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OP Sergeant Novak

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One of these days I am going to sit down and read all of these well thought-out, and interesting Spartan Biographical info. Many of which also come with interesting stories that tie them to the Halo Universe.
Name: Maikeru Avez

Service #: A555

Unit: Team Saber

Primary Military Specialization: Rouge

Enlistment Date: April 12, 2535

Location: Unknown

Gender: Male

Birthplace: Draco III

Birth Date: March 11, 2523

Performance: 6'9, 235lbs, fast and elusive, very skilled in close quarters combat but struggles in long ranged combat. He's a highly competitive Spartan III, who struggles to fight as a team, but is quick to develop relationships with his teammates.

Notes: Survived Operation Torpedo in 2545 was one of three Spartans to survive, also survived the Battle of Onyx of 2552.

Spartan's choice of equipment: MA5D Individual Combat Weapon System, and M45 Tactical Shotgun.

Some of your Spartans previous engagements: Operation Torpedo, and the Battle of Onyx.

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Name: Thomas
Service Number: 99505-51696
Unit: Fireteam Scorpion (SPARTAN-IV Program)
Enlistment Date: CLASSIFIED
Gender: M
Birthplace: Alluvion
Birth Date: February 27, 2521
Performance: First Deployed onto Alluvion in 2542. Claimed to have killed 3 Sangheili and 17 grunt Ultras. Claims to have badly injured a Zealot. Recutied into the SPARTAN-IV Program after killing 9 Sangheili Ultras and 4 Zealots on Meridian in 2551 (Confirmed by ONI). A SPARTAN-IV that is more than a marine in MJOLNIR armor.
Previous Engagements: Battle for Alluvion, Battle of Actium, Battle of Sargasso, Siege of Paris IV, Battle of Meridian
Status: Active
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--Spartan Koga<
--Spartan Flockhart<


NAME: Ezekiel-B095


CALLSIGN(S): Sierra Nine Five, Vanguard One/Leader

NICKNAME: Zek, Yeti, 3-1

UNIT: SPECWARCOM Task Force Vanguard

PAST UNIT(S): Beta Company Team Victor , UNSC Army Pathfinders Squad Kilo 2

SPECILIZATION(S): Reconnaissance , Assat Recovery and Protection , Field Tactics , Vehicle Combat , Espionage, Rifleman

ENLISTMENT DATE: 2545 (Graduated with Beta Company)

LOCATION: **//Doisac (Jiralhanae home world)//**

EYE COLOR: Blue (Green Before Agmutation)



HIGHT: Out of Armor: 213cm (7ft 0in) In Armor: 226cm (7ft 5in)

WEIGHT: Out of Armor: 134 Kg (295lbs)
In Armor: 453 Kg (1,000lbs)


BIRTHPLACE: Miklagard, New Constantinople

BIRTHDATE: November 14th 2531 (Age 28 as of 2559)

RANK: Commander (Not part of the newly formed Spartan branch)

APPEARANCE: Short Hair with short 1 1/2 inch Beard, Tattoo on arm of a Spartan Helmet

ENGAGEMENT(S): Operation: CARTWHEEL, Battle of Ballast, Battle of Fumirole, Battle of Tribute, Battle of Mare Erythraeum, **//Sangheili-Jiralhanae War and Several Headhunter operations//**

CURRENT OPERATION: **//Recon on Doisac//**

ARMOR: Mjonir [Gen 2] MARAUDER-Class Armor with Mjolnir [Gen 2] CQB-Class Helmet equiped with TORCHBEARER-class VISR v4.09

CYBERNETICS: Spartan Neural Interface equipped with GEN 5 Smart AI "April" APL 0569-4 (Activated on 2556)


SERVICE COMMENDATIONS: Purple heart , Bronze Star , Silver Star , Distinguished Service Cross , UNSC Colonial Cross.


**// Note: B095's Father was part on the Orian Program making Ezekiel a "1.1" as people have started calling kids to parents that participated in the program.
Children born this way have shown Increased speed, Enhanced vision, A Immunity to most illnesses, Inability to become drunk, though they can become intoxicated by a to be unspecified here illegal recreational drug, as well as by painkillers, a decreased amount of time required for sleep, Enhanced hearing ,Increased lung capacity ,Superior muscle density, Heightened sense of balance, Accelerated cellular regeneration, Extremely fast reflexes, Increased strength.
The agmutation only increased these attributes.
B095 is considered for the "Hyper Lethal Vector" designation//**

Name: Katie
Service #: B119
Unit: UNSC Spartan-III Beta Company | Team India
Primary Military Specialization: Recon/Support Specialist
Enlistment Date: CLASSIFIED
Gender: F
Birthplace: Eridanus II
Birth Date: 2511
Performance: Supportive, scrappy & Objective focused. Not impressive at first glance, Katie is the backbone of her team, willing to sacrifice whatever she is able in order to get her team home. Katie is able to take an impressive beating in comparison to the rest of her Spartan-III counterparts.
Comments: Highly respected by her superior because of her dedication to team mates.
NOTES: Katie sports a blue phoenix insignia on her armour.
Spartan's choice of equipment: PILOT UA/HUL[3] Helmet w/ Silver Visor, BREACHER[R] Chest, GUNGNIR Right Shoulder, Operator Left Shoulder, TACPAD WRIST, GRENADIER KNEE GUARDS & CHOBHAM Utility
Some of your Spartans previous engagements: Operation Torpedo
Current Operation: CLASSIFIED
Notable Relations: CLASSIFIED
Service Commendations: Onyx Commendations : Close Quarters & Jack of All Trades.
Gold Commendations : N/A.
Silver Commendations: Rear Admiral, Multikill, One Shot.

UNSC Tenure/Years of active duty: CLASSIFIED
Letters of recommendation from previous commanders: CLASSIFIED
Name: Darkknightdrago
Sparton ID: DK01
Spiecilation: Pioneer
Rank: Commander
Tactics: Assult & Long range & Gurrila warfare
Gender: Male
Birthday: Classified
Birth place: Classified
Inlistment year: Classified
Impolment: Classified
Training: Classified
Current Location: Classified
Age: Classified
Medical History: Classified
Mission: Classified
Spartan’s Name:

Service Number:


UNSC, Navy, Naval Special Weapons, Spartan-III program, Headhunters


Conscription Date:


Date of Birth:


S-A216 was recognised for his talents rather quickly. We know that he would have a special purpose to fulfil instead of being deployed with his fellow Alpha Company Spartans on suicide missions, and when he completed two specially assigned training missions, he was handpicked to join the Headhunter program. He is rather skilled both at range and up close in CQC. He tends to use a ghillie suit when in forest areas, and only uses his active camouflage module when in urban or sandy terrain. He is very tactical when infiltrating so this tendency isn’t very surprising. Even post war, S-A216 and his Headhunter team mate prefer the experimental SPI armour over Mjolnir due to the former’s superior stealth capabilities, and the bonuses that come with the experimental version of SPI that they have.

[REDACTED]: “S-A216 was orphaned at a young age like all Spartan-III candidates. He was orphaned when his parents, who were in service with the UNSC, were confirmed KIA. We know that S-A216 was perfect for the Spartan-III program just after glancing over the combat record of his parents.”

(Black) SPI Armour (experimental)
Wrist mounted Tacpad
Specially crafted SPI Armour-compatible Ghillie Suit (depending on the environment)
Primary - M7S SMG
Secondary - SRS99C-Series 2 Anti-Matériel
Holstered (Torso) - Combat Knife
Holstered (Hip-side) - M6C/SOCOM
Holstered (Belt) - 4 M9 High-Explosive Dual-Purpose grenades, and 4 Stun grenades.

Notable engagements:
Mission aboard a Covenant Ship
Operation: [REDACTED]
Mission to a Covenant Moon
Mission to Infiltrate Covenant Fleet

Current Operations:

Notable Relations:
S-A216 has fought alongside the same Spartan-III Headhunter since their pairing. The two Spartans were both from the same Company (Alpha Company) and make a good team and have never feared death, and rather embraced it.
S-A216 and his paired Headhunter, [REDACTED], were deployed ahead of an ODST reconnaissance squad via SOEIV and unknowingly to the ODSTs the Headhunters saved them from an ambush by an Elite squad known as the Silent Shadow. As far as our intelligence can gather this specialist group of Elites were tasked with tracking down and ambushing Headhunters, but mistook the ODSTs as the Headhunters. The Headhunter program was top secret, but the Headhunter Spartans were deployed where necessary, and were able to be because they were thought to be normal Spartans when seen on the battlefield by allied UNSC personnel.
He has also worked with several Mjolnir-clad Spartan-IIIs such as: [REDACTED], [REDACTED], [REDACTED], [REDACTED], and [REDACTED] during some if his deployments. We are unaware if S-A216 or his Headhunter pair [REDACTED] knows if these Spartans he has encountered are in fact Spartan-IIIs, some even being from the company they were conscripted into.

Service Commendations:

UNSC Tenure:
Name: Silas [REDACTED] “C-12”

Service #: S-C512

Unit: S-III, On Special Assignment [REDACTED]

Primary Military Specialization: EOD, Heavy Weapon Specialist

Enlistment Date: 15/04[REDACTED]

Location: Abandoned Freighter in orbit of Titan

Gender: Male

Birthplace: Kupiter Belt Research Facility Phi - 25

Birth Date: (UNKNOWN)

Performance: Silas was the last survivor of the ill fated UNSC Research station Phi-25. The UNSC found his escape ship adrift near Titan: he was found sleeping soundly in cryo, surrounded by crates of Grenades. The command deck was a twisted mess of explosives residue and pieces of Covenant invaders. A piece of shrapnel to the vocal cords was the boy’s only souvenir, leaving him mute.

During training Silas took an interest in heavy weapons and was never far from a M41 Jackhammer rocket tube, and was a master of sneaking stun grenades from the armory to set traps against his boot camp trainers. His fellow trainees nicknamed him C-12 in honor of his abilities with explosives.

ONI singled him out for special training on Reach.

Silas became the Covenant’s worst nightmare on Reach. Assigned a “Dumb” AI companion (Volkova) versed in Covenant explosives and communications, C-12 destroyed three ground based facilities, and two frigate class ships. Currently Silas is assigned to the UNSC Infinity to train the Spartan IVs on explosives.

Comments: Notable for being one of the few S-III to be assigned Mjonir armor due to his specialization.

NOTES: Believed to hold a grudge against the Brutes; it is believed a Brute ship destroyed his family and Research Colony.

Lost his left arm from the elbow down when his armor lock engaged .27 milliseconds late while using a Jackhammer point blank against a rampaging Brute Chieftain.

Volkova takes the form of a Russian accented Female wearing a red parka and snowsuit. In the background of her Hologram it is always snowing with a visible sled dog and snowman. She often warns the UNSC when Silas enters an engagement as they often end with a Lotus nuclear mine.

Spartan's choice of equipment: Mjolnir EOD Armor, 20 Grenades of various makes taped to his right gauntlet and thigh armor, M41 Rocket Launcher, M319 Grenade launcher attached to his left pistol holster, MA37 Assault Rifle, One satchel of C-12 and One Lotus Nuclear Mine in a compartment on his back, Volkova “Dumb” AI, and one Prosthetic arm.

Some of your Spartans previous engagements: Sabotage of Covenant Cruiser “Heart of Judgement”, Defense of Colony world Erebus, Reach, Defense of New Mombassa

Current Operation: Training Spartan IVs on the UNSC Infinity, [REDACTED]

Notable Relations: Rival of Marn Chiram’, Volkova, Blue Team, Noble Team (Deceased)
Service Commendations: Given the Naval Cross, and ten Purple Hearts due to various injuries.

Letters of recommendation from previous commanders: He did it again, somehow. Snuck behind enemy lines with all his explosive ordinance for us to only learn of his presence from a dry Russian voice, ‘Steer clear of Site B-26’. - Cpt Jones of the Destroyer Lone Star.
Update: 12/23/14 Extended Duty

Who is your Spartan and what makes him/her stand out? Their intellect, boldness, bravery, or pure spirit? In this thread, write who your Spartan is and how they came to be. It can be from fan-fiction or your own overwhelming imagination. An order that I prefer you write it in would be along the lines of this:

Name: Kyle Rxxxxx Sxxx Txxxxx

Service #: 1990KRST23 / MTU2


Primary Military Specialization:
Assasination Specialist

Enlistment Date:

Michigan, Upper Peninsula - Location Classified



Birth Date:


Spartan's choice of equipment:
Built in the image of the lifeless corpse-moon that orbits Doisac, with secrets that only the most cunning Jiralhanae can unlock. Advanced Brute Plasma Rifle with increased damage, but can also serve as an utterly lethal melee bludgeon.

Some of your Spartans previous engagements:
Reach, Classified
Current Operation:
Research and Relay
Notable Relations:
*New* Service Commendations:
*New* UNSC Tenure/Years of active duty:
*New* Letters of recommendation from previous commanders: Classified

The Classified Info will slowly be released, as my spartan begins to unlock his true potential. Check back for more juicy details.
Name: Connor 097
Service: ODST 2545-2552
Spartan IV: 2552-Present
*Currently doing missions lone wolf or working for FIRETEAM BLUEJAY
Primary Military Specialization:
Birthplace: Earth
Birthdate: 06/03/2525
Spartan Rank: Lieutenant


*Uses ODST armor, in memory of his fallen comrades.( If not Recruit)
*Gets a little mark Tattoo for every ELITE kill( Currently 789)

Current Engagements

Search and Destroy


Spartan Z025 (Zechs) one of the Spartan 3’s selected from Alpha company in year 2532 to be given MJOLNIR armor and a separate conscription from the doomed Alpha company.

Showed the increases in stats across the board much like the Spartan 2’s because of superior genealogy. Received Spartan 3 and the Spartan 2 augmentations. I have all of the specs if need to be given.

Was present on Reach, and on Mombasa, as well as delta halo. Participated in the battle of earth outside of the Ark, in defense of earth as commander of an Oni unit of soldiers.

After the events of Halo 3, he was transferred to the infinity to help train Spartan 4’s, as well as go under cover. Now thought to be one himself, wearing a different suit of gen 2 MJOLNIR armor.

Zechs is 6ft 4 without the armor, and 6ft 11 with the armor. Colors are Crimson and Gold. Known as ONI’s, Crimson Hawk.

He has only met Chief once but they do know of each other. Works with the smart A.I. Rachel.

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Name: Velock
Gender: Male
Service Number: S-175
Unit: X , STFX Sentinel Task Force.
Current: Worm cult.
MOS: Marksman.
Enlistment: 2552
Discharged: after The Human Covenant War.
Reason For Discharges: Killing UNSC spartan for Reasons unknown.
Location. Unknown
Birth Place: Earth, Colorado.
Birth Date: December 19th 2533

HAS been known to have great skill in marksmanship and Has also Helped our in Building Outposts for the UNSC. Good Leadership, Was A Platoon leader throughout the war. Assisted Fireteam Crimson. Before being discharged. From The UNSC.

Last Spotted With Fireteam Crimson Before Being Discharged. Very High Value Target. For Killing UNSC Officials and Stealing Very Important Documents. And hacking into ONI Files Currently S-175 Works For no one. But controls A group of Individuals to carry out. His Jobs. The group is known as the worm Cult we don’t know who they serve but the Are a force Not To be messed.
Name: Mario
Service #: Spartan B-317
Unit: Beta Company, Headhunter, Beta Team
Primary Military Specialization: Recon, Infiltration
Enlistment Date: 2541
Location: New Jerusalem
Gender: Male
Birthplace: [REDACTED]
Birth Date: [REDACTED]
November 7, 2543: After arriving at Camp Currahee, it became evident that Spartan B-317 was driven to understand and push his limits. His dedication to stand out from his class is what pushed him to try his hardest. He acted with propose, as if he was suspect of a threat to come. Perhaps leaks of what happened to Alpha Company during Operation: Torpedo caught to his attention. Regardless, there is little doubt in his skill. Spartan B-317 is to be transferred to the Headhunter division immediately.

August 27, 2552: After reviewing footage detailing the death of Spartan B-262 during Operation: Andromeda, it is clear that the circumstances leading up to the event were unavoidable. Covenant recon teams discovered the Eclipse-class Prowler meant for extraction once Headhunter Team Vex completed their mission. Intelligence teams at the objective location then began interference and a search party was formulated. Despite his best efforts, Spartan B-317 was unable to complete the mission objective.

September 14, 2552: Spartan B-317's mission to retrieve the VIP Lieutenant Commander Pryor and his research on [Redacted], was initially a success. A single casualty occurred under his command. Less than what would be expected when leading ODSTs against Zealots. If I had the ability to promote Spartan-B317 to full Lieutenant, I would. But unfortunately, due to the negligence of LC Pryor, Beta Team was forced to return to ONI base Sandy Haven to purge celestial coordinates and other related data, where Covenant forces had set up multiple ambushes. Either the Covenant are getting stronger, or Spartan B-317 had a string of bad luck. Regardless, the donation of a Havok nuke by Spartan B-317 destroyed the data in need of purging, as well as Spartan B-317. Mission Status: Success. Spartan B-317 Status: KIA.

Following the loss of his partner Spartan B-262, Spartan B-317 has been transferred and reassigned to normal duty aboard the UNSC Eternal Tenacity as part of ODST Team Beta.


Spartan's choice of equipment: M7S SMG, SRS99-AM Sniper Rifle, M6S Pistol, MA5K Carbine

Previous engagements: Operation: Andomeda, Battle of New Jerusalem
Name: Gash
Service #: 450
Unit: Fireteam Horus
Primary Military Specialization: Recon, Infiltration, and Extraction
Enlistment Date: AD 1548
Location: Cornula
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Frinoa
Birthdate: Dec. 15th 1529
Performance: Leader of Fireteam Horus, personally stopped the Minotak war, is skilled in infiltrqtion, reconnaissance, extraction, and assasination. He has 117 confirmed Spartan kills from the Civil war uprising in 1556 and over 1000 confirmed covenant kills.
Notes: Do not approach armed, has severe stress and will prefer to shoot first and ask questions later.

Conclusion: A highly trained combatant worth his commission.
Name: Leon
Service number-011
affiliation: Orion II Project Omega Team
Gender: Male

Leon is a spartan II commando of omega team

Leon is most known for his skill in close quarters combat and shown to have use an energy sword in halo wars 2
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