten, currently on a five day window mission to eliminate Elite General Yobclen
Notable Relations: Not any to note
Service Commendations: None
UNSC Tenure/Years of active duty: Two
Letters of recommendation from previous commanders: None
Decided to retcon my Spartan a bit (maybe a lot).
Name: John
Service Tag: 387
Rank: Field Marshall
Unit: UNSC Spartan-II | Fireteam Fortress (Formerly)/ Lone Wolf
Gender: M
Date of Birth: 27/11/2514
Place of Birth: Portugal
Armor: Helmet: MJOLNIR Mark VI FC-I[2]
R.Shoulder: Commando
L.Shoulder: Security
Chest: Tactical/Patrol
Wrist: Tactical/Tacpad
Knee Guards: FJ/Para
Visor: Gold
P.Color: Dark
S.Color: Blue

[Incomplete Files] The information you we're looking for is incomplete due to the individual refusing to speak about the backstory. EYES ONLY. DO NOT DUPLICATE.
While John may have been abducted for the Spartan-II program when he was 6 years old, for some unknown reason there's no sources to explain what happened since his abduction. Some suspect John himself hacked into ONI's database and deleted them, but even today it's still unconfirmed.
However, we can firmly say that during his training years, John wasn't the best at cooperation. Entries available confirm that John performed better alone. Chief Petty Officer Franklin Mendez confirms he confronted the cadet himself. He helped him develop cooperation skills. Since then, John became more cooperative, but still showed signs of being Lone Wolf.
When the day of augmentation came, it didn't go well for him. Although he survived and got the augmentations, he was almost killed and needed immediate medical attention. It's been like that for some months.
[Other files are classified. Only personnel belonging to the Office of Naval Intelligence are allowed to see this information]

Human-Covenant War
When John wore the MJOLNIR Mark IV armor for the first time, he became quite anxious to try it. A couple of years later, UNSC soldiers reported John showing proficiency with some Covenant weapons, namely the Type-50 Sniper Rifle System, otherwise known as the Beam Rifle. He had only one comment for the weapon:
"It's usefulness makes discarding it a sin. I've never seen a weapon as useful as this. It's projectiles are fast, powerful. I sniped Elites from hundreds of meters away with this and they drop like it was nothing. I also like the design. The only downside is that it's battery-powered, meaning you'll have to switch for another one for fresh ammo in the battlefield"
As the war raged, John and his fireteam became so used to death they didn't feared it. They defied it, in fact. They weren't afraid of what's in the other side of life.
There was a time when John, along with another Spartan fireteam and a boarding party consisting of Marines and some ODSTs managed to overtake a CRS cruiser. The capture gave valuable information regarding the technology the Covenant used for their ships. The cruiser was going to be refitted for UNSC use, but was destroyed during that time. Some years later, an operation to overtake a CCS cruiser, although successful in capture, was failed in keeping. A short time after the capture a Covenant fleet arrived and the ship crew had to evacuate.
When the Fall of Reach came into place, it's when fireteam Fortress was nearly wiped out. The Covenant were so brutal that even they, one of the most experienced shooters of the Spartan-IIs, couldn't survive. One by one, each fell, until John was the only one of the fireteam, which he disbanded. After their leader perished, another member took the place, but after he had died too, John took the position. As a remembrance, he decided to remake his armor, using recreated pieces his teammates used.

Presently, he's training with Spartan-IVs in the War Games simulations, usually participating in simulations against the Flood shall it return. Now, his attention focuses on the Created. He refuses to lead any other squad, explaining that there's no one who can replace his fallen comrades.

He isn't much to talk, but when he does, he speaks very fluently and knows what he's saying. Languages he can speak include: Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Sangheili and a bit of German. He's very intelligent, and always seeks for new information and can learn really fast if he shows interest. His favorite themes include Death, Sangheili and Astronomy. He's also very calm, but can be aggressive at times.

As the war raged, he studied the average behavior of each Covenant specie and applies it in his strategies. He has very fast reflexes slightly surpassing the average Spartan. Before the augmentations, he was diagnosed with myopia (short eye sight). That issue was resolved after the procedure. He masters most of the weapons he's seen throughout his life.

John's arsenal vary from UNSC to Forerunner weapons. Using Forerunner tech, he made a Tac/Pad that analyses any weapon and if John wishes, store it and when he wishes to use the weapon, it appears out of thin air, just like the weapons in the Warzone simulations.
Now that's some fancy high-tech stuff.
His notable weapons include:
  • BR55, changed to be as powerful and compatible with the current BR85HB;
  • 2x M7/Caseless Submachine Gun, also changed to be compatible with the current M20;
  • Arrow of Time, tweaked to have the benefits of the End of the Line while removing all penalties, with a aesthetic redesign;
  • M41 SPNKr Rocket Launcher, notably, the SPNKr Prime;
  • Type-50 Beam Rifle Omega [Unknown weapon, unregistered in any known weapon sources of the UNSC and Swords of Sanghelios], an upgrade to the Type-50 Beam Rifle Delta, that combines the benefits of the variants and removes penalties. John named the weapon "Omega" since it translates to "end", basically meaning that everyone that crosses with this weapon is simply dead;
  • Type-1 Energy Sword, given to him by an Elite;
  • Z-750/Shield of the Trevelyan [This weapon is yet to be discovered by the UNSC], an extremely powerful and rare Binary Rifle, that can fire in extremely long distances and can makes a lot of damage per beam. Has only one shot per magazine. John uses it for extreme cases as it's ammo is almost as rare as the weapon. John claimed he found it when he explored the Trevelyan, ironically.
His favorite vehicle is the M850 Main Battle Tank, otherwise known as the Grizzly. He has one of his own, changed to have a rechargeable energy shield (since most UNSC vehicles are now adopting that technology. Mantises, Wasps, Warthogs (Sword Warthog)).
Who wouldn't want a tank with 2 main cannons, 2 heavy machine guns, missile pods and a flamethrower? Not to mention that nothing in the field survives it. And by research, any record of destroyed Grizzlies we're always caused by orbital plasma bombardment, so we got a true beast right here.
Notable Relations
  • Members of Fireteam Fortress | The ones he used to trust the most;
  • Kelly-087 | Treats her like a sister;
John has his own ship, an Autumn-class cruiser named UNSC Endless Memories. Unconfirmed plans to turn it into a Infinity-class supercruiser.


  • He's the only known Portuguese Spartan in the UNSC;
  • Seems to have good communication with Sangheili.
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