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OP Sergeant Novak

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Name: Daniel Flaherty
Service #: S-135
Unit: Spartan 4 program, Fireteam Viper, Marine Battalion 501
Primary Military Specialization: Infantry
Enlistment Date: Sometime before the battle of Reach 2552
Location: UNSC Infinity
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Detroit, Michigan
Birth Date: September 27, 2531
Performance: Daniel tends to favor aggressive combat style with him fighting the enemy head on. His experience as a marine taught him how to survive and most importantly how to never give up in battle. Daniel cares for his fellow soldier and cares deeply for their well being.
Comments: one of the first hand picked Marines and served almost every huge battle
NOTES: Daniel was one of the first marines to be inducted into the spartan 4 program. Due to his background in his time fighting as a marine Daniel has seen many blood spill across the battlefield on many plants. Most notably was the planet Reach battles where he was called to the planet when Noble team found out the covenant was on reach. Daniel helped with the evacuation of the city New Alexandria and was on the last ship to leave after the city was evacuated, Daniel would return to earth take part in the Battle of Earth. After the Human covenant war was over Daniel would continue to be a Marine until one day he is approached by oni do be in their Spartan program. Daniel was one of the first Marines to be in the spartan program with mainly ODST’s and ONI agents part taking in the program. Daniel would go on to be a good leader for his fireteam
Spartan's choice of equipment: Battle Rifle and Assault Rifle
Some of your Spartans previous engagements: Battle of Reach, Battle of earth, almost every battle that involved the Spartan 4 program
Current Operation: Aboard UNSC Infinity and engage in almost every battle
Notable Relations: Joint operations with other Fireteams
Service Commendations: Was one of the first Marines to be inducted into the Spartan 4 program and was the only person in his battalion to survive the Battle of Reach.
UNSC Tenure/Years of active duty: 6 years
Name: Matthew Oliver Greene
Service #: S-025
Unit: Spartan-II, Fireteam Rhino
Primary Military Specialization: Mid-Range Weaponry, Close Quarters Combat, Explosive Weaponry
Enlistment Date: June the 25th, 2528
Location: Aboard the UNSC Infinity
Gender: Male
Birthplace: New Alexandria, Eposz, Reach
Birth Date: August the 30th, 2508
Performance: A wild and unpredictable personality, always gets in and out of sticky situations with ease, also has an affection for heavy weaponry.
Spartan's choice of equipment: BR85 Heavy Barrel Service Rifle, M6G Personal Defense Weapon System, At least 4 M9 HE Dual-Purpose Grenade(s).
Some of your Spartans previous engagements: The Battle of Hat-Yai, The Battle of Eridanus-II, The Battle of Arcadia, Battle of Miridem, Fall of Reach, Battle of Installation 00
Current Operation: None as of yet.
Notable Relations: Developing friendship with Thel 'Vadam as an ally over previous engagements.
Service Commendations: Every Decoration except for the POW Medallion
UNSC Tenure/Years of active duty: 30+ Years
Letters of recommendation from previous commanders: Recommended by SCPO Franklin Mendez
Savage is bound to take your life on sight
Update: 12/23/14 Extended Duty He dosent die of anything hi got exploded and a spike got right through his chest and he are still going like a tank thats inposable to kill... Becouse if that the covenent calls his the satan

Name: Mozta Chief (Luke Mozta)Service #089Unit: UNSC Spartan II Zino team Primary Military Specialization: Enlistment Date: (Unknown)Location: The ArkGender: MaleBirthplace: ReachBirth Date: December 12 2511Performance: A ground game spartan that is kapable to do,the most things a sparten could do, he is thery good att destroy the covenent and save the sevillians and destroy most covenent fleets by him self kinda like Master Chief

Comments: Fight on reach 1 year after the end of halo reach then the covenent was bould there on base instead of the humans.

Spartan's choice of equipment: Shotgun, DMR/BR, Sniper rifle and Sparten LaserCurrent Operation: Destroy Installation 03 - (Gone after)Notable Relations: Frag master Spartan III Mozta Chief was like the other sparten II's kidnapped by ONI and traind to be a strong worrier, he got many konpaniens that later died dou to the sparten mutant by he continud his training with Kelly #087 and The Master Chief #117 to be a strong fighter. Becouse he was the Chief of the Cino-team that later cald Zino-team and his name was LukeMozta. Mozta Chief was onbourd the piller of autom then it got away from reach and later got to the halo ring with John #117 and rescue some sodiers but he left a ittle bit later, and was on a unown mission after that, later he returned to reach to stop the covenent and there he was to the bigging off halo 4, but later he got a misson to destroy the installation 3 becouse the covenent tried t fire it. He succided but wasent found after words, But Mozta Chief is on The Ark and fighting The Baninshed behind the scenes of halo wars 2s story.

WHO IS YOUR SANGHEILI? What makes them special?

Name: Altron Vadame (Arbiters son)Unit: Lord M'damas covenentCurrent location: Son HelliosGender: MaleBirthplace: Son HelliosBirth date:(Unknown)Choice of Equipment: A red and a blue plasma rifle, a carbine and a golden energy sword.Previous Ops: destroy the banashed (Halo wars 2)Current Op: Defeat THE SWORD OF SON HELLIOSNotable Relations: Ashira (Girlfriend)Altron was kidnapped by the covenent to rise upp as a soldier. and was ported to reach. He become a great leader and forgot about his past. Later he become the Arbiter of Lord M'damas covenent(Jul's son) and was meent to kill his father but then he remember it was his father he beraid Lord M'dama and joined THE SWORD OF SON HELLIOS and destrod whats left of Lord M'damas covenent...
Name: Jonah
Codename: Huntsman
Service ID: B343
Spartan Classification: S-III
Military Branch: ONI [formerly], Spartan Corps
Primary Specialization: Covert-ops/CQB
Enlistment: 2539
Birthdate: 2533
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Height: 2130 mm (7' ft)
Mass: 126.1 mg (278 lbs)
Hair: black Regulation cut
Eyes: Ice Blue
Gear: he wears a Mjolnir recon gen. 1 helmet with a HUL attachment. The rest of his armor consists of the Tactical/Patrol chest, the Tactical/TACPAD wrist attachment, sniper right shoulder, recon left shoulder, Tactical/Soft Case utility, and the grenade knee guards. It is assumed that Jonah is right-handed as his combat knife and Tactical/TACPAD is on his left arm.
- Battle Hardened
- Demon
- Grenadier
- Hyper-Lethal vector
- Out of the shadows
- Last man standing
- Lone wolf
- Prosthetic left arm
- Spartan Neural Interface
Medical Conditions:
- Anxiety
- Congenital analgesia
Primary weapon: M45D Tactical Shotgun
Secondary weapon: M395B silenced DMR
Grenades: 4x Flash grenades, 4x M9 Frag grenades
Equipment: active camouflage
Performance: Spartan Jonah-B343 is one of the most remarkable spartan-III's to have been pulled from Beta company alongside several other spartans, before being deployed under ONI as the replacement grim reaper for spartan B312 after B312 was transferred to noble team in 2552. He is one of the only spartan-IIIs to have been classed as hyper lethal and has perfected the style of hand to hand combat on the field after blending a mix of different martial arts and techniques he learned during his days as a spartan trainee. If it isnt obvious from his list of achievements, Spartan-B343 wasn't originally listed under the Spartan Corps as Active, because ONI wanted to keep his skill set within their arsenal. All that changed when he threatened to resign and was returned to active to active duty when he managed to 'convince' ONI to let him go or he'd get the majority of them fired or tried for treason by The UEG and HIGHCOM. After consideration ONI returned his listing as Active and stationed him aboard the Infinity.
Service #: X-973
Unit: Fireteam Venom
Primary Military Specialization: Mid Range Accuracy
Enlistment Date: 2556
Location: Reach
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Earth
Birth Date: 2532
Performance: Spartan X-973 is very good when given a mid range weapon. He is an expert with precision weapons. He lands almost every shot he takes.
Comments: X-973 is very cheery and takes orders very well. Off of the battlefield, he jokes with other spartans. He seems to have a very good friendship with Spartan Calvin.
NOTES: X-973 should not be trusted with highly explosive weapons. As seen in war games, he is not as careful as he should be. Hopefully he improves on this.
Spartan's choice of equipment: Improved thrusters; MK VI Gen Two armor in black and red; DMR; Gunfighter Magnum;
Some of your Spartans previous engagements: NONE
Name: ThomasService #: S-115Unit: CLASSIFIEDPrimary Military Specialization: CLASSIFIEDEnlistment Date: CLASSIFIEDLocation: CLASSIFIEDGender: MBirthplace: CLASSIFIEDBirth Date: CLASSIFIEDPerformance: CLASSIFIEDComments:CLASSIFIEDNOTES: CLASSIFIEDSpartan's choice of equipment: CLASSIFIEDSome of your Spartans previous engagements: CLASSIFIEDCurrent Operation:CLASSIFIEDNotable Relations:CLASSIFIED
I think that he's classified
Name: Mary Pellicotti

Service #: S-093

Unit: UNSC Navy/Spartan II/Red Team (former)

Enlistment Date: CLASSIFIED

Location: Currently deployed to [Redacted]

Gender: Female

Birthplace: Bounty

Birth Date: November 23rd, 2511


S-093 is fully capable of common pilot functions both Human and Covenant; capable of taking control of both atmosphere and non-atmosphere air units from the Hornet and Banshee to the Saber, Longsword, and Broadsword. They are even capable of flying a Pelican, Phantom, Spirit, Seraph, and when necessary; the Lich. While able to commandeer most land vehicles, they prefer to man the gun on Warthogs and seem to prefer Alien vehicles to human as they demonstrate exceptional capabilities with the previous T-26 series Hover Tank (Wraith) and even recently proved themselves capable of handling the Type-58 variant with concerning ease.

S-093 heavily prefers close to mid range combat and as such will tote any weapon that fits said description. 093 will most commonly carry either a M45D Shotgun or a Type-1 Energy Sword (Note: as the latter is harder to come by, 093 will usually be seen with the much more convenient to care for M45D) as a close range weapon. They can also be found with any number of weapons that can hit mid range from the standard M6H Magnum to the issued BR85 or Type-57 Carbine. As with all Spartan personnel; 093 has the basic skill set of utilizing any weapon on the battlefield to maximum capability within their limit of skill with said weapon.


As is typical with most Spartan-II's, 093 exhibits antisocial behaviors but is not considered to be completely sociopathic. They demonstrate the ability to co-exist with non-Spartan personnel though make no move to engage with them in conversation outside of receiving orders from those running operations. As such, 093 is normally chosen for more 'delicate' operations concerning civilian personnel. While far from being a Lone Wolf, they seem to keep to themselves most of the time but readily interlace themselves within the squads they are assigned. They also seem to act as the designated medic when needed.

NOTES: 093 has sustained trauma to their upper and lower body on multiple occasions. However this has not seemed to deter them from jumping right back into the fray to join with their fellow soldiers. Dr. Halsey has looked into the situation on a number of occasions but refuses to part with the delicate information she has deemed 'above this investigators pay grade'. Spartans acquire many lacerations, bruises, bumps, and overall physical and mental damage as they complete each mission; the extent of which the damage tolls is never quite defined. The mental state of this Spartan; as is every Spartan, is often questioned purely for the safety of not just the Spartan but those they interact with and fight alongside. They have not caused any issues as of yet, it can only remain to be wondered how long that will last given the Spartan's history with other personnel. It is also curious as to why they chose an albino to be placed within the ranks of the other Spartans. Without prejudice, this investigator can only imagine what kind of health issues could have arisen during the augmentation if not before or after the procedure. A risky game Dr. Halsey and ONI have played with that child's life...with ALL of their lives.

Spartan's choice of equipment: M2705 Regenerative Kinetic Dispersal Field (if paired with other Spartans)/Z-90 Photonic Coalescence Emitter/Aegis (if paired with Marines)

Current Operation: CLASSIFIED

Notable Relations:

Frank Pellicotti(deceased) - Father - Insurrectionist leader
Allison Balsevich(deceased) - Mother - Head of ONI Pharmaceutical and assistant aid of biological studies, was part of the initial Spartan II augmentation development up until her association with rebels was discovered and she was terminated. It was taken into careful consideration that ONI tie up the loose ends with her daughter being conscripted into the project, however seeing as the child never even knew who she was to her, it was reconsidered.

(nothing special, just a little creation I made a while ago)
In the exceedingly rare case someone that is reading my fanfic finds this, a potential spoiler is ahead.

Name: Larry Richards
Gender: Male
Team: Formerly Fireteam Glory, currently Fireteam Argus
Location: Aboard the UNSC Infinity, MIA after Created attack.
Place of birth: Earth, America
Date of birth: February 1st, 2532

Bio: [I will expand on this later today, so it's under construction]
RedThree1 wrote:
In the exceedingly rare case someone that is reading my fanfic finds this, a potential spoiler is ahead.Name: Larry Richards
Gender: Male
Team: Formerly Fireteam Glory, currently Fireteam Argus
Location: Aboard the UNSC Infinity, MIA after Created attack.
Place of birth: Earth, America
Date of birth: February 1st, 2532

Bio: [I will expand on this later today, so it's under construction]

PS: “Congratulations Larry! Always knew you had it in you!” -Nigel Thompson
RedThree1 wrote:
In the exceedingly rare case someone that is reading my fanfic finds this, a potential spoiler is ahead.Name: Larry Richards
Gender: Male
Team: Formerly Fireteam Glory, currently Fireteam Argus
Location: Aboard the UNSC Infinity, MIA after Created attack.
Place of birth: Earth, America
Date of birth: February 1st, 2532

Bio: [I will expand on this later today, so it's under construction]

PS: “Congratulations Larry! Always knew you had it in you!” -Nigel Thompson
*facepalm* Sorry! Well, let's hope nobody else shows up...
Name: Alex [REDACTED].

Service #: S-A270.

Status: Active

Unit: UNSC, Navy, Naval Special Weapons, Spartan-III program, [REDACTED].

Conscription Date: 30/05/2531

Gender: M

Birth Date: 28/02/2522

Birthplace: Northern Ireland, United Kingdom, Earth.

Performance: S-A270 has excelled in training and became an early standout. He is truly a valuable asset to the UNSC and has been regarded highly by his Superiors and to this day has earned himself great respect amongst his fellow soldiers. His achievements are only rivalled by that of Lieutenant Spartan-B312 as well as that of Master Chief Petty Officer 117.

[REDACTED]: “S-A270 was orphaned at a young age when his parents, who were part of the respond force of ODSTs at Circinius IV, were KIA. Due to his parent’s commendations, we had our eye on him when the Spartan-III program was launched.”

Primary Weapon - MA5B Assault Rifle
Secondary Weapon - BR55 Service Rifle
Holstered (Torso) - Combat Knife
Holstered (Hip-side) - M6G Magnum
(Black) Mk. V Mjolnir Armour
Arm mounted Tacpad
Armour Ability - Evade

Notable engagements:
Battle of Meridian
Fall of Reach (he evacuated after the New Alexandria glassing and made landfall at Tribute via SOEIV)
Battle of Tribute (he was separated from the Spartan-III Fireteam who were later KIA)
Battle of Earth

Current Operations: [CLASSIFIED]

Notable Relations:
Deployed to Meridian with Owen-B096, a fellow
Spartan-III, but got split after landing.
He also fought on the surface of Meridian with Kevin-A282, a fellow Spartan-III from Alpha Company.
Fought alongside fellow Spartan-IIIs from Fireteams Gauntlet, Red and Echo during the Fall of Reach, who were on civilian evacuation operations.

Service Commendations: [REDACTED]


Recommendations from previous commanders:[REDACTED].

*This document has been redacted and classified by the Office of Naval Intelligence for review by authorised personnel only*
Name: "Hale" (Legal Name Classified)

Service #: S-042

Unit: UNSC Air force pilot, ODST, Spartan-IV, Last Member of Fireteam Oracle

Primary Military Specialization: Infiltration, Marksmen, Pilot

Enlistment Date: {Redacted}

Location: {Unknown}

Gender: M

Birthplace: Reach

Birth Date: November 29, 2522

Performance: An expert pilot and marksmen, "Hale" quickly moved up the ranks and was put on multiple high priority missions, some that involved the Master Chief and the Covenant War before becoming a Spartan. He became an ODST halfway into the covenant war and assistant Edward Buck during his campaign on New Mombasa. His ability to stay calm and collected in dangerous missions kept him alive during an encounter with flood forces on Earth near the end of the war.

Comments: "Hale" has lost his best friend and his family from the flood outbreak and was forced to kill them all. Due to this "Hale" has can have anxiety attacks but seems to control himself if it appears. "Hale" Is with Section 3 of ONI and is tasked with Infiltration and extraction and was associated with the retrieval of Dr. Catherine Halsey. "Hale" has become quiet and introverted after his many campaigns across the field. Since the loss of Fireteam Oracle he prefers to work as a Lone Wolf.

NOTES: "Hale" is MIA as on his last OP we lost contact with him and the search team attempting to find him.

Spartan's choice of equipment: DMR, Magnum, Promethean Vision

Current Operation: Project Harbinger (MIA)
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