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OP Sergeant Novak

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Name: ODST Jacob 'Wise' DeWolfe (pronounced The-Wolf).
Service Number: JD-21751-77904.
Unit: Kilo-One (AKA 'Circus').
Primary Military Specialization: CQC, Assault.
Enlistment Date: October 21st, 2531.
Location: Aboard the UNSC Endeavour.
Gender: Male.
Birthplace: Harvest.
Birth Date: October 21st, 2515.
Performance: Innate leader, excellent in close quarters, very stubborn and impulsive. Cares for his men more than anything else.
Comments: C.O of the 97th Helljumper Battalion under the 105th Marine Expeditionary Unit.
Choice of Equipment: BR55, M6G.
Previous Engagements: Battle of Reach, Battle of Arcadia, several engagements on Earth, Operation: BLINDFIRE (In my book I'm writing), several other battles.
Current Operation: None.
Notable Relations: Brother to squad mate ODST Rose 'Cat' Jensen.
UNSC Tenure/Years of active duty: 27 years.
Born raised in a small town in Kentucky, URNA. Enlisted into the UNSC and initially served with the 6th Airborne Division in the final years of the Human-Covenant War. Graduated ODST training before the Battle of Installation 00. Eventually recruited into the Spartan-IV program. Currently serving aboard the UNSC Infinity.
Name: Jessica (gold) Grinson

Service tag: A116

Gender: Female


Location: Earth

Amour: markIV Class armor and ODST helmet or Helioskrill armor set or MarkVI gen2 armor set

Specialist: CQB and stealth

Fireteam: Silent Storm
Name. Ultrid
. Tags. S175
Unit. , unsc recon 197 , unsc\Spartan II
Previous engagement. Leaving the unsc for reasons .classified
MOS. Marksman
Location. Alaska
Gear carbon black spartan suit with active cammo sniper ,br
Enlistment. 2506 recon
Performance perception level rased to uncharted level in marksman shooting , construction on unsc sectors.
birthday December 19 2486
birthplace Colorado
Notes was recruited into the spartan II program at the age of 20 as a recon specialist and fought in the human covenant war.
Current operation Odins pact. Commander
Relations German nordic
Name: Frederic
Service number: 104
Unit: NavSpecWarCOM/NavSpecWep SPARTAN-II Blue Team
Enlistment Date: 2517
Location: Onyx Shield World
Birthplace: [CLASSFIED]
Birth Date: 2511
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hola chicos solo vengo a contarles que solo soy un chico que busco amigos para jugar y pasar un rato divertido en una partidas de cualquier halo desde en halo 1 2 3 4 5 el reach odst wars si alguien quiere jagar con migo agregenme juego mucho halo reach y pues no soy ta bueno y tampoco soy tan malo
This post has been edited by a moderator. Because we are not currently equipped to provide moderation in other languages, we must ask that all messages be posted in English. Feel free to use an online language translation service, and then create a new thread with the translated text. Sorry for the inconvenience.
NOMBRE: ángel
SEXO: hombre
alistamiento: 2511
ubicación actual: desconocida

especialidad :CQB francotirador
Bailey SIV wrote:
Name: Frederic
Service number: 104
Unit: NavSpecWarCOM/NavSpecWep SPARTAN-II Blue Team
(P)MOS: [CLASSFIED]Enlistment Date: 2517
Location: Onyx Shield World
Birthplace: [CLASSFIED]Birth Date: 2511
Pretty sure that you didn't create Fred-104. This place is meant for you to come up with your own Spartan/Elite
Spartan: TY, Sierra 715
Abducted as part of the top secret Spartan II Program. Spartan 715, was in all accountants a model spiller. Followed orders to the”T”, completed all primary objectives with ruthlessness and efficiency, graduated the program well. While not the boldest, strongest, or most tenacious 715 did very well in all catagories asked of him. Not the strongest, fastest, or smartest but well above average nonetheless. Campagins served was Harvest, Arcadia, Reach, Delta Halo, Earth, & the Ark.
Name: deadshot
given name: Leon Donovich
rank: captain
specialization: headshots
birth date: 2/17/96
location: Unknown
armor gen: IV
Name: P.J.
Service: P-166
Unit: UNSC Navy, Special Forces, SPARTAN II, Spec Ops Team Phoenix
Primary Military Specialization: Combat Medic, Close quarters combat
Enlistment Date:CLASSIFIED
Location: UNSC Infinity
Birthplace:New Alexandria,Reach
Birth Date: 10/04/2536
Performance:P-166 is highly skilled at the front lines as a combat medic and close quarters specialist.Even sometimes in demolition but some past missions he has been assigned to for demolition have proven unsuccessful.Early on in his training he was noted to have exceptional care for others even when some of them refused his care.Also in his training he had excellent results with knives and close quarters firearms such as shotguns.After his training he was assigned to Alpha company.P-166 has shown to be the most comedic SPARTAN II sometimes asking elite allies (such as the Arbiter) how they speak proper English and calling engineers squidheads,even on the battlefield.This has proven to be a minor problem because he has joked in high stress situations.
Comments:Has been reported asking high ranking sangheili how they speak English,has been seen calling engineers squidheads,rumors ofan extreme hate for jackals (kig-yar).Often jokes during front line combat,amazing medical expertise.
Spartans choice of equipment:shotgun,saw,and a healing unit.
Service #: 66666-66666-CH
Primary Military Specialization: Assassin
Enlistment Date:[REDACTED]
Location: Unknown, Last Known Location In orbit around Reach
Gender: Unknown
Birthplace: Mars, Kenosha
Birth Date: May 15, 2515
Performance: Qualified for Ultra Lethal Vector
Comments: Gender is Unknown based on the fact that the 66666-66666-CH or 666 for short has been mutilated so many times 666 is now mostly robotic. His robotics are technologically advanced and have been upgraded and renewed with forerunner tech as to increase 666's stealth capabilities.
NOTES: Due to 666's robotics 666 is capable of extended exposure, and survival in vacuum. As well as all these improvements 666's thermal signature is significantly reduced.
Spartan's choice of equipment: Snipers, SMG's, SPNKR Rocket Launchers, Various forms of extreme violence such as Knifes, Flamethrowers, Plasma Cannons.
Some of your Spartans previous engagements: Operation Trebuchet, Operation Torpedo, Operations pertaining to Reach and Harvest, Assassinations, Headhunter operations.
Current Operation: Unknown (believed to have gone rogue) [REDACTED]
Notable Relations: Thel'Vadam, A.I. ^(^( [6969]

Name: Justin Anderson
Alias's: Jack the Ripper, Reaper, Black Death.
Service #: S-489
Unit: UNSC Navy, Spartan-II, Headhunter
Primary Military Specialization: Assassination, Espionage, Sniping, Engineering, Field Medic, CQC and Interrogation
Enlistment Date: 2548
Location: Reach
Gender: Male
Birthplace: [REDACTED], Reach
Birth Date: [REDACTED]
Hair Color: Silver
Eye Color: Grey
Performance: Exemplary, Has defeated and repelled countless Covenant and is one of the most highly decorated Spartans, being Master Chief Petty Officer, He is one of Three Spartans Marked Hyper Lethal Vector, with some going as far to say he could Beat B-312 and S-117 at the same time.
Comments: He is well respected and feared by allies and enemies alike, he hardly ever talks and his seemingly lack of acknowledgement of commands irritates superior officers, from what other Spartans can tell, he oftentimes is deep in thought, but that does not impair him in combat or while listening to commands or banter from peers, he is truly an Enigma.
NOTES: Ever since the Fall of Reach, S-489 has been taking thrice as many missions as prior and from what other Spartans tell UNSC high command, he is upset at his inability to prevent the destruction of his home, the crown jewel of the UNSC, he is also upset at his inability to save more lives, while his peers tell him there is nothing more he could have done. his behavior still persists.
Spartan's choice of equipment: Previously Mjolnir GEN 1 Mark VII, Now Mjolnir GEN 3 Mark II (GEN 3 is supposedly everything they learned from GEN 1 & 2, with the looks of GEN 1 and the power and technological prowess of GEN 2, but still improved upon; the GEN 3 Mark II is my own headcannon, it has all the abilities of the GEN 1 Mark VII[Slipspace tunneling{Promethean Teleporting}, Self repairing nanites{auto repairing armor}, and auto upgrading{It literally upgrades itself automatically, it is like the Nanosuit from the Crysis series but without the insane durability, vision modes, and suit modes |Power/speed and strength boost from Nanosuit 1 combined -in Nanosuit 2.0-\, stealth /perfect camouflage that can only be seen by people with nanovision -Vision Mode-\, and armor /improves the armor's durability\| but built upon the GEN 3 platform, it also has an on board matter converter that slowly regenerates his ammo, grenades and equipment, it also can make special kinds of ammo such as plasma core, shredder, HEAP, AP, Incendiary, Explosive, Poisonous, Acidic, Stun, Poisonous Gas, Marking, Tracking, Hollow Point, Hard Light, etc..., another unique feature it has is a pocket dimension pack, that can store a massive amount of weapons and gear and weighs practically nothing beyond the weight of the pack itself; he passed on the GEN 1 Mark VII to the Spartan that currently owns it). The GEN 3 Mark II is far more durable than it's predecessors, it's shield being able to take sustained streams of Covenant Plasma fire for over 5 seconds, it's armor covered in Titanium-A plating and a diamond and Kevlar undersuit Carbon Doped and realigned with Nanotechnology to increase it's integrity, it had a built in hard-light shield projector on the right Forearm, a TACPAD on the left Forearm, and energy sapping modules on the gauntlets that when making contact with an enemy shield, it leeches the energy of the shield and recharges the users, it's regular shield recharge rate is much faster and is 5X stronger than the latest Elite Combat Harness, comparable to 4X Overshield sometimes seen in Reach VR combat simulations. As far as weapons are concerned, 4 Frag Grenades, 4 Plasma Grenades, Emile's Kukri(Scavenged from the Spartan's body, Emile's Helmet was also taken by S-489, but remains in his private quarters on an Alter aboard the UNSC Infinity), Wrist mounted Plasma Daggers(Confiscated from an Sangheili Silent Shadow Commander on Reach), MA5B Assault Rifle, M6D Magnum, M90 Shotgun(All from CE), a Custom Energy Sword,(Named Soul Snatcher, it is a Blood Red Blade that can swing and cut faster, the latter because as it is twice as hot as the average Energy Sword), A Titanium-B(An Alloy combining the components of Titanium-A and Covenant materials) Jet-Black Katana that utilizes High Frequency Technology, that sends a current through the blade causing it to Vibrate at an incredible rate, weakening it's target's molecular bonds making it exponentially easier to cut through, it can also be electrified and heated to make it even more deadly, and when activating a the magnetic field it can be coated with a number of things including but not exclusively plasma, acidic materials, poison, numbing paint(Think RvB Freelancer sparring paint), Fire, Lava, Energy Destroying Energy(It does not literally destroy it as the Law of Conservation of Matter states, it just breaks it apart converting it into Anti-Energy until there is no energy left to consume, is modified to destroy shields), Liquid Nitrogen, Water(To short out electronics), Greek Fire(made of a unique composition thought lost to the world, can burn underwater and can only be put out by day old urine, smothering it with sand or dirt, and draining the Oxygen out of the air;possibly more methods undiscovered), etc..., and with it being surrounded by a magnetic field, unless it makes contact with something when activated, the contents will not leak out or damage anything, and can even contain heat and extreme cold to a degree) it can also use the magnetic field to manipulate magnetic objects, and can launch the material contained in the field at enemies, it has the same Energy Shield draining module as his Gauntlet, for the most part Justin Won't use this weapon as it is extremely "Overpowered", but when angered or against some very steep odds he'll unsheathe this wonder. A Titanium-B combat knife, a Titanium-B round shield, All Armor Abilities built in(He can only use one at a time), Armor Enhancements(RvB "Armor Abilities", such as Temporal Distortion[Can stop time for less than three seconds, useful to dodge projectiles, do some damage while the enemy can't protect itself, or get some "Time" to catch your breath, and get some distance from threats, plus it can slow time from 50-90% and how long distortion lasts varies on he intensity, it can also rewind time[As long as the user is able to activate it quickly enough{meaning they aren't already dead} or the module isn't damaged, Overshield[Reduces incoming damage], Strength Boost, Speed Boost, Adaptive Camoflauge[Alter's the color of your suit to match the surrounding area like old school camouflage], etc...), Silent Shadow Camo Module (Think like the Arbiter's Camo module in Halo 2 but lasting faaar longer, being able to stay on when you fire your weapon and take fire, and being much better[You are harder to see], not to mention the Arbiter's armor in Halo 2 was old, so it's effectiveness and duration was significantly reduced), and One Power Drain. If he happens to get his hands on anything else, he will not hesitate for a second to use it, unless it is a power weapon and there are no "Worthy" targets in the area, or rather ones that would be worth using the ammo on such as a pair of hunters, a Brute Chieftain, and Elite Zealot or a higher ranking Elite such as a General, Shipmaster, Fleetmaster, Field Marshal, or Silent Shadow member; vehicles such as a Wraith, A Goblin, a Scarab, a Kraken, etc... are also under this category, among Promethean Knights and a Warden Eternal Body.
Name:Oscar Tallberg
Service #:osci 321
Unit:Fireteam purple
Primary Military Specialization:Fireteam leader
Enlistment Date:classified
Location:Titan (saturns moon)
Birth Date:classified
Spartan's choice of equipment: shotguns (for close range) snipers (for long range)
Some of your Spartans previous engagements:Battle of Reach, Battle for Earth and some minor battles
Current Operation:on Titan with fireteam purple fighting rebels
Notable Relations:captain Lasky, catharine Halsey
Service Commendations:classified
UNSC Tenure/Years of active duty:40-50 years
My Spartan is a replica of me a former US Marine.
My Spartan is a replica of me a former US Marine.
I thank you for your service
Spartan: *Continued*
Height: 8'4"/2.54m(With Armor) 7'8"/2.3368m(Without Armor)
Weight: 1,289 Lbs/584.6806 Kg(With Armor) 298 Lbs/135.171 Kg
Behavioral Notes: Despises M'galekgolo and will use every opportunity when exposed to one to gruesomely slaughter the poor hive, albeit only enemy Hunters are at risk of this behavior, (EDIT: When angered by an ally Lekgolo, 489 will assault and murder the creatures if he is not stopped by a group of Spartans, a group of Spartan-II's, III's, and IV's is recommended with no fewer than twelve Spartans are required, only members of Blue Team and A-266 are able to calm or stop him with less than twelve Spartans, his deadliness as a CAT 2(While this usually isn't special in the Spartan-II Class as they all are, and the phrase is typically used in Spartan-III's as they had lower genetic standards to get a larger turnout, but CAT 2's have the genetic make-up a Spartan-II would have; But he has one of the greatest Genetic make-ups of all the Spartans), Headhunter, and Hyper Lethal Vector assure that any other group of allies attempting to hold him back or talk him down will ultimately fail, even Sangheili and Jiralhanae have trouble holding him back, and while Jiralhanae can near match him in Brute strength, they have no where near the skill required.) Was demoted for the murder of Captain Andrew Del Rio but was later dismissed by FLEETCOM and ONI due to Del Rio's actions on Requiem.
Spartan 489 has a nasty tendency to brutalize his enemies regardless of species, with numerous sickening images taken by ONI Field Operatives that would make the most lead lined stomachs turn at least a little, with caved in Jiralhanae Skulls and torn off Sangheili Mandibles being any indication, Sierra 489 seems to enjoy brutally killing his enemies that he feels "Deserve" it, ONI Section 3 has requested surveillance of these behaviors,(At personal request of CINCONI[Commander In Chief Of The Office Of Naval Intelligence] Admiral Margaret Parangosky and CINCONI Admiral Serin Osman), in case any more disturbing details arise. He also rather despises the parasitic organisms known as the Flood, while most would find the parasite disgusting already, the mangled corpses of the victims of Reaper tend to be quite grotesque with body parts burned or broken off, rarely simply cut or chopped off; 489 is often discouraged from torturing enemies if it isn't required to get information out of them, but he does not seem to listen to them on every occasion, his Mental Health had been evaluated and he is not necessarily mentally disturbed, as he had passed the test, but his behavior is still a curiosity, if he isn't ill, than why does he do what he does?
Some of your Spartans previous engagements: The Fall of Reach, The Battle of Installation 07 The Battle For Earth, The Battle of Installation 00, The Battle of Requiem, and Operation Shear(The elimination of the Storm Covenant/Jul 'M' Dama's Covenant).
Current Operation: The Created Betrayal
Notable Relations: The Arbiter(Thel 'Vadaam), S-117(Master Chief), B-312(Noble Six)(Publicly MIA)(Actually believed to be KIA), S-052(Noble 5/Jorge)(Publicly MIA)(Actually believed to be MIA), S-087(Kelly), S-058(Linda), S-104(Fredric/Fred), S-043(Will)(Publicly MIA/Believed to be KIA), S-051(Kurt)(MIA Publicly/Actually Believed to be KIA), A-266(Noble 3/Jun), A-259(Noble 1/Carter)(Publicly MIA/Believed to be KIA), B-320(Noble 2/Kat/Catherine)(Publicly MIA/Believed to be KIA), A-239(Noble 4/Emile)(Publicly MIA/Actually Believed to be KIA), SN:11282-31220-JD(Rookie/JD)(KIA), Sergeant Avery Johnson(KIA), S-092(Publicly MIA)(Actually MIA), S-042(Publicly MIA)(Actually MIA), S-130(Publicly MIA)(Actually MIA), Sergeant Forge(KIA), Captain Keyes(KIA), Commander Keyes(KIA), Captain Cutter(MIA), Cortana(Gone Rogue).
Service Commendations: He was commended for protecting Earth from total annihilation and for stopping the Covenant numerous times from firing the Halo Rings.
UNSC Tenure/Years of active duty: 2548-2559+
Letters of recommendation from previous commanders: There have been multiple petitions for him to be promoted to CO ranks despite being an NCO for his heroic exploits across the Galaxy.

Name: Xoga 'Tadumee
Sangheili: Haunting Blade
Human: Jack The Ripper
Faction: Swords Of Sangheilios
Unit: Silent Shadow Commander, Arbiters Second in Command
Specialization: Assassination, Espionage, Swordsmanship, Sniping, and CQC.
Current location: Sangheilios
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Sangheilios
Birth date: [UNKNOWN]
Intel on Performance: Not much information can be found on Xoga T'adumee as no one has been able to hold sight of him for longer than a single minute(Only Spartans that have worked with or fought against him are able to keep track of him for that long), but from the carnage UNSC personnel come across when trying to track him, he certainly seems to be quite deadly.
NOTES: Unless commanding otherwise, superiors of Xoga are assured that there will be no survivors after he is done with the enemy.
Choice of Equipment: Silent Shadow Active Camouflage, Silent Shadow Combat Harness, Custom Energy Sword, Beam Rifle, Needle Rifle, and Energy Daggers.
Previous Ops: The Battle of Installation 07 The Great Schism,The Assault on High Charity The Battle of Installation 00, and Operation Shear(The elimination of the Storm Covenant/Jul 'M' Dama's Covenant)
Current Op: The Created Betrayal
Notable Relations: Thel 'Vadaam(The Arbiter)
Service Commendations: He was promoted multiple times for eliminating Banished Chosen and Atriox's Lieutenants
Covenant/Other faction Tenure: 2525-2552
Accounts of recommendations of previous commanders: The Arbiter has chosen Xoga 'Tadumee to be his Second in command and at times his body guard, the Arbiter and Xoga are childhood friends who grew up on Sangheilios together, however this was not a factor when he was elevated to this position, it was his quick thinking, his skill, and his strategic mind.

NOTE: I was editing my post because I wanted to add more, but the text limit forced me to split up the rest of the Spartan Bio and the Sangheili Bio from the original post, which were originally all in the same post, but I nearly doubled it's size, reread my original post to read the new information if you wish, I appreciate your time, thank you!!!.
@ungluedcard6083 thanks, I would do it all over again.
Name: JerichoService #: B359Classification: Spartans-3 commando/ Beta companyPrimary Military Specialization: Covert Ops/assault/ fireteam commanderEnlistment Date: Oct. 9, 2539Location: Camp Currahee, OnyxGender: MaleBirthplace: ArcadiaBirthdate: Nov. 11, 2533Height: 238.98 cm (7'ft 3"in no armor), 243.84 cm (8'ft in armor)Mass: 104.33 kg (350 lbs no armor), 453.6 kg (1000 lbs in armor)Hair color: BlackHair style of choice: slicked back undercut fadeEye color: Blue (Augmented: red)Racial background: CaucasianCybernetics: robotic prosthetic left armPrimary weapon: M45D tactiacl shotgunSecondary weapon: M6H MAGNUM, M20/silenced smg, and a T-1 energy swordPerformance: Spartan-B359's performance has been perfected to a deadly point. His fireteam, fireteam nightmare, currently consists of four spartan 3's, a single spartan 2, and several spartan 4's. His fellow comrades nicknamed him 'Warmonger' due to his tenancy to leave a path of destruction. His combat records show that he's ferocious and forceful on and off the battlefield, often beating spartan 4's in sparring situations and when interrogating prisoners. When asked by UNSC combat officers and his commanding officers, he states that nothing of the sort has occurred.NOTES: Spartan's Jericho-B359 initially served aboard the UNSC stealth frigate, the Crescent Moon, until the ship was lost with all hands after losing to Covenant forces near tribute. The ship and B359's original fireteam was found by an ONI Covert-Ops recovery team codenamed <redacted> in late 2556. During many physical, mental, and combat exercises, B359 and his original team were cleared for action and even gained several spartan 4 members.Spartan's choice of equipment: He wears gen.1 Mjolnir Mark V armor with a custom Operator helmet with a UA/HUL and a CNM attachment. The rest of his armor consists of the Assault/ Sapper [R] chest piece (with a prosthetic left arm), the Mjolnir powered assault armor/ Grenadier shouldered, and the Mjolnir powered assault armor/ Grenadier knee pads. His choice of paint is all black with a crimson visor. previous engagements: Epsilon Eridani system battlesCurrent Operation:<need ONI section 3 clearence>Notable Relations:<Redacted> Service Commendations: All except the POW medalStatus: Alive; serving aboard the UNSC InfinityUNSC Tenure/Years of active duty: 2545- present Letters of recommendation from previous commanders: Lord Admiral Terrance Hood, Captain Thomas Lasky, Commander Sarah Palmer, and Admiral Parangoski (formerly)
That is a lot of recommendations. Your SPARTAN-III must be something on another level in combat. Anyway, nice Spartan! I was getting DOOM vibes from your description.
Thank you! I tried to make him like master chief and noble six with the hyper lethal vector vibes, but even doom guy surpasses those! Glad you like my Spartan!
  • Name: [Redacted]
  • Service #: S-332
  • Unit: ONI, UNSC, Orion II Program
  • Primary Military Specialization: Lone Wolf, Assasin, Counter Terrorism, Combat Specialist, Property of ONI
  • Enlistment Date: [Redacted]
  • Location: Reach
  • Gender: Male
  • Birthplace: Chicago Industrial Zone, United Republic of North America, Earth
  • Birth Date: 10 June 2512
  • Performance: Spartan 332 has been deployed as a lone wolf operator on highly lethal and classified missions for the betterment of humanity. S-332’s ability to successfully complete tasks quickly and silently that would take an entire team of Spartans III’s and an UNSC authorization to complete, make him a valuable asset to ONI and the UNSC. S-332 has been on numerous types of missions including: reconnaissance, frontline duty, fetch and retrieve, clean up crew, assassination, liberation, transport, security, destabilization, and negotiator. S-332 has been told not to reveal any information that could lead enemies back to ONI or the UNSC, or more importantly, Earth. S-332 is capable of adapting to almost any situation that he is in and executing the mission with extreme proficiency, making him hyper lethal. There is no known information about S-332 publicly, and all intel on S-332 should remain in his personal ONI file, only retrievable by S-332 and top clearance ONI members, including Dr. Halsey. S-332 is trained in all basic forms of UNSC hand-to-hand combat, as well as Spec Ops ONI training taught by [redacted]. S-332 is fluent with all human weapons, and has been studying Covenant weapons with ONI’s supervision.
  • Comments: S-332 has been known to completely drop off the grid and not return from missions for days or weeks at a time. At first we assumed the mission was unsuccessful, but now we realize he is been completing all tasks, and escaping ONI surveillance for unknown reasons; must investigate further. His ability to avoid all surveillance makes him valuable, but also a loose end. ONI is deploying spy’s on his missions to keep tabs on him. S-332 has formed a close relationship with his AI Ana, who accompanies him at all times. ONI is working on a replacement AI once Ana reaches rampancy.
  • NOTES: S-332’s current whereabouts are unknown, as his last mission was completed over a week ago and has been radio silent since. Scouts have been deployed in the nearby systems. Pending location.
  • Spartan's choice of equipment: M7S Sub-machine Gun/M395B Designated Marksman Rifle, M6 Magnum Pistol Variants, M9 Frag Grenade, Combat Knife, Artemis Tracking System, Active Camouflage.
  • Some of your Spartans previous engagements: Battle of Harvest, assassination of [redacted], [redacted], [redacted], destruction of Covenant Flag Ship overseeing Covenant forces on Harvest.
  • Current Operation: Ongoing destabilization of militant groups in the Epsilon Eridani system.
  • Notable Relations: Only one other Spartan knows of his existence and has assisted him on missions, Spartan B-312.
  • Service Commendations: [Redacted]
  • UNSC Tenure/Years of active duty: [Redacted]
  • Letters of recommendation from previous commanders: [Redacted]
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