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OP Sergeant Novak

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Name: James Conners
Service #: S-557
Unit: SPARTAN-III, Fireteam Apollo

Primary Military Specialization: Close Quarters Combat, Reconnaissance, Infiltration, Explosive Ordnance Disposal
Enlistment Date: May 19th, 2533
Location: [REDACTED]
Gender: Male
Birthplace: New Alexanndria, Reach
Birth Date: August 22nd, 2510
Spartan's choice of equipment: BR55HB "Battle Rifle", M90A Shotgun, Frag Grenade, Hologram Equipment
Previous Engagements: [REDACTED]
Current Operation: Earth
Notable Relations: S-191 "Craig", S-623 "Danny", S-934 "Jon"

Years of active duty: [REDACTED]


[Notes of performance from Dr. Abraham Clarke]

James' mindset of "Staying out of sight" makes him highly skilled at infiltration, at the age of [REDACTED], he was able to escape the facility without being detected, he survived three days on his own and returned to the facility, giving us the list of prisoner transfers from the local police station. Seemingly, he was able to prove his worth fighting against the Insurrectionists. We would also like to note of his behavior of working with his fellow Spartans to accomplish tasks, this would include working with Jon, Craig, and Danny. Craig and James seem to be skilled with the art of CQC and are known to only work with mid range weapons. James has seems to have anger problems when it comes to impossible tasks, his anger may one day get him killed in our battles against the Covenant. In short, James is an interesting Spartan and would prove a valuable asset to Fireteam Apollo.


Has been noted to have anger issues and a focused mindset, do not approach while S-557 is having an outburst, Spartan James is known to do the following while angered:
- Throw Objects
- Assault Individuals
- Break Bones
Only let Spartan Craig or Spartan Jon approach Spartan James, those two are able to calm him down.


Spartan James is noted for his teamwork and combat experience, but beware of his violent tendencies.

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hola alguien me podría ayudar localizando los datapads en Halo Reach, o saben si dan logro o alguna armadura o cosas para desbloquear
ASE R0CK0U wrote:
hola alguien me podría ayudar localizando los datapads en Halo Reach, o saben si dan logro o alguna armadura o cosas para desbloquear
This isn't the place to look for people to help find datapads. Try asking in the forums for Halo Reach
Very cool!
my spartan is an elite
I love these stories. Shows how much the fanbase loves the series
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Name: Felix
Service Number: S-132
Unit: UNSC, Special Forces, Spartan IV Helljumper, Headhunter Team Gamma
Primary Military Specialization: Reconnaissance, Long-Ranged Combat, Infiltration, Assassination, Technological Sabotage
Enlistment Date: May 11, 2553
Location: UNKNOWN
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Draetheus V
Birth date: March 5, 2534
Felix-132 is a technologically gifted Spartan who excels at infiltrating enemy bases and corrupting technological data. His skill with a sniper rifle is almost unmatched, making him one of the UNSC's top Spartans for assassination missions. Despite being somewhat awkward around more flirtatious personnel of the opposite gender, Felix is socially outgoing and generally cheerful, and he gets along with others well, unlike the majority of Spartans who display sociopathic symptoms. His ability to adapt to unexpected situations suits his role as a Headhunter perfectly, though he disappeared after his partner was reported MIA.
Felix-132 suffers from Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity-Disorder and Depression, despite the positive and cheerful outlook that he displays around other individuals. Felix has been known to close himself off from others and become despondent as a way to cope with his stress and depression, leading UNSC medical personnel to consider him unfit for duty; however, this decision was overturned when his partner, Samantha-159, vouched for him, saying that,"He was the best soldier that she had ever fought alongside," and that she "trusted him with her life." The UNSC agreed to keep Felix in service as long as he agreed to periodic psychological evaluations for the safety of himself and others. Felix complied, and has served without any other known incidents. His only known weaknesses were his attachment to Samantha-159 and his incredibly sensitive personality, despite his success at hiding his true feelings.
Choice of equipment: Active Camouflage Armor Ability, SRS99 Sniper Rifle, BR85 Battle Rifle with Longshot Scope and Suppresser Attachment, M6C SOCOM, Incendiary Grenades
Previous Engagements:
On a classified mission in 2555, both Samantha-159 and Felix-132 were sent on a covert infiltration mission. Samantha was assigned to assassinate an unknown target, and Felix was assigned to sabotage enemy technology. Felix successfully sabotaged the enemy technology and reported to the extraction point, but, seeing no sign of Samantha, traveled to her assigned coordinates. Felix successfully completed the assassination, but reported Samantha as MIA. After Felix radioed command to report that the mission had been completed, he disappeared completely. Felix never returned to the extraction point, and he has not been seen since. The area was scoured by a search and rescue Pelican, but there was no trace of Felix. After being declared AWOL for more than a year, Felix returned to the UNSC Infinity utilizing a stolen Covenant Banshee. He has refused to elaborate on any of the events that took place during his last mission, and his armor's records of the past year were wiped clean, making it impossible to determine the actions of Felix during the time he went AWOL. Felix also refuses to use his former partner's name, meaning that he may still be in a state of denial. Despite these conditions, his cheerful and friendly personality seemingly has not changed, though after being monitored by ONI psychologists discreetly, he has shown a total lack of motivation and personality when he is alone. It seems the loss of his partner will haunt him for years to come. Even though his emotional state is not fully healed, he has been declared fit for active duty and takes place in the War Games simulations in his spare time.

service No: 174


Weapon Class: Recon

Elistment date: [REDACTED]

Preferd weapone choice:

DMR and Shot gun

Notes: Start log:

Cole is a quiet one pulled from his family all he knows is war he never obeyed the rules a rebel of sorts he then excelled in brute force tactics and was put in ODST division [REDACTED] he also excelled in ranged warfare hence why he has a DMR he was the listed as a Oni bounty hunter. He fought in the battle of reach being the few people to get out he is currently on a bounty hunt mission for [REDACTED] and is terminating his contract with ONI to become a regular spartan again in [REDACTED].

End log.
He's the definition of a savage
I would say my Spartan comes from a 0lace where it was kill or be killed, despite him living on a planet with many urban areas. This is because he was a poor kid growing up, in poverty. He was found by the UNSC and saved from the planet that would have killed him, had he stayed any longer. This gives spirit to fight for the UNSC, along with a general bravery and leadership that developed during childhood.
Name: Kameron Smith
Service #: S-138 (Original)
Unit: SPARTAN- IV, Spartan Team Alpha Of The Crying Cicada
Primary Military Specialization: Close Quarters Combat, , Infiltration, Demolitions Alpha Team Leader
Enlistment Date: [Classified ]
Location: [MIA]
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Earth
Birth Date: [Classified]

Spartan's choice of equipment: Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Plasma Grenade, Samurai Sword, Cloaking Equipment
Previous Engagements: [Flood Nest]
Current Operation: MIA
Notable Relations: S-148 "Damien", S-158 "William", S-168 "Jacques", A.I" Zeta Also Known as Ghost"

Notes: Spartan-138 A Sparta IV and the Team Leader of Alpha Team to the UNSC Crying Cicada Last known Location was the middle of a Flood Nest on Planet Athena sent in for Infiltration and Demolitions of the nest. Other Unites sent in was Spartan Team Alpha, Spartan Team Chi, Marine Company Purple and A.I Zeta/Ghost Of The Cry Cicada.
A Marine Named Jr Son of S-138 and UNSC Officer Seini was Brought in after the Mission asking to Replace Spartan-138 in orders to Hide the MIA from ONI by request from Spartan Kameron 138 himself. Marine Jr Request was Approved and now Commands Spartan Team Psi of the Crying Cicada as Spartan-138
Edition: A.I Zeta Also know as Ghost was Present in the Flood Mission and briefly lost when S-138 went Missing. A.I Zeta/Ghost is a Smart A.I Based off the Personality of Spartan-138. Zelta/Ghost is a Personal A.I to S-138 and although it dose some time Help The UNSC Crying Cicada Frigate it is not the ships main A.I and was made personally for Spartan-138 himself. A.I Zeta/Ghost was Retrieved in Operation A.I Zeta Retrieval by Spartan Team Delta, A.I Zeta/Ghost is now re-assigned to Spartan-322 Ted of Spartan Team Delta of the Crying Cicada.

Comments: Other Story's of the UNSC Crying Cicada can be found here
Hey there! I really liked the OC creation options. I have my own OC, but it's an elite. Can I make my own elite here or is there any threads for me to do so?
Hey there! I really liked the OC creation options. I have my own OC, but it's an elite. Can I make my own elite here or is there any threads for me to do so?
he already has one for the elite in his original post
WHO IS YOUR SANGHEILI? What makes them special?Name:Faction:Unit:Specialization:Current location:Gender:Birthplace:Birth date:Intel on Performance:NOTES:Choice of Equipment:Previous Ops:Current Op:Notable Relations:*New* Service Commendations:*New* Covenant/Other faction Tenure:*New* Accounts of recommendations of previous commanders:
Hey there! I really liked the OC creation options. I have my own OC, but it's an elite. Can I make my own elite here or is there any threads for me to do so?
You are free to share whichever OC you wish to. Doesn't need to follow canon, just needs to be related to Halo.
Name: Calvin [REDACTED]
Service #: K-231
Gender: Male
Unit: Fireteam Castle; was later transferred to Apollo
Primary Military Specialization: Reconnaissance; hand to hand combat
Enlistment Date: [REDACTED]
Location: [CLASSIFIED]
Birthplace: Alluvion
Birth Date: 2518
Performance: Calvin is exceptional at hand hand combat and is twice as good when given a knife. He is one of the best sharpshooters with a DMR since spartan Frederic.
Comments: Calvin has a tendency to break down in battle for a short time when paired with other spartans. This is likely a result of his PTSD. Said aforementioned PTSD was caused from his time working for ONI. Calvin continues to undergo therapy as to improve his performance in battle.
NOTES: Former ONI headhunter. Deemed better suited for the front lines rather than stealth.
Spartan's choice of equipment: Helioskrill-class armor with the Flood visor. Calvin also uses improved thrusters.
Some of your Spartans previous engagements: [CLASSIFIED]
Notable relations: Good friends with spartan Nienna
Name: Nienna [redacted]Gender: Female
Service Number: S-377Unit: UNSC, Special Forces, SPARTAN-III, Headhunter Team Sigma(P)MOS: 313X
Enlistment Date:
[redacted]Location: [unknown]Birthplace: EarthBirthdate: October 21, 2533
What equipment does she carry? (Weapons/armor)
I just released that OP is in the Halo novels.
I just released that OP is in the Halo novels.
WHAAAAAAAT?! I’m getting renegades soon. I will be looking for him!
Name: Marn 'Chiram (Formerly Marn 'Chiramee)

Faction: Swords of Sangheilios

Unit: Blades of Balance

Specialization: Stealth, Espionage, Assassination

Current location: On Assignment [REDACTED]

Gender: Male

Birthplace: Chiram Keep

Birth date: [REDACTED]

Intel on Performance: Deep Cover Asset

NOTES: Distinctive Armor coloring changes before each mission, used to deceive UNSC Personnel, Remnants of the Covenant

Choice of Equipment: Covenant Carbine, Plasma Sword, Special Operations Sangheili armor

Previous Ops: Battle of Reach, Infiltration of UNSC In Amber Clad, Infiltration of Jul Mdama's Covenant

Current Op: [REDACTED]

Notable Relations: Cara 'Chiram (Formerly Cara 'Relam; Wife), Thel 'Vadam (Direct Commander)

Service Commendations: (Unknown)

Covenant/Other faction Tenure: Sword of Sangheilios, UNSC (Used for infiltration of [REDACTED])

Accounts: Most of what Marn has accomplished is shrouded in mystery. Sangheili Operatives seem to give him the attributes of human Ghosts, but refuse to study his tactics due to being deemed "dishonorable". What is known is Marn spent years infiltrating UNSC ships, managing to allude enemy detection through a combination of Stealth suit systems and liberal use of conventional camouflage.

While he was a member of the Covenant his skills were utilized for locating Human worlds, Assassinating important Human leadership and sabotaging enemy ships in battle. His time among the humans gave him an unorthodox set of tactics and opinions.

He married Cara 'Relam after the Human-Covenant war. She trained with the Swords of Sangheilios in order to spy on Jul Mdama's Covenant, and helped his infiltration into that group.

Caution is advised to hunters of 'Chiram. Unlike frontline Sangheili, he is a patient individual, who is willing to wait years for a chance to strike his foes.
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